by Nicholas Sparks

Difficult choices surface when Hope Anderson and Tru Walls meet in a North Carolina seaside town.

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    • Typically like his books but this one was just plain blah. Too predictable, too many paragraphs, pages spent on the physical intimacy of the characters. I almost didn’t finish this but figured I had spent a few hours reading and decided to push through it. I did enjoy descriptions of the scenery though.
    • What a wonderful and beautiful story. The presentation was perfect and all so real. I had a hard time putting my kindle down. I have read all of Nicholas Sparks' books and never been disappointed. This is so real, I felt like I was right there on the beach and in the cottage with Tru and Hope. Thanks for another great read!!
    • I have always loved Nicholas Sparks' books. I have read them all and they have each made me cry, feel different emotions, and wish the books would never end. This book made my heart hurt and burst! The power of knowing that this love story is true and really out there and the pool of love can come together through anything. At the end knowing Hope's secret devastated me but in the same breath made me feel that Tru is her real love. I am in awe as to how Sparks could write their story with his own words and capture how they had to have been feeling so Well! This is a must read, I have told friends and my sister to read it with a glass of wine and tissues! Loved this book so very much!
    • Great story although sad in many way it was also very touching, loving and special! Had to keep reading- didn’t want to put it down! Loved the characters. They are very “real!”
    • Gone are the days of amazing Nicholas Sparks; The Notebook, The Wedding, Message in a Bottle....where has that author gone? Everytime a new novel comes out, I rush out to buy it, hoping to be blown away.. Nick Sparks disappointed me once again, boring and predictable..