by Lee Child

Jack Reacher explores the New England town where his father was born and a Canadian couple now find themselves stranded.

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  • What’s everyone’s thoughts on the latest @LeeChildReacher book - Past Tense. Let me know #read #newbooks #BlogTour #LoveTheatreDay #blogpost
  • @LeeChildReacher Just want to throw Ray Stevenson’s name in the hat for the role of Jack Reacher. PS Past Tense wa…
  • I know I probably shouldn't but ooohh I do enjoy a Jack Reacher book
  • Well just finished the latest Reacher book 'Past Tense' by @LeeChildReacher Couldn't put it down. Kept me gripped.…
  • @LeeChildReacher back to his absolute best. Past Tense is the best Reacher book in years! Couldn’t put it down! 📖
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    • Two seemingly unrelated paths moving inexorably forward until the paths merge. Two stories one ending and one more mystery solved
    • Love the story,Jacket Reached found out the story of his family. It went not the way he thought but then turn out good in the in.I
    • Whenever a Reacher book ends with him standing on the roadside sticking his thumb I feel sad and bereft.Anyway, I was happy to find that this is one of the better books in the series. The last two or three had been quite disappointing. 4 stars.
    • I'm afraid it was boring, and furthermore it makes an utter hash of Laconia, New Hampshire, which is not a small town but a small city, and it's not surrounded by dense forest. The worst thing I can say about this twenty-first Reacher story I've read is that I fell asleep so soundly that the book dropped on the floor with a bang that woke me up!I'd have given it one star except that it perked up a lot about page 300. But even the ending was a let-down. A fellow Reacher addict argued that if it had been set in North Dakota I wouldn't have minded about Laconia, and perhaps that's true. But I'm afraid that it would still have been boring, up to about page 300.
    • I've watched the Reacher movies but never any of the books that led to the movies. Usually, it is the reverse order for me (read the book and then watch the movie hoping it will be as good as the book). I found the author's writing very enjoyable....kind of like I was ease dropping into his thoughts during the reading of his book. I tried to not picture Tom Cruise as being Reacher, and it helped by the author's description of him right off the bat.If you need to get away for a day and be transported into the best story line you've read in quite some time, grab the book, a beverage, and sink into the couch with a good pillow, and enjoy the ride. It's worth the trip. Warning: very descriptive violence in book.P.S. Another thing that I wanted to comment on is that the typeface is good and the sentence spacing is very good. Your eyes won't tire because of overcrowding or very small print. I also like the color of the pages.