by Nicholas Sparks

Difficult choices surface when Hope Anderson and Tru Walls meet in a North Carolina seaside town.

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    • Great story although sad in many way it was also very touching, loving and special! Had to keep reading- didn’t want to put it down! Loved the characters. They are very “real!”
    • It was good but not as good as he described in an interview I saw of him describing the book.
    • Love all his books, this one is beautiful ! Will be interested to see if this is made into a film.
    • He just never disappoints. His books are like magic, with a life all their own. You can't read one without knowing the characters intimately. Two thumbs up...again.
    • Great book. Storyline is good. The book is a little more "harlequin romance" in some parts of the story but overall I enjoyed it. I love Nicholas Sparks books. My only negative note is that I did not want the book to end of course. I always look forward to his books. I pre-ordered this book, read it in 2 days and then of course was sad that I will have to wait another year or two before he writes another book.