by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

A look at the postwar manhunt for members of Hitler’s inner circle.

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  • @BillOReilly Amazon is not carrying your book Killing The SS in it's book stores. I have not seen one book or even a place for the book.
  • @BillOReilly Traditional Reads on Oprah's Book Club! HA! NOT! The Media Troglodytes wear no Clothes. They are Inv…
  • LIVE NOW: @HeraldRadio's #AdrianaCohenShow w/ @AdrianaCohen16. This week, @BillOReilly joins to talk about his new…
  • @smerconish Have them read or listen to the new book Killing the SS to gain some understand of the magnitude of the…
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    • Once again O'Reilly and Dugard bring history to life. The story of the SS before and after WWII still shocks me even though I've know about their atrocities most of my life. I am a student of history but O'Reilly and Dugard introduced me to characters and circumstances I had never heard of previously. Listening to the audio book in my car has become difficult since when I arrive at work I end of spending another 20 min in the parking lot at the edge of my seat. A must read for all generations but especially now more the ever.
    • Well researched, wasn't able to put it down. great book!
    • I thought this was a good book and enjoyed reading it, but the writing seemed a bit disjointed and there were times I had a hard time following the narrative. In addition, I thought he took a number of cheap shots at the Catholic Church without supporting evidence and, in some cases, contrary to the evidence, as with Pious XII. This would be a good introductory book for those who have not studied WWII and the Nazis but it would be less appealing to those who have a good overall knowledge of this period. This, from a Bill O'Reilly admirer, most of the time.
    • I was disappointed with the book. If you want to know how and who tracked down former S.S. officers this is your book. I guess I expected something else .
    • Quite a narrative of the extent to which countries like Argentina (b ut also Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia) not just sympathized aggressively with the Nazi and antisemitic world view, but actively aided and abetted the most vicious SS officers to live out most or all of their lives in relative freedom. We all kn ew some of this but this book gives quite a bit of scope and depth to that. Extremely engaging writing style, as are all Killing books. Can't help but finish it in a day or two.