by John Grisham

A decorated World War II veteran shoots and kills a pastor inside a Mississippi church.

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    • This was not a kind of story you normally write. The graphic description of the death march was so real. I lived through world war 2. I was surprised by this book. I have read all your books. I am 83 years old. Please keep writing. I really wish you knew my story. Best wishes, Mary
    • I had already purchased this book and was already turned off when reading some of the early reviews. I am an avid John Grisham fan having purchased and read every book he has published. I thoroughly enjoyed his latest book and admire him for mixing it up from the usual legal thrillers. He is one of the best if not the best storyteller of our time.
    • I love John Grisham books and was anxious to read his latest work. The characters are nicely drawn andyou are pulled into the story and want to keep reading to see how it turns out. Because it’s John Grisham, you expect some kind of twist or unique reveal that will be the payout for investing so heavily in his characters and their dilemmas. Unfortunately the book is predictable and leaves you disappointed. The big secret turns out to be what you expected all along and you feel that it doesn’t ring true to the noble-ness of the main character. In the end you are left with some enjoyment but not the kind of satisfaction that would make you recommend the book to everyone you know who loves to read.
    • I have read every John Grisham Novel and this by far the worst. Spends a great deal of time developing characters that seem to serve no purpose, and book seems to drag on. This is just a horrible way to treat an honored war veteran that sacrificed so much. I wished I had never read this book. Jonh Grisham must thoroughly hate America's war veterans and heroes to think up such a tragic story. I will make sure I wait after he publishes his next book until the book is thoroughly vetted before purchasing it. I bought this one pre-release - what a mistake.
    • I read all of Mr. Grisham's novels and look forward to each release with anticipation. But none before have held my interest as much as The Reckoning. My uncle through marriage is a survivor of the Bataan Death March. He never spoke of his experiences. Not a history buff, I had no understanding of the atrocaties of this war. This novel was spellbinding from start to finish.