by Tucker Carlson

The Fox News anchor argues that America’s ruling class is out of touch with everyday citizens.

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  • @prayingmedic #Qanon #WWG1WGA #POYUS #DNC #RNC @5Strat “Propaganda exists because it works”, says Tucker. His book,…
  • @TuckerCarlson I know you're busy. & I'm so sorry for the crap your family & you have been going through. But I jus…
  • Send one of them who’s not a rude obnoxious brat who wants to BE the news. Send someone with integrity. Or is there…
  • @TuckerCarlson hi m8 can I get a copy of your book ship of crooks eerrmm i mean ship of fools in the uk
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    • This read best explains my dissatisfaction with the DC ruling class and my only wish is that all current and future politicians take the time to read and understand this.
    • I am 73 and voted for Bill Clinton both times. Was heavily involved in local union as president of a local. I have witnessed the declining middle class. The loss of our critical steel industry and the SHAFTA deal as we termed it NAFTA was first started by Bush Senior adopted as a center piece by Bill Clinton and and supported by both party's. Then we witnessed the migration of jobs, factories and the middle class becoming food stamp recipients. I couldn't understand how our country willing destroyed our manufacturing jobs. I wondered how we could ever fight a world war with no Steel and Aluminum plants. I became very disillusioned with both political party's. I felt Neither party gave a dime about the real loss to our country.When the Towers fell I witnessed how it must have been when Pearl Harbor was attacked. People actually came together the Recruiter offices were packed with both men and women wanting to extract revenge on the terrorist. Then the longest war in our history began. It saddens me to say that our wonderful country hasn't won a war since World War 2. But not because of our military but the politicians . Vietnam was a for profit war most that fought there didn't have a clue as to why we were bogged down there and not one of the Generals had any idea how to fight this terrible travesty that took over 58000 lives and uncounted lives of veterans since.When Trump announced his bid for president he was ridiculed by the elite from both party's . He listened to the disillusioned to the workers that lost everything. When Trump won it was a shot across the bow of the powers that be.Our president is far from perfect however he heard the masses and brought back some semblance of sanity. Once again President has given hope to our country that had been commandeered by an apologist President . Who was not respected on the world stage. Thank you Tucker for this book.
    • Very well stated we are being controlled by the left wing side they try to do destroy you if you don't line-up with them must toe the line George Soros finance s the left wing agenda this must stop because it's killing America and the left dosnt care
    • In a modern dysfunctional society where individuals are no longer free to think for themselves, they are discouraged from thinking or acting as individual. Creativity or individual responsibilities are suppressed if they aren’t a part of a group think, but there are still individuals out there, speaking and thinking for themselves. Tucker Carlson, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think.Now, if you are familiar with the television program that bears his name, Tucker Carlson Tonight, with this book you are getting his journalistic unbiased approach to daily political topics. We live in a world, where it is almost impossible to avoid politics. If you have in the past, you might as well start paying attention, and this would be the right place to start, with this book, similar to the nightly series, but uninterrupted in a book form. It gives the illustration of the political climate in the United States and how it relates to the Average citizens and the ruling class, the damages it has cause and maybe the path to restore common sense and stability.Hopefully, saving the Ship of fools, from falling over the edge, to destruction.
    • #1 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Politics & Government > Ideologies & Doctrines > Conservatism & Liberalism#1 in Books > Humor & Entertainment > Humor > Satire#1 in Books > Humor & Entertainment > Humor > PoliticalCongratulations Tucker!I had a bias to like this book: Carlson has been my favorite FOX personality for many years; way before he got his own show. My favorite story about Tucker is the one Greta Vansusteren did on her Greta Talk podcast. I even wrote about it in my own book about posttraumatic growth (You'll have to go listen in order to know what I'm talking about.)Here's my favorite paragraph from the book:"Trump's election wasn't about Trump. It was a throbbing middle finger in the face of America's ruling class. It was a gesture of contempt, a howl of rage, the end of decades of selfish and unwise decisions made by selfish and unwise leaders. Happy countries don't elect Donald Trump president. Desperate ones do."That's exactly how I feel.I became a serious follower of politics when Barak Obama was elected. I never missed a day to see how he was going to undo what the United States of America stood for. I started attending conferences and summits to learn all I could. But the moment I became a news junkie was the night I was celebrating my wedding anniversary in a cozy home on the San Juan Islands in Washington state. It was the night after the events at Benghazi. I asked my husband, "What is this story about?" He said, "Our ambassador and several others just got killed." Fast forward.Nothing in the book was new to me because I watch Carlson's show every single night. If I'm not home I record and watch later.This book is a fast read, and you can tell it was written in anger. Carlson said he wrote most of it on airplane flights. Smashing themes in the book are:Immigration - "You don't have to convince or serve voters; you can just import them."Elitist liberals - "Eight of America's ten most affluent counties voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, in most cases by a large margin." (The ones who supposedly cared about the little fella no longer do)Social Media - "Facebook sees and records everywhere you go. FB knows the stores you visited, the events you attended, and whether you walked, drove, or rode your bike...the company also knows much of your Web browsing history."War - "Liberals used to be antiwar."Free Speech - "There's nothing more infuriating to a ruling class than contrary opinions. They're inconvenient and annoying. They're evidence of an ungrateful population...Above all, they constitute a threat to your authority." (insert sarcasm)Carlson continues in the book talking about identity politics, racial diversity (how liberals now want everyone divided according to their DNA), global warming, male bashing, and the amount of filth in cities led by liberals who say they care about environmental issues.This book if filled with anecdotes, quotes, statistics, and history. Most importantly it's a smashing explanation of the 2016 Presidential election. Sadly, Hillary still doesn't get it. Yesterday she was on TV, once again belittling Trump and the people who voted for him. She has no insight.Hope she reads a copy of this book.