by Bob Woodward

Based on hours of interviews with sources, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist describes debates and decision-making within the Trump White House.

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    • Not salacious at all. Couldn't put it down. We are well and truly screwed. Thanks for the confirmation, Bob. Highly recommend.
    • Perhaps no president has been written of by more writers during his first two years as President than has the current occupant of the White House.Neither has any topped Donald Trump in his ability to polarize a nation. I, myself, find Mr. Trump a repugnant specimen of human nature. Yet, even as I curse him for his apparent lack of empathy for other human beings, I do occasionally find his approach to politics refreshing. Why?In search of an answer for that last question, I have read most every book about the guy. Woodward’s “Fear” is probably the greatest insight we ever shall have into the psyche of America’s closest approximation to Adolph Hitler.Because of “Fear,” I understand better as to why Donald J. Trump is the greatest threat to our republic.BLUSH FACTOR: There are profanities of most every sort. Still, since this is nonfiction, I hope every American reads “Fear.”The writing in “Fear” is thought-provoking and uneven. Because of Woodward’s dependence on Deep Background, I cannot rate it five stars. I WANT to know who said what, precisely.Still, this is the one great insight into Donald J. Trump that history will most appreciate.BOTTOM LINEFour stars out of five.
    • I went w/the Kindle version because I couldn’t wait. I can highlight, bookmark, search, & re-read this as many times as it takes to absorb the things that I miss in my haste. Read on my iPhone or Kindle...I hope I can find a place to stop or I’m pulling an all-nighter for the first time in 25+ years. TY, Bob Woodward. You and Walter Cronkite were my heroes as a young journalist, & I am grateful that you are again describing the unimaginable. - Prairie Girl
    • Extremely thorough, extremely captivating...and unfortunately, extremely true.
    • Common sense narrative.factual, moving. It is scary and helpful to learn the background, inside, activities that caused the terrifying roller coaster ride we are now all on. It is told calmly, with compassion.