by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

A look at the postwar manhunt for members of Hitler’s inner circle.

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  • @BillOReilly Amazon is not carrying your book Killing The SS in it's book stores. I have not seen one book or even a place for the book.
  • @BillOReilly Traditional Reads on Oprah's Book Club! HA! NOT! The Media Troglodytes wear no Clothes. They are Inv…
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  • @smerconish Have them read or listen to the new book Killing the SS to gain some understand of the magnitude of the…
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    • Just finished reading this one. Found very interesting and great info. Easy to read and follow. Am now reading Killing Japan and finding this one just has interesting. Recommend for any one who is interested in history of World War 2.
    • I really liked this Killing book. I have read all the others but I think this might be one of my favorites. It is very revealing to read just exactly who helped these evil people (Catholic church, Red Cross, various governments). As a Catholic some of it was hard for me to believe.....but I do believe it happened. Some reviewers say "why hash out all this Nazi stuff again". Well, for one, to make the current generation aware of what happened. I found the actual mechanics of apprehending these evil people to be fascinating. The planning, some going awry, was incredible considering they did not have the technical ability we have today. Nothing stopped them in their quest. It is a really fast and exciting accounting of the Nazi hunters and the reasons they were so dedicated. Very good book!
    • Another great book by O'Reilly. This book will hold Your interest, and You will learn a lot You didn't know about how some countries, and various organizations, and different governments aided the escaping SS men.I Do Recommend this book.Then why 4 stars instead of 5? I think he gives too many pages to the capture and trail of Adolf Eichmann, though it is interesting. More pages should have been allotted to other top SS men.This book is one of his best, ( and I have read all but the "Reagan" one), with this book I recommend strongly: "Killing the Rising Sun", and "Killing Patton".
    • Once again O'Reilly and Dugard bring history to life. The story of the SS before and after WWII still shocks me even though I've know about their atrocities most of my life. I am a student of history but O'Reilly and Dugard introduced me to characters and circumstances I had never heard of previously. Listening to the audio book in my car has become difficult since when I arrive at work I end of spending another 20 min in the parking lot at the edge of my seat. A must read for all generations but especially now more the ever.
    • Used the digital book for long road trips. Love anything from Bill O’Reilly.