by Tucker Carlson

The Fox News anchor argues that America’s ruling class is out of touch with everyday citizens.

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    • Well,boo. I wrote in the wrong place . I'm enlightened. Txt Tucker.You are really pushing it . Now appreciate my reply.
    • This is an amazing and enlightening book about the risks our country is taking unless the conservative, Republicans stand up to be counted. Otherwise we stand to lose the America we've known.
    • Tucker's clarity on the circus going on in our country today is pitch perfect. He is accurate without preaching. The book is entertaining without ever losing sight of what's at stake. I hope Fox knows how lucky they are to have him on their network. I feel lucky having him on the forefront of the daily news. We need more fearless voices like his. I read this book in one night. Could not put it down.
    • If there’s one word that describes Tucker Carlson, it is “sharp.” He cuts to the core of each issue, explains it concisely, and shucks away the hidden agendas of those who want to manipulate the issue for their own self-serving agendas.That’s exactly what he does in this book. It is written conversationally, the way Tucker Carlson talks on TV. He has condensed millions of words about the advent of Donald Trump into two sentences: “Countries can survive war and famines and disease. They cannot survive leaders who despise their own people.” Tucker elaborates:=====Donald Trump was in many ways an unappealing figure. He never hid that. Voters knew it. They just concluded that the options were worse—and not just Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, but the Bush family and their donors and the entire Republican leadership, along with the hedge fund managers and media luminaries and corporate executives and Hollywood tastemakers and think tank geniuses and everyone else who created the world as it was in the fall of 2016: the people in charge. Trump might be vulgar and ignorant, but he wasn’t responsible for the many disasters America’s leaders created….…There was also the possibility that Trump might listen. At times he seemed interested in what voters thought. The people in charge demonstrably weren’t. Virtually none of their core beliefs had majority support from the population they governed….Beginning on election night, they explained away their loss with theories as pat and implausible as a summer action movie: Trump won because fake news tricked simple minded voters. Trump won because Russian agents “hacked” the election. Trump won because mouth-breathers in the provinces were mesmerized by his gold jet and shiny cuff links.=====He covers many insights provided in other excellent books by Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Anne Coulter, Charles Murray, and Jordan Peterson. But he brings them into the sharpest focus in his own unique way. For example, he addresses the issue of income inequality, which the Republican and Conservative Establishments seems afraid of:====America thrived for 250 years mostly because of its political stability. The country had no immense underclass plotting to smash the system. There was not a dominant cabal of the ultrawealthy capable of overpowering the majority. The country was fundamentally stable. On the strata of that stability its citizens built a remarkable society.In Venezuela…. small number of families took control of most of the Venezuelan economy. America isn’t Venezuela. But if wealth disparities continue to grow, why wouldn’t it be? Our political leaders ought to be concerned. Instead they work to make the country even less stable, by encouraging rapid demographic change====He is courageous in pointing out that excessive immigration, of the kind that Wall Street Republicans and Liberals Democrat want, is perhaps detrimental to the interests of most Americans:====…. Democrats know immigrants vote overwhelmingly for them, so mass immigration is the most effective possible electoral strategy: You don’t have to convince or serve voters; you can just import them. Republican donors want lower wages.====He talks about the social stratification of American society: that we have become an overly-credentialized society that concentrates its wealth into a tiny number of elites, while the middle class struggles far in the rea:====The path to the American elite has been well marked for decades: Perform well on standardized tests, win admission to an elite school, enter one of a handful of elite professions, settle in a handful of elite zip codes, marry a fellow elite, and reproduce.=====Tucker castigates the corruption of Conservatives and Liberals. He characterizes Republican House leader Paul Ryan as a bought-and-paid-for tool of multinational corporations. He talks about how Liberals have also become corrupted. The old-time Liberals (like his elementary school teacher) were an affable group of socially-conscious, well-meaning, and charmingly eccentric people. Some of those Liberals are still around. But many have become the greediest of Wall Street charlatans who operate the most oppressive companies here and abroad. Even worse, they have come do despise their fellow American citizens who have been distressed by the unstable economy of recent decades:====This is the unspoken but core assumption of modern American elites: I went to Yale and live on ten acres in Greenwich because I worked hard and made wise choices. You’re unemployed and live in an apartment in Cleveland because you didn’t. The best thing about old-fashioned liberals was how guilty they were. They felt bad about everything, and that kept them empathetic and humane. It also made them instinctively suspicious of power, which was useful. Somebody needs to be.=====Tucker concludes by explaining why the Establishments of both parties are whining about what they think is “the end of democracy” (translation: “We, the Establishment, think democracy is ending because the people won’t vote for our candidates"). Then he gives the Establishment his trademark, one-sentence summation:“If you want to save democracy, you’ve got to practice it.”
    • "Fox News", turns off some folks, but this book by anchor Tucker Carlson is worth reading. It is NOT a partisan book but rather a careful discussion and critique of the "elite" power establishment (both Republican and Democrat) running this country. The historical perspective is of value, as one must wonder, in today's environment, how did we get to this point. Mr. Carlson raises some really great questions and they will challenge you to think! WOW! A book that challenges your intellect without the political propaganda. Read it!