by Michael Connelly

Detective Renée Ballard teams up with the retired detective Harry Bosch, who is working on a cold case.

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  • Definitely recommend Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly. It’s an intense story that made me pace the house on mo… https://t.co/v42Gp9JxGO
  • After I finish reading Connelly’ s DARK AND SACRED NIGHT then I’mon to the latest REACHER book. Good plan Lee Child… https://t.co/ZEIE5B7heP
  • Speaking of Harry Bosch, I recently finished “Dark Sacred Night” by Michael Connelly, the latest novel in the Bosch… https://t.co/1ArmcSQjDE
  • Dark Sacred Night from @Connellybooks delivers.The story is faced paced Bosch&Ballard mesh in a clever way. I loved… https://t.co/INhqO9k70j
  • When you read a book called Dark Sacred Night on a bright, sunny... https://t.co/jDjLFgcmg6
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    • Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly a five-star read that won’t let you go. I have been a long-time fan of this author and a huge fan of the Harry Bosch series but I will admit I haven’t read the last few as they seemed to veer of, I was apprehensive of reading this and I am glad I did as this was a compelling and creepy in the best way possible. It gave me Goosebumps as I sat reading it in the dark in bed. With two masterful detectives this could have been a clash of the egos but they seemed to complement each other in the end and fire off each other. This series has so much going for it and you can see the bones are great, I will say one thing you will learn lessons from this book, number one, always feed your cat. (When you read the story, you will know what I mean). Special mention to Detective Renee Ballard as she is a character who will show you the error of your ways in every sense.
    • Don't know how Connelly can consistantly write such intricate great books!
    • Of course I was thrilled to read the latest H Bosch book. This time however I thought the plot was weaker around Harry losing yet another job. He seemed to bail. The ending of the book was abrupt. Clearly it was created to set the stage for more duo stories,that's good, but I hope the plots return to earlier levels of complexity and creativity. Overall this book was not up to the standards kept in earlier books.
    • Dark Sacred Night paired detectives Ballard and Bosch together to look for the killer of a girl that was a cold case Bosch was working. However, that’s only part of the story as both detectives weave in multiple threads and sub-plots throughout the search for the main killer.It was a fun read shifting from Ballard to Bosh’s point of view. The writing was superb third-person past-tense with swift narrative and no meandering. When Connelly writes in third-person, his prose is so smooth that it’s addicting and like watching a movie or hearing a radio show. He’s one of the best writers out there.The characters were interesting, the plot twists many, and the outcome satisfying. I’m going to like this continuation of the Bosch series. I hope it goes on for a long time. Highly recommended.
    • Enjoyable