by Lee Child

Jack Reacher explores the New England town where his father was born and a Canadian couple now find themselves stranded.

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  • Well just finished the latest Reacher book 'Past Tense' by @LeeChildReacher Couldn't put it down. Kept me gripped.…
  • @LeeChildReacher back to his absolute best. Past Tense is the best Reacher book in years! Couldn’t put it down! 📖
  • I know I probably shouldn't but ooohh I do enjoy a Jack Reacher book
  • @LeeChildReacher Just want to throw Ray Stevenson’s name in the hat for the role of Jack Reacher. PS Past Tense wa…
  • What’s everyone’s thoughts on the latest @LeeChildReacher book - Past Tense. Let me know #read #newbooks #BlogTour #LoveTheatreDay #blogpost
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    • I’ve read them all and this one seems to be written by someone else. By far the worst Reacher book.
    • One of the best Jack Reacher books I’ve read and that’s saying a lot. There are two separate stories going on, and two mysteries. They both come together in the usual Reacher style.
    • As happy as I was to receive the ARC of the new Jack Reacher novel, my disappointment matches. There were many familiar and endearing Reacherisms in this novel, but the small scale of the story seemed to limit the tale. The incidents in the woods were dreary, Ryantown not even a shadow of its heyday. There were good people populating the novel, and that was all the merrier given the bad people in the woods. Reacher had little to do with them, so it wasn't much of a Reacher story until the end. Ultimately Stan Reacher is found. How could a guy named Reacher live in a town until he was 90 years old and yet the name rang no bells at the county records office?I did enjoy seeing Jack Reacher again. I just wish he had more to do that was of interest. Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC.
    • I thought this was an excellent addition to the series. The parallel plots, of a young Canadian couple whose car is on its last legs, and Reacher, who checking out his father's home town, were good. The merge was a little clunky, but acceptable. The characters were (mostly) well written and I would love to see some of them again in future books. There weren't any unrealistic "oh, come on!" moments that I have come across in some of the others in the series. This certainly kept my interest and I will be recommending it to several friends.
    • I'm afraid it was boring, and furthermore it makes an utter hash of Laconia, New Hampshire, which is not a small town but a small city, and it's not surrounded by dense forest. The worst thing I can say about this twenty-first Reacher story I've read is that I fell asleep so soundly that the book dropped on the floor with a bang that woke me up!I'd have given it one star except that it perked up a lot about page 300. But even the ending was a let-down. A fellow Reacher addict argued that if it had been set in North Dakota I wouldn't have minded about Laconia, and perhaps that's true. But I'm afraid that it would still have been boring, up to about page 300.