by Tucker Carlson

The Fox News anchor argues that America’s ruling class is out of touch with everyday citizens.

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  • @Jesus101 @ElaineW73414395 @BillOReilly So you can’t understand that we can have a difference of opinion. I guess…
  • @TuckerCarlson hi m8 can I get a copy of your book ship of crooks eerrmm i mean ship of fools in the uk
  • @prayingmedic #Qanon #WWG1WGA #POYUS #DNC #RNC @5Strat “Propaganda exists because it works”, says Tucker. His book,…
  • Send one of them who’s not a rude obnoxious brat who wants to BE the news. Send someone with integrity. Or is there…
  • @TuckerCarlson I know you're busy. & I'm so sorry for the crap your family & you have been going through. But I jus…
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    • Well,boo. I wrote in the wrong place . I'm enlightened. Txt Tucker.You are really pushing it . Now appreciate my reply.
    • This is an amazing and enlightening book about the risks our country is taking unless the conservative, Republicans stand up to be counted. Otherwise we stand to lose the America we've known.
    • I was raised Democrat and switched to the Republican Party a few years ago, but now consider myself neither as I feel they are both the same party that just divide us by cultural, economic, race etc. They have totally ignored what is important to the average American which is being able to work and put food on the table. I have had an idea of what I thought was the problem, but now Tucker Carlson has explained what the problem is and why I feel the way I do. I feel that everyday especially since the election of Donald Trump the American public is terrorized by the politicians, media, academia, and the entertainment industry. I fear waking up one morning and finding the country on fire. I grew up as a child of the sixties and that was scary, but this is far more scarier.
    • Well told. Wonderful story of how it really is. I would reccomend this book to anyone who is wondering how our country became the way it is today. Thank you Tucker for saying how the people really believe.
    • I finally gave up on highlighting passages when I realized I really wanted to highlight nearly every paragraph in the book. This is the second best book I’ve read this year, after A Confederacy of Dunces.