by Tucker Carlson

The Fox News anchor argues that America’s ruling class is out of touch with everyday citizens.

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  • @prayingmedic #Qanon #WWG1WGA #POYUS #DNC #RNC @5Strat “Propaganda exists because it works”, says Tucker. His book,…
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  • @Jesus101 @ElaineW73414395 @BillOReilly So you can’t understand that we can have a difference of opinion. I guess…
  • @TuckerCarlson hi m8 can I get a copy of your book ship of crooks eerrmm i mean ship of fools in the uk
  • Send one of them who’s not a rude obnoxious brat who wants to BE the news. Send someone with integrity. Or is there…
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    • I really got socked by this book-meaning it told me things are worse than I thought tho not hopeless. This has happened before-the republic prevailed because it mattered to enough people to tough it out regardless of the costWTG Tucker!!
    • Global warming proselytizers leaving big clodhoppers of carbon footprints. Fascist antifascists. Unapologetic racists calling everyone but themselves racists. Forever accusing us of "hate," one of the more loving things you can do in life and a surefire way of bringing us all together. Obama has recently dusted off an old Democrat standby, that the other side "governs through fear" (sans examples of course). Isn't making grave, vague pronouncements about "fear" intended to scare you? Best of all, you don't have to back it up. The party of specious platitudes. I'll take blunt candor any day. Our side is trying, successfully, to do something about the violent MS13 gang, as the other side points out that they have "a spark of Divinity" in them. Their victims' families will be happy to hear that. There's the real division right there. Feigned piety trumps Trump. Or so they're banking on. Their "success," like many of these unfunny uninteresting and unstable entertainers (why are "creative people" all the same?) is dependent on people being undiscerning and unquestioning starry-eyed and vapid blind followers. Reminiscent of a nauseating, warmed-over (half-baked?) 60's pose: the pathetic notion that there's some sort of virtue culled from playing the wide-eyed innocent. War is bad for children and other living things. Love trumps hate. And it's been a veritable love-in since the election. A female comedian called Ivanka the c-word. On another day won't she be calling people "misogynists" at the drop of a hat? And that trumped the heck out of hate. Bravo TV's Andy Cohen on a show called "Watch What Happens Live" played a clip of Ivanka's three-year-old daughter singing a song in a recital as set-up to a ugly jab about "your mother's sweatshops." Their three-year-old child. Tell me something commensurate done by those of us who live to hate? And for the record, if that was the child of someone I don't like politically, I'd feel the same way about that. Maybe that's the real difference between us and them. Also for the record, I don't think we should just let thousands of people into the country willy-nilly every few weeks (I agree with one of Barack Obama's opinions about that) because I'm not insane and would like to still have a country in the future for people to seek asylum in. But I also have nothing but sympathy for them and hope a resolution can be reached. Maybe they can stay on Rob Reiner's lawn in the meantime. And if it doesn't go without saying, Bravo is now running insipid, somber "stop the hate" spots. Don't know if any toddlers are derided in them (that's why our remotes have fast-forward) but they obviously see their audience as hateful (not to mention simple-minded) and in need of a good talking down to. I feel we've turned some corner, a new spooky soullessness couched in smirks and smarm. A "new infernal mockery sniggering down the alleys of the earth." Jack Kerouac in 1965. "A type of sadistic facetiousness and sickjoke grisliness about human affairs, a grotesque hatred for the humble and the suffering heart." He put the sea change in the culture at 1960. It's a tsunami now. Maybe the down side of a successful long-lasting and rights-laden democracy like ours is it eventually spawns its own breed of utterly self-obsessed consummate reality-free narcissism. Rob Reiner has to be in his 70's. How could he not know that claiming Americans (i.e., white ones) fear "the browning of America" is the exact same thinking as "all blacks are lazy and shiftless?" And you can almost hear the racial barriers crashing down with this type of self-serving (and RACIST) vitriol. They're the impediments to change, the willful perpetuators of racial discord. Archie Bunker was right about him. (So was Frederick Douglass, a former slave, who wrote about these exact same people in the 19th Century) If Trump is so terrible you have to do better than that. You have to do better than "F Twump. He's a disgwace." Well said, but you have to flesh that out a little with your obvious gift for articulation. Especially if you want to put a stop to Evil Incarnate. (Didn't we always suspect he was about as intelligent as that one character he plays?) Alec Baldwin has recently called for "the overthrow of the United States government blah blah Trump." And? Why not expound on that after the applause dies down? It's pretty bad when that's not the worst thing we've heard out of him. Not by a long shot. The divide in the country isn't "political," it's personal. It's between b-word-ass f-wording s-word-heads (see above) and those of us who aren't. There are apparently people in this country who watch Joy Behar on purpose. Without morbid incredulity. That's what we're up against. Trump death squads killing gays per her? I think the media would have been all over that one. If they weren't preoccupied with investigating alleged collusion between Trump and Yakov Smirnoff. Ellen DeGeneres said on her show that she wouldn't have Trump on because he's "a danger to the country, a danger to the world, and a danger to me as a gay woman." And now a word from our sponsor. No elaboration on that needed or sought by anyone. Let's get this government overthrow started. And it's us who trade in "fear?" Obama and his minions bludgeon us with fear tactics and hysteria exclusively. In lieu of having anything else to offer. So someone I've certainly always liked doesn't just disagree with me, she hates my guts. As well as much of my friends' and family's guts. Probably every one of them an Ellen fan. Yet somehow they're in on endangering her as a gay woman? Having people in mind in that way isn't something at least akin to racism or blatant prejudice? We're seeing increasingly "my side, right or wrong" zealotry. Donald Trump's election has only served to expose it. They've been looking down their noses at us all along. Elvis never lost sight of who paid for Graceland. Everything Trump has accomplished has been in spite of the powers that be, not because of them. The performing monkeys' bully pulpits aren't working. The flat-out fake news isn't working. (look into the Kitty Genovese story from 1964) There's a big problem with gratuitous Trump-hating. If you voted instead for the shocking fraud and repugnant harridan who ran against him, then you shouldn't be voting at all. You know, the one knowingly married to a sexual predator (just like one her top aides who was married to that skeevy "Weiner" dude, currently in prison) who let her go on TV and defend him against allegations he knew to be true. Yet a victory for her was to be a victory for women? Only in their grotesque Bizzaro World. More like a victory for Harvey Weinstein. Words like "hypocrisy" and "dishonesty" and "corrupt" don't begin to cover it. Just plain nutty is more like it. Cray-cray, if you will. It's the believers in the trenches who make the world go around (with their "guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them..."), not these inveterate sneerers, sniffing and pooh-pooh-ing and demonizing and denigrating and sniveling and simpering from a great, great distance. Canada, for example. Richard Branson's private island. Beverly Hills. Midtown Manhattan. Any Democrat who hasn't condemned that, that Maxine Waters, which is to say EVERY Democrat, can take their purported "principles" and high moral ground and polished bromides and do something unpleasant of a personal nature with them. Please. Ship of tools. Maybe one day we can move beyond our inherent racism and myriad "phobias" and all this hate hate hate and a gay woman can be one of the most successful and beloved entertainers in the country or a black man can even be elected President. You may say I'm a dreamer. Thanks for the important book and your important show, Tucker. VOTE, mother-effers! Against lying, pomposity and the rest of it...
    • Very interesting read. I was getting very depressed about our country and the course it has taken. This book explains everything!!! I’m a woman in my late 50s and before Trump came along, I remember the days where America was great. So thankful and blessed to read this wonderful book! Love Tucker Carlson and his humor! The votes for Trump show how many of us love him. But we’re afraid to show it. I’m afraid I’ll get stabbed, shot, or beaten if I wear a trump hat. Pretty sad. The left has so many angry people.
    • For those of us who have been gravely concerned (or blissfully ignorant) these last few years as we witnessed the great nation that we love dearly changing at such a rapid and uncontrollable rate, right before our eyes, while we were left wondering "Why?" or "How?" it got to this point, we now have our answers in this timely book.The bonus is that we can experience this enlightening perspective and wisdom from someone who has been in the thick of it for years now-the refreshingly brilliant Tucker Carlson.This will make a perfect gift for readers of all ages, from every generation, and is exactly what we needed.Thank you Tucker, from a concerned mother who was getting worried that basic common sense and our world's sense of humor were gone for good until I picked up Ship of Fools...Well done.
    • I was very grateful to see the problems with both ruling parties brought to light in Tucker Carlson's book. Many of the things he brings up I've witnessed debated for ages. On numerous occasions I can remember talking amongst the serf class about how identical both ruling parties were. Every populist from Patrick J Buchanan to Bernie Sanders got stomped by the ruling elites. Tucker Carlson addresses the issues that the masses have agreed upon for ages. If anyone is serious about winning the election in 2020 Tucker 's book should be considered mandatory reading. It offers intelligent analysis into what constituted Trump 's 2016 victory over the ruling elite on both sides. I highly recommend this book.