by Lee Child

Jack Reacher explores the New England town where his father was born and a Canadian couple now find themselves stranded.

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  • Well just finished the latest Reacher book 'Past Tense' by @LeeChildReacher Couldn't put it down. Kept me gripped.…
  • @LeeChildReacher back to his absolute best. Past Tense is the best Reacher book in years! Couldn’t put it down! 📖
  • I know I probably shouldn't but ooohh I do enjoy a Jack Reacher book
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    • Others have recapped the plot so I will only do so briefly here: Jack Reacher, the main character in all Lee Child books who is a large rough and tough, intelligent nomad is hitchhiking and ends up in Laconia, NH where is father grew up. He decides to research his family history. Through this process some local feathers get ruffled in this town of 16,000ish and Reacher must smooth things over only the way he knows how.Simultaneously, a young couple has a Honda break down and make it to a motel, only to become trapped while mysterious visitors continue to descend upon this town. As another Vine reviewer mentioned, it is not until page 274 that this stories come together. Honestly, if you didn’t read those pages and started the book there-I don’t know how much you would have missed. The last 100 or so pages are more entertaining than the first 274, but ultimately the payoff leaves me wishing I had spent my time reading something else.I have read Lee Child before and do enjoy his work. If you have read all Reacher books and are a fan, this will build on his story for you but there is nothing particularly interesting or revolutionary here. When a great author has the same character for so many titles, they must be cautious not to write too much of the character for fear of forgetting the actual plot of the novel. This seemed like a vehicle to give us background on Reacher that fans may want, but passing readers do not.Bottom line: If you are a big fan of Reacher, go ahead and dive in. If you can take him or leave him...or are not familiar, I highly recommend you pass on this snore fest.
    • The quintessential Jack Reacher book. The retired MP understands the law, how to use it, and how to work with law enforcement. The author, Lee Child, knows how to spin the story to make it suspenseful and thrilling to the very end. If you're a Jack Reacher fan especially, you are going to love this book, it wont let you down.
    • Whenever a Reacher book ends with him standing on the roadside sticking his thumb I feel sad and bereft.Anyway, I was happy to find that this is one of the better books in the series. The last two or three had been quite disappointing. 4 stars.
    • I’m not a Jack Reacher fan. This book just came up for review and I selected it for lack of anything better to do. The back of my brain told me I’d read something by Child before. Turns out it was Lincoln Child. Then the back of my brain told me I’d heard the name Jack Reacher before. Turns out I’d seen a Tom Cruise movie about the character which was a little incongruous since the book describes Reacher as more like “the rock” than some wimpy little dude with a $500 haircut and a penchant for clever repartee before he wipes out a passel of bullies. Then my front brain told me to stop listening to my back brain.I understand this is one in a long series of Reacher books. It has been my experience that the first book in a series might be pretty good, then the second book is mediocre and everything after that is just wash-rinse-repeat. How many times can Reacher come up against a truckload of bullet-headed bullies, whup them every one with his bare hands and send them crying home to their mommies.I didn’t need to read any more of the series to get the gist of the story. Reacher is an ex-MP hitch-hiking across the country, with nothing but a toothbrush, to escape the demons of his past. There must be a credit card there somewhere because he manages to eat and stay in motels.Being a practical person, I wonder where he can find clothes big enough when he needs a change. Bet Wal-Mart doesn't carry his inseam. I think this was supposed to be some sort of mystery .Mystery to me. "The most dangerous game", which is played at the motel, is a plot which has been re-written and re-worked since at least 1932.If you like whack- em and stack-em books this is probably for you. I counted at least 10 bodies strewn around plus numerous maimed and concussed poor souls….and away Reacher goes to the next book in the series.
    • I was both lucky and unlucky today. Unlucky because I've been battling a hip injury that needs time to rest so it doesn't howl at me whenever I move around. Lucky because I could give my undivided attention (something that never happens) to reading another novel starring Jack Reacher, one of my all-time favorite characters. Man was I pumped! I put some pillows under my legs, cozied up to a large ice pack, and began Lee Child's most recent story about Jack Reacher, a large and athletic man, retired from the Military Police, hitching his way across the country with only the clothes on his back and a toothbrush in his pocket. He has his health, he has his freedom, and all the time in the world to do what he wants.So I started reading and quickly got back into Lee Child's comfortable writing rhythm, enjoying his taught dialogue, his sparse but complete descriptions, and his sly intrigue and iconic humor. Everything went as expected for the first 70 pages or so until I got a whiff of something familiar. A faint clue floated through my brain and I thought "oh oh", but I dismissed it and read on. Then another turn of a phrase put me back on the same thought. One clue can stand alone unless it is confirmed by another one. I'm not one to believe in coincidences. Now I was worried.Here I am in the first one-third of the story and I know what the main plot is. For the second time this year I am reading a story by a well known author who is riffing off another author's previously written story. I'm not saying that this was done intentionally. Far from it. No one can keep track of every story written and released and there aren't an infinite number of story lines in this universe. However I follow certain authors because of their writing abilities and their creative story lines. I want their plot line to be surprising and unexpected, not a spin on something I've read before that was written by someone else.So I personally am disappointed in this novel. I am not including any spoilers in this review because chances are that most of you have never been exposed to this particular plot, and I expect that you will enjoy this story just as well as others written by Lee Child. He is as charming as always, entertaining and interesting, as comfortable as an old shoe -- but this shoe has a hole in it. Gosh darn it all to heck!