by Michael Connelly

Detective Renée Ballard teams up with the retired detective Harry Bosch, who is working on a cold case.

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    • I am worried that Michael Connelley is in a bad way. I hope not. But there are way too many wrong decisions made by the author that go so far as to worry this reviewer as to the soundness of his mind. First, why would anyone care what happens to Ballard. Her life is a neurotic mess, with her quirks far less than interesting. She enters into dangerous situations where she doesn't have to since there is no urgency. So what that her dad died. Dads are supposed to die before their kids. But Harry, he is in a totally different level of engagement, commitment, redemption, all supporting and emanating from his mission. Ballard is a petulant surfer girl refusing to grow up, and consistently getting herself into hot water, not because her mission clashes with the establishment but instead simply because of poor decisions. But Bosch, he's a real hero for our time. He is a relentless warrior for truth -- like what Eleanor Wish's boyfriend says in "Nine Dragons" in response to someone doubting whether Bosch will find the killers: "(to paraphrase) Bosch will because he's Harry Bosch." Ultimately you cannot escape Bosch because you cannot escape the truth. What does Ballard know about the truth? I urge Mr. Connelley not to make the final wrong decision by keeping Ballard and getting rid of Bosch. The result would be just another mediocre book in a sea of mediocrity.
    • Loved Renee Ballard and Harry Bosch together!
    • Something about this book didn’t gel for me. It felt a bit lifeless. Too much “telling” and not enough “showing” maybe.The prose felt a bit amateurish, which may reflect a different level of editing. Too many sentences in some paragraphs with the same format “He” or “she” then verb and description of what happened. I checked some of his previous books and there was a lot more variety in sentence construction.Being a collection of different easily solved cases also prevented me from getting involved with either of the protagonists. Maybe the TV series has spoiled me, but it felt like Bosch was phoning it in.I did like the hard grind of police procedural that eventually paid off. That felt realistic.There were a few loose threads. We never did find out why back up didn’t arrive when Ballard requested it. Maybe that’s for a sequel.I am getting the uneasy feeling that Bosch might get written out in a future book, so Ballard can take over as the main player. It might have been better just to keep them separate or have Bosch not so involved but more as a mentor.The dual protagonists doesn’t work for me, just as it felt weird in the dual Haller and Bosch books whereas I love them when separate.Oh well, better a three star Connelly than no Connelly....
    • Good book, this author always seems to deliver a tight nuanced story. Well thought out, with pacing that keeps you reading. Excellent as expected.
    • Another page turner and another sleepness night. Mr Connelly has done it again with this book. Can't wait for the next one.