by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

A look at the postwar manhunt for members of Hitler’s inner circle.

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  • @smerconish Have them read or listen to the new book Killing the SS to gain some understand of the magnitude of the…
  • @BillOReilly Amazon is not carrying your book Killing The SS in it's book stores. I have not seen one book or even a place for the book.
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    • I was somehow expecting a book about the SS during WWII. Instead, it is a book about the hunting down of SS war criminals after the war. As usual, very well written.
    • Very well written book by Bill O'Reilly. Highly recommend!!
    • Used the digital book for long road trips. Love anything from Bill O’Reilly.
    • This book held my interest from the first page to the last. Very well written and it shines a light on a very dark time in human history and the personalities that made that history, both good and evil.
    • Killing the SS exposes human capability for evil. How persons can become so cruel is hard to comprehend. Everyone should read killing the SS to understand what human nature is capable of justifying in their minds. Moreover, there are frighteningly similar nazi like actions within hate groups calling themselves PAC's in today's political climate. Killing the SS is about awareness.