by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz

The story of the New York band who went from performing hardcore punk music to hip hop stardom.

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  • Almost half way through the beastie boys book. I wonder if they do a movie on this.
  • @goodreads Beastie Boys book
  • Holy $&*@!!!! I just heard Rachel Maddow curse as she narrates the Beastie Boys Book!!! I’m giddy.
  • Beastie Boys Book is a must-read for any music fan!
  • Definitely looking forward to finding time to check out the new @BeastieBoysBook - looks pretty incredible, TBH. Be…
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    • Absolutely fantastic history of their lives !!
    • Honestly, I'm not really a book person but the Beastie Boys Book got my attention and I'm glad I've had a chance to read it. Being from the NYC area and a fan of the Beaties Boys for decades, I found the book to be both interesting and informative. Even after having read it, I still have it out on the coffee table to go back and check out the pictures. Anyone that is a fan of the Beastie Boys will love this book.
    • Loved it.
    • Got it today so I haven't really read through everything, but I've jumped around and it's making me all nostalgic. MCA will be greatly missed and all these little anecdotes really bring out the b-boys persona. Love it already. I'll be poring over this for a while.
    • 500+ pages of THE BEASTIE BOYS' BOOK. Nuff said