by Michael Connelly

Detective Renée Ballard teams up with the retired detective Harry Bosch, who is working on a cold case.

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  • Dark Sacred Night from @Connellybooks delivers.The story is faced paced Bosch&Ballard mesh in a clever way. I loved… https://t.co/INhqO9k70j
  • After I finish reading Connelly’ s DARK AND SACRED NIGHT then I’mon to the latest REACHER book. Good plan Lee Child… https://t.co/ZEIE5B7heP
  • Speaking of Harry Bosch, I recently finished “Dark Sacred Night” by Michael Connelly, the latest novel in the Bosch… https://t.co/1ArmcSQjDE
  • When you read a book called Dark Sacred Night on a bright, sunny... https://t.co/jDjLFgcmg6
  • Definitely recommend Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly. It’s an intense story that made me pace the house on mo… https://t.co/v42Gp9JxGO
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    • Just finished the Audible and knew I had to rate it with 5 stars. Something I seldom do. Have never read a book of Connelly’s that wasn’t better than many other authors. This one is no exception to my “gold’ standard. Looking forward to more now that Bosch has found a soul mate in Ballard.
    • Dark Sacred Night was in my Kindle library Monday morning. It is now Wednesday and I have read it twice. I love Michael Connelly’s books and his characters and hang out all year for the next one. Only 363 or so days to wait!!The second read so soon is so I can pick up on the small clues that I missed the first time because, as one reviewer pointed out, the reader has no inside information as the cases are being solved.In this book Harry is as human as he has ever been. I was born the same year as the Bosch of the books so I can relate to his sore knees and his slowing down and his doubting his sharpness. In contrast we have the much younger Renée Ballard whose sharp skills complement Bosch. The development of the mutual trust between them was a bit surprising to me but very satisfying.I also enjoy watching Bosch TV but I have mixed feelings about what the series has done to Harry’s life story. I understand the reason why they needed to make him 20 years younger but going between the two is confusing, as it must be for Connelly. I love it most when there is a new episode of the old Bosch, that is, a new novel. This one is everything I want to think and feel about the Harry Bosch I have come to know over more than 20 installments.
    • Enjoyable
    • GOOD READ.
    • Another typical thriller by Michael Connelly. I have become addicted to his works. I think I have read them all.