by Bob Woodward

Based on hours of interviews with sources, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist describes debates and decision-making within the Trump White House.

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    • This is the book that only Bob Woodward could have written. With his experience and regard as a journalist who's held numerous administrations up to scrutiny (both Republican and Democratic), this is the examination of the Trump administration that we very much need. It's a pity that so many of his supporters will tune out this warning because it's one that's badly needed.Woodward doesn't mince facts as he shines a spotlight on the chaos within the White House. That even those who are unprepared and unqualified for the positions that they hold are scrambling behind the scenes to make coherent policy out of Trump's whims, reining in the worst excesses and even taking the unheard of step of actively working to keep Trump from entirely gutting American's foreign and domestic operations. We see his staff members trying to salvage our alliances, recognizing how vital they are for our country's security even if the man holding the office of president doesn't.But while the book, based impeccably on fact and direct testimony of those trying to operate in the eye of the storm, reveals the total dysfunction of the Trump White House and how utterly detached Trump is from reality, it raises other more troubling questions. Where are the checks that our founding fathers built into our system of government that were meant to corral an out-of-control president? What happens when the Congress, currently in the control of Trump's supposed party refuses to take seriously its role as an equal part of the federal government and give Trump free rein. What will remain of the Republican party once Trump leaves the political stage (whether by impeachment, being voted out or at the end of a dreaded second term)? What happens to our need for rational political discourse now that we've entered a world where fear, personal insults and cruelty are seen as political assets?I'd call this a must read even with the knowledge that too many people who need to read this book won't. Which is a real shame because like it or not, we're all in this together and one day we're all going to be survivors of what Trump has inflicted on our country.
    • Reading this book, I felt as though Mr. Woodward was sitting opposite me on a sofa with a coffee table between us. Each of us had a cup of coffee and were just having a personal conversation. On the table was spread out various documents that were backing up the incredible tale being discussed. This is my attempt to get persons that would normally not even try to read a dull or dry non-fiction book to pay attention to an extremely well written book that tells us information we, as Citizens of the United States of America need to learn.I found myself reading the book as though I was sitting with a jury hearing a case and trying to determine if there was truly a 'reasonable doubt' to be found. Was the subject of the case truly doing his best to run this country in the country's best interest.I have made my decision and now ask all readers to do likewise. Even though the book was written under 'deep cover', meaning names not used, there were many names used. The rhythms of the words for others gave away their identities even where actual names weren't offered. This is an important book. I ignored the various news clips and televised discussions and decided to read this book unbiased. I hope you will as well.Thank you, Mr. Woodward for informing the public of information we truly need and deserve.
    • Extremely thorough, extremely captivating...and unfortunately, extremely true.
    • Agent Orange is gonna see red now. I can't believe we as a country did this. Thank you Bob for some objective insight into that circus.
    • Thoroughly researched and vetted, Bob Woodward’s detailing of life within the Trump White House is as engrossing as it is frightening – hence the title.Donald Drumpf may be invoking unmitigated fear in the minds and hearts of his top advisors but it’s also what every concerned American paying attention over the past two years will be feeling every day until Stormy Daniels’ lover is removed from office.