by Kevin Kwan

A New Yorker gets a surprise when she spends the summer with her boyfriend in Singapore.

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  • @OlisaOsega Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians... Book is lit 👌🏿
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  • I started to read crazy rich Asians in the book store. I think I'll finish it there too
  • I know that last line from Astrid in the Crazy Rich Asians movie isn't in the book, but damn. Michael sure fucking…
  • Crazy rich Asians is such a good movie and book OOOF
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    • Author Kevin Kwan returns with characters from his earlier novel, Crazy Rich Asians: Nicholas Young and Rachel Chu who are about to get married, Nick’s cousin Astrid Leong, and Hong Kong soap opera star Kitty Pong who is now married to billionaire Bernard Tai. The plot has us bouncing around to various locations all over the world, a device which shows us how wealthy everyone is with their own jumbo jets, magnificent mansions, closets full of designer clothes, oodles of expensive jewels, and net worth in the billions of dollars. Kwan devotes plenty of ink to these trappings of wealth but unfortunately skimps on his characters and the story line. It gets rather tiresome after reading page after page of prose that resembles an inventory of valuables for an insurance policy. A big disappointment after enjoying Kwan’s earlier book.
    • I absolutely loved this book and of course must start by saying that you really need to read "Crazy Rich Asians" (Book One) before you even pick this up because some of the more subtle story lines will fall flat without that back drop. Above everything else, what I appreciated the most was that this mini series actually provided resolution to the most important stories.There were some characters from the first book who fizzled away without explanation, and a couple of twists that seemed to come out of left field, but none of that changed the fact that I devoured this 400+ page book and enjoyed every minute of it.
    • Very fun summer read! All of the characters in the first book, CrazyRrich Asians, and the continued nicely into this book. It is what I would call a beach read and sometimes that's all you want. It is what I would call a beach read and sometimes that's all you want I don't want to come away with his knowing that I would like to go to Asia and how beautiful all of these places sound . Also I live in an area where there is not much Chinese food so it makes me crave all of the things that I missed from where I lived before .
    • China Rich Girlfriend is the worst.I read Crazy Rich Asians because I saw the poster for the movie , and yes, I'm one of those snobs who generally believe that the book is always better than the movie.This was one situation where, as I read, I could see that here was a good idea which could be made great with the right team of screen writers and casting directors.China Rich Girlfriend takes what was horrible about Crazy Rich Asians and amps it up, with the effect of drowning out what was good about the first book.The use of footnotes in the first book was convenient, more like subtitles which allowed the characters to break into their native tongues quite naturally. By the time we get to China Rich, Kevin Kwan uses them as running commentary on the characters and situations. Like watching a movie with that friend who has strong opinions on everything and keeps chattering away as you're trying to immerse yourself in the experience.Also, I'm sure by this time, we get it. The characters are rich. The book degenerates into pages and pages of describing bathrooms and jets and handbags and shoes and cars... I think there is only about 25% of story buried in 75% explanation about how Astrid's style is deceptively simple. How charming! Bracelets from 650 BC and a dress from Zara! How does she do it! But wait! Michael's Ferrari!I'm giving it 2 stars because despite the atrocious writing, one dimensional characters etc. I'm still going to buy the 3rd book.Sigh.
    • I thought this was better than the first of the trilogy (Crazy Rich Asians... which I also loved.) The drama started right away and you were quickly transported into the luxury scene of some of China and Singapore’s most elite families. This is a perfect beach read. Also great any time of the year if you’re just looking for something fun and entertaining. Be sure to read the whole trilogy!