by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz

The story of the New York band who went from performing hardcore punk music to hip hop stardom.

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  • Almost half way through the beastie boys book. I wonder if they do a movie on this.
  • Holy $&*@!!!! I just heard Rachel Maddow curse as she narrates the Beastie Boys Book!!! I’m giddy.
  • Definitely looking forward to finding time to check out the new @BeastieBoysBook - looks pretty incredible, TBH. Be…
  • @goodreads Beastie Boys book
  • Beastie Boys Book is a must-read for any music fan!
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    • 500+ pages of THE BEASTIE BOYS' BOOK. Nuff said
    • Great stories and pictures. Funny and insightful to the sights and sounds of my own "home town" - MANHATTAN, NYC.
    • This is a MUST HAVE Book for any fan of the band, and anyone who wants accurate pop culture information with no BS. Straight from the heart including brilliant pictures, I want to buy 100 copies and distribute them around my county to every library and every high school. RIP MCA We love you. And before you read it you need to watch "Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right (Revisited) Full Length", the full length video of Fight For Your Right (Revisited) and get the lyrics and song off of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two because they are mission critical in importance: MCA's last project is to understand that it is our right to fight for our right to fight because dissidence is our right. Buy this for anyone from age 12 to 32, please.
    • Sasquatch recommended that I get this book.
    • For any Beastie Boy fan, this book is simply amazing. It's brain candy and hard to put down. Great photos and stacks of behind-the-scenes tales of how the boys came together, found music, got signed, and became a global phenomena. Also, lots of interesting insight into their influences, recording techniques, and the background behind individual songs.For me, this book is a real treat. I love these guys and always will. When Licensed to Ill dropped, my circle of friends in high school were blown away. We were already into rap (Run DMC, Eric B and Rakim, LL, etc.) and metal (Led Zep, Iron Maiden, Metallica)… so when the Beasties hit it was an amazing blend of the music we already loved. We thought, Who are these guys??? And I'm still curious about their full back story, so I haven't put this book down for a couple days now.And they just got better over time. Awesome band, great book. Get it this one.