by Michael Connelly

Detective Renée Ballard teams up with the retired detective Harry Bosch, who is working on a cold case.

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  • When you read a book called Dark Sacred Night on a bright, sunny... https://t.co/jDjLFgcmg6
  • Dark Sacred Night from @Connellybooks delivers.The story is faced paced Bosch&Ballard mesh in a clever way. I loved… https://t.co/INhqO9k70j
  • Definitely recommend Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly. It’s an intense story that made me pace the house on mo… https://t.co/v42Gp9JxGO
  • Speaking of Harry Bosch, I recently finished “Dark Sacred Night” by Michael Connelly, the latest novel in the Bosch… https://t.co/1ArmcSQjDE
  • After I finish reading Connelly’ s DARK AND SACRED NIGHT then I’mon to the latest REACHER book. Good plan Lee Child… https://t.co/ZEIE5B7heP
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    • Could not put it down as usual. Great to see Connelly pair him with someone who can reasonably walk to the crime scene and who shares the same ethos. Everyone or no one. My knee is aching. Sacred indeed,
    • The time I took to read this preview was not free . Someone could a warned me that I 'd be left with an idea of what Ballard was walkin into . Now I need to get the rest of the tale
    • Renee Ballard teams with Bosch to track down a killer from a 9 year old case. Both are tenacious and dedicated. The suspense at the end was so scary. Surprise and satisfying ending.
    • The character is long of tooth being a Vietnam vet and all. Problem solved with teaming up,with younger cop in a great story.
    • As a rabid Connelly fan, I am surprised and disappointed. No compelling story line. Endless extraneous detail. Little action. Essentially, pretty boring. Where's the old Bosch?