by John Grisham

A decorated World War II veteran shoots and kills a pastor inside a Mississippi church.

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    • This was not a kind of story you normally write. The graphic description of the death march was so real. I lived through world war 2. I was surprised by this book. I have read all your books. I am 83 years old. Please keep writing. I really wish you knew my story. Best wishes, Mary
    • I give this book a five star rating for a number of reasons1 - It's not like so many other novels that pick up the theme of a Greek tragedy where problems just keep mounting then a God swoops in and saves the day. Only now the God is a computer geek.2 - It's a real story, not three short stories woven together so it takes up 300 to 400 pages.3 - You really feel as if you know the characters and care about them.4 - I had a cousin who was in the Bataan death March and wound up in Japan. He also never talked about the experience and this book she'd some light on what he went through.I totally enjoyed the book. John Grisham always keeps me guessing. Keep 'em coming.
    • I started reading the book and found myself totally unable to take a break while reading it. The novel included excellent and informative fiction which include the South in the forties, WW II action in the Philippines and a murder mystery with a surprise outcome. I highly recommend taking the time to read this great novel.
    • If you wish to spend at least 1/3 of the book getting a histoty lesson on Gen McAuthor and Japan's takeover of the Philippenes then you may enjoy the book. I skipped over the large majority of this section. The book also drug on and on in other parts. I wanted to enjoy a thriller like the authors earlier books, not a sad, tedious and boring book like this one. this will be my last book by this author.
    • I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Reckoning. And although I had figured out the plot early on, I was shocked by the fate of one of the main characters. Also fascinating was the author's description of the Bataan Death March during World War II. I'm a history buff and had relatives who had served in that war, ones of who came back with shell shock, known as PTSD today. So this explained a lot for me about his condition.