by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

A look at the postwar manhunt for members of Hitler’s inner circle.

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  • @BillOReilly Amazon is not carrying your book Killing The SS in it's book stores. I have not seen one book or even a place for the book.
  • LIVE NOW: @HeraldRadio's #AdrianaCohenShow w/ @AdrianaCohen16. This week, @BillOReilly joins to talk about his new‚Ķ
  • @smerconish Have them read or listen to the new book Killing the SS to gain some understand of the magnitude of the‚Ķ
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    • I might have enjoyed this book if it didn't contain so many inaccuracies. Redundant and unimaginative. Worst book so far.
    • I thought this was a good book and enjoyed reading it, but the writing seemed a bit disjointed and there were times I had a hard time following the narrative. In addition, I thought he took a number of cheap shots at the Catholic Church without supporting evidence and, in some cases, contrary to the evidence, as with Pious XII. This would be a good introductory book for those who have not studied WWII and the Nazis but it would be less appealing to those who have a good overall knowledge of this period. This, from a Bill O'Reilly admirer, most of the time.
    • There have been over a thousand books written about the biggest stain on the human race‚Ķ the Holocaust‚Ķ the Nazi‚Äôs attempt at destroying the entire Jewish race‚Ķ through their ‚ÄúFinal Solution‚ÄĚ. I have‚Ķ and will continue to read different Holocaust stories and different survivor‚Äôs statements of fact‚Ķas I have for over half-a-century‚Ķ almost endlessly‚Ķ and do my best to pass on the horrors‚Ķ to as many generations as I possibly can. So the most important Jewish mantra from my lifetime and beyond‚Ķ ‚ÄúNEVER-AGAIN!‚ÄĚ will forever and always‚Ķ be a life sustaining pledge! Because of this personal dedication‚Ķ I can wholeheartedly state that what is told in this book is not new‚Ķ untold revelations. But what the author(s) have done so professionally‚Ķ and intelligently‚Ķ is the melding‚Ķ of multiple major Nazi CRIMINAL war survivors‚Ķ who fled the world‚Äôs authorities‚Ķ and were eventually tracked down by self-proclaimed ‚ÄúNazi-Hunters‚Ä̂Ķ and the State of Israel‚Ķ they are all tracked‚Ķ followed‚Ķ and discussed in this one book‚Ķ where most books in the past‚Ķ are not as all encompassing. Of course there is not as much individual detail in this one book as there are in previous individual books‚Ķ on the less than animal excrement‚Ķ with names like Eichmann‚Ķ Mengele‚Ķ Barbie‚Ķ Bormann‚Ķ and others.What O‚ÄôReilly and co-author Dugard‚Ķ have done‚Ķ is almost common sense‚Ķ if you realize that O‚ÄôReilly used to be a teacher. I feel the way this book is laid out‚Ķ is in a perfect format‚Ķ for high school students (in addition of course to adults)‚Ķ who may just be having their eyes opened as to the actual scale and depravity of the entire sick non-human Nazi deranged debauchery known as THE HOLOCAUST! It would be impossible to write an ‚Äúany- age-version‚ÄĚ expose‚Äô of The Holocaust without some stomach turning examples‚Ķ and for any full-fledged adult‚Ķ they should be educated with no sick detail redacted‚Ķ for the very good reason‚Ķ that every person on earth should know‚Ķ how vile it was‚Ķ so ‚ÄúNEVER-AGAIN‚ÄĚ would be the result. But this book has purposely restrained itself‚Ķ I believe‚Ķ for the greater goal‚Ķ of making this book be able to target a younger entry level‚Ķ to start a full education process at a younger age‚Ķ a little easier.The author‚Äôs should be very proud of the way they were able to tell such an awful‚Ķ must-be-told‚Ķ story‚Ķ in such an educational‚Ķ and easy to read format.
    • Good listen
    • I've read many of Bill O'Reilly's other "Killing" books and enjoyed them. Killing the SS is bound to be as informative, well-written and gripping as his others. Readers interested in this topic should also check out Andrew Nagorski's "The Nazi Hunters," a recent book from a veteran journalist and European specialist who interviewed many of the same characters.