by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz

The story of the New York band who went from performing hardcore punk music to hip hop stardom.

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  • @goodreads Beastie Boys book
  • Holy $&*@!!!! I just heard Rachel Maddow curse as she narrates the Beastie Boys Book!!! I’m giddy.
  • Beastie Boys Book is a must-read for any music fan!
  • Almost half way through the beastie boys book. I wonder if they do a movie on this.
  • Definitely looking forward to finding time to check out the new @BeastieBoysBook - looks pretty incredible, TBH. Be…
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    • Buy, steal, beg for, or borrow this book. I'm not going to get into my level of Beastie Boys fandom, because that belongs to me, and it be impossible to explain the importance and impact of the Beastie Boys have had on my life. They've been the soundtrack to my life, the good and the bad. Some of my fondest memories involve going to see them live, or having Paul's Boutique on in the background while something memorable is happening. It's difficult to put into words, though. Seriously. I am who I am (a divorced 44 year old dad of two) today because of them. One of the standout memories of my childhood was, at 11 years old, taking the bus to the next town over, and going to the record store. Inside, they were playing 'Licensed to Ill', and I'll never forget that moment. It changed my life.From what I've read so far, AdRock's chapter on cassette tapes really hit home. It's....perfect. Nostalgia personified, and he absolutely nails it - how ridiculous a method it was to record/playback music, etc., yet how critical cassette tapes were to us as kids, and how their existence and meaning shaped who we became today.To AdRock and Mike D.: A million thank-yous! I know you understand the impact you've had on multiple generations, around the world, and that's something that will live forever. Even now, 30+ years later, me and my kids belt out Beastie Boys tunes while driving around, and it's so much fun! It's truly something special, the impact and importance the Beasties had, and still have, and all I can say is: THANK YOU! For those reading, go get this book. Sure, it weighs over 3 lbs. and as thick as a college textbook (or Bible, even), but man, is it essential reading.
    • Get funky...
    • Loved it, amazing gift and must have for any Beastie Boys fans.
    • Loved it
    • Absolutely fantastic history of their lives !!