by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz

The story of the New York band who went from performing hardcore punk music to hip hop stardom.

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  • Beastie Boys Book is a must-read for any music fan!
  • Holy $&*@!!!! I just heard Rachel Maddow curse as she narrates the Beastie Boys Book!!! I’m giddy.
  • Definitely looking forward to finding time to check out the new @BeastieBoysBook - looks pretty incredible, TBH. Be…
  • Almost half way through the beastie boys book. I wonder if they do a movie on this.
  • @goodreads Beastie Boys book
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    • I just received this this morning and have only read a few chapters (Amy Poehler's video critique, and Andre Leon Talley's fashion reviews, in addition to the intro from Ad Rock and his loving characterization of MCA;it's clear this book is truly a gift to their fans; It finally occurred to me what I have loved about them all this time, the ease and awareness they have of themselves. Thank you Ad Rock and Mike D. RIP MCA, and thanks for everything.
    • Hearing their voices tell these stories directly (and with all the special guests) is the best. Thank you for making this for your fans!
    • Dope.
    • So far pretty damn funny.
    • Great fun, highly recommend.