by Tucker Carlson

The Fox News anchor argues that America’s ruling class is out of touch with everyday citizens.

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  • @prayingmedic #Qanon #WWG1WGA #POYUS #DNC #RNC @5Strat “Propaganda exists because it works”, says Tucker. His book,…
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  • @TuckerCarlson hi m8 can I get a copy of your book ship of crooks eerrmm i mean ship of fools in the uk
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    • I enjoy Tucker’s show on Fox News and I very much enjoyed reading his book. Read the whole book in less than two days. I applaud his courage in addressing politically incorrect topics with honesty. Common sense! Identity politics is dividing our country in very harmful ways and is certainly not helping those it is supposed to help.
    • An excellent book, well written and hard to put down. If you wonder what's going on in our country with people rushing our borders in the thousands, mobs stopping traffic and yelling at drivers for the sin of trying to get home from work, mass mobs on college campuses because someone they disagree with is scheduled to do a Q and A. This isn't what we want our country to be like, it wasn't like this when I was growing up. Even politics was civil. Tucker takes all of it on and more- well worth reading!
    • I've been a fan of Tucker Carlson since March of 2017, and personally I like his show better than other stalwarts like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham due to his format and blunt style. In any case, reading this book feels like I'm watching a marathon of "Tucker Carlson Tonight", with greater detail. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the political, social, and economic conditions that made it possible for Donald Trump's rise.The book has 7 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue. Each chapter follows a format on how the modern left went from focusing on real issues when they were anti-establishment to abstract matters once they took power, all the while letting real problems go unchecked. On page 3, Tucker reiterates that this refusal to acknowledge issues like the declining middle class, the opioid epidemic and widespread censorship towards Conservatives encouraged the rise of Donald Trump, because "Happy countries don't elect Donald Trump. Desperate ones do." (page 3).Chapter 1, "The Convergence", Tucker describes how the modern Left's embrace of progressive values make them oblivious to serious problems like the slavish, suicidal working conditions at Foxconn--the Taiwan company that makes Apple phones-- while the traditional Left fought for safety standards and improving working conditions, most noticeably after the tragic 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York.Chapter 2, "Importing a serf class" focuses on how the Left went from striving to improve the lives of ordinary Americans, to replacing them with immigrants (legal and illegal), all the while the standard of living of working class Americans stagnated and even declined.Chapter 3, "Foolish Wars" reveals the transition of the Left's one-time hostility to war during the Vietnam era, to advocating for war and regime change in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria, all the while not recognising the fact that power vacuums are even worse than an authoritarian regime.Chapter 4, "Shut up, they explained" is an overview on how the Left devolved from adamant 1st Amendment advocacy during the 1960s (and even earlier) to widespread censoring of Conservative and Classic Liberal speech in the universities and on social media.Chapter 5, "The Diversity Question" is a sharp on how the left uses identity politics to distract people from real issues like understanding the federal tax code, all the while encouraging a resurgence in segregationist sentiment in the form of "safe spaces".Chapter 6 , "Elites invade the bedroom" describes how the feminist movement of the 1960s and 70s has devolved into a man-hating cult while ignoring real issues like the misogynistic practices in the Middle East, the rape crisis in Europe, the soaring male suicide rates in the US. Chapter 7, "They don't pick up the trash anymore" describes how the environmentalist movement went from focusing on practical matters such as cleaning up the Androscoggin river in the 1970s to abstract, unreachable goals like ending climate change, all the while letting record homelessness, fires committed by illegal immigrants, and wildlife decimated by wind turbines.In the Epilogue, Tucker politely warns the ruling class that if it ignores the grievances of its own people, they will eventually rise up to overthrow them, hopefully in a peaceful manner.
    • Well told. Wonderful story of how it really is. I would reccomend this book to anyone who is wondering how our country became the way it is today. Thank you Tucker for saying how the people really believe.
    • Very well stated we are being controlled by the left wing side they try to do destroy you if you don't line-up with them must toe the line George Soros finance s the left wing agenda this must stop because it's killing America and the left dosnt care