by Bob Woodward

Based on hours of interviews with sources, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist describes debates and decision-making within the Trump White House.

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    • Agent Orange is gonna see red now. I can't believe we as a country did this. Thank you Bob for some objective insight into that circus.
    • This well written disturbing book shows us all why we need to get out and vote before it's too late.
    • I went w/the Kindle version because I couldn’t wait. I can highlight, bookmark, search, & re-read this as many times as it takes to absorb the things that I miss in my haste. Read on my iPhone or Kindle...I hope I can find a place to stop or I’m pulling an all-nighter for the first time in 25+ years. TY, Bob Woodward. You and Walter Cronkite were my heroes as a young journalist, & I am grateful that you are again describing the unimaginable. - Prairie Girl
    • The reality is sobering. Our form of government clearly did not work as the framers intended when we elected the man-child Donald, who never should have been accorded presidential powers. Donald the blowhard, malignant narcissist, sociopath, perpetual liar (mixed with delusion), meant to be a reality tv star and hustler, not leader of the free world. The evidence was out there…..but somehow here we are, on the self-induced path to our own destruction. Who would have thought that American supremacy could end in this way?I am thankful to Woodward for *Fear*. It is a highly detailed account that confirms our suspicions about Trump while alerting us to the real and present danger posed every day he remains in office. It is up to us, now, to get him out. Some of the damage he is doing is irreversible. Every American needs to be on a mission, to save what we love so our children and grandchildren will have freedoms and rights and economic prosperity that we have enjoyed.You will encounter Trump’s most influential enablers in *Fear*. How could they have propped this man up, knowing what they knew about him? Just because a man CAN become president doesn’t mean he SHOULD be president. But in this administration, as can be seen in endless vignettes in the book, character does not matter. Imagine that. Truthfulness is for sissies. Winners need not have honor. Slander should be the weapon of choice if a candidate can pull it off (as Trump does magnificently and maliciously).Woodward’s *Fear* is carefully researched with documentation. The author is unarguably truthful, honorable, a "winner" with known approved character. Let’s appreciate the many truths he has uncovered for us, so we can better figure out what we must do to save our democratic republic. Let this book serve as a call to all patriots capable of seeing through the glass clearly: Americans, we the people, can get our country through this assault on our values, way of life and treasured form of governance.
    • Finished the first seven chapters of the book and I can't stop reading! First-hand accounts of those who created the Trump Presidency and "MAGA". Those who fed the monster and later regretted it.Edit: 15 Chapters into the book, I can't help but notice that Trump's Administration is so out of wack, that Steve Bannon none other is portraited unintentionally by Woodward as "a voice of reason"! This is deeply disturbing.Edit: Done reading the book. One thing that I find impressing about Trump (to be fair) is his insistence on keeping his promises to his base that got him into the WH. Needle to say that most of these promises are stupid and potentially very harmful to the American Life, American Economy and American national security. I couldn't record this book enough. However, I wish there was more coverage of the WH's role in bringing North Korean to the negotiations' table.