by Gail Honeyman

A young woman’s well-ordered life is disrupted by the I.T. guy from her office.

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  • Gail Honeyman's Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine crowned the public's book of the year https://t.co/Wix1hq46yR
  • I spent the last few days rereading one of my favorite books from the last year--ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FIN… https://t.co/s3KFTfWQQw
  • This is the book we can’t put down in 2018 via @stylistmagazine https://t.co/3uAkJLQYLW #BAMBReadersAwards
  • Four books away from my 2018 reading goal! Just devoured "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine" (excellent book!), what next? 👀 📖
  • .@StylistMagazine: This is the book we can’t put down in 2018 - #BAMBReadersAwards @booksaremybag https://t.co/VAbdL2rSqy
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    • I wish there were words for how much I loved this contemporary fiction/ chick-lit / Brit-lit novel.SUMMARYEleanor Oliphant is the definition of 'socially awkward.' Think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory minus his little band of nerds and giant ego. Awkward!!! She is never sure if people are being sarcastic or serious. She gives a lot of unsolicited advice, thinking she is being helpful when she's really being obnoxious, then she mentally (and occasionally orally) notes what she perceives as others poor manners or stupidity in said person. She's hilarious without meaning to be.From the very beginning, the reader knows that things are not 100% right for Eleanor. She has serious "Mummy Issues" (love the British Speak, mummy issues sound so much more sophisticated than mommy issues!), her coworkers blatantly make fun of her, she has no friends, she relies on vodka to get her through the weekend and has these mysterious scars on her face which are significant enough to cause people to stare.On a very rare night out, she goes to a concert and completely falls for one of the musicians without even so much as exchanging a single word with him.Eleanor begins a journey of physical self improvement in order to prep herself to meet this musician. Her journey includes a hilarious visit to a waxing salon, a couple extremely uncomfortable "practice" social outings and a few lol worthy shopping trips.In addition to the outward improvements, Eleanor decides to open herself to new experiences so she will be ready when she meets her musician in person. Her newfound openness comes in handy when, after years of loneliness, she accidentally stumbles into two new unlikely friendships.Although there are many truly amusing parts in this story, it also has a very serious side, particularly when the reader learns of Eleanor's past and the origins of her scars. Author, Gail Honeyman, slowly doles out the details of Eleanor's heartbreaking backstory leaving the reader 100% on Team Eleanor. I, for one, was cheering her on and celebrating her growth as though she were my real life friend.WHAT I LOVEDSince I gave this book 5 Stars, and I rarely ever do, clearly I loved EVERYTHING about it. But here are just a few specific things which I loved:The whole thing with Bobbie Brown makeup. She was soooooo clueless that she had no idea who Bobbie Brown is and at one point she 'questioned Ms Brown's work ethic' since Bobbie never seemed to be at her makeup counter.I LOVED Eleanor's observations on other people and how she often missed the point so significantly and then she thought everyone but her was crazy. Super entertaining.I loved how Eleanor just spoke her mind without concern for social convention. That was funny enough, but reading others reactions to her comment was the icing on the cake. Some people laughed and found her refreshing, others thought she was crazy or rude.The story itself was just so darn good!!! In my opinion, a good book in this genre is one which makes the reader laugh, think deeply, feel significant empathy for the characters and stays with the reader long after completing the story. For me, this book did that, and more. I was so sad to see it end. I miss her already.WHAT I DIDN'T LOVEThis book got my 5 star rating which means that if there was something I didn't love about the book, the good outweighed the bad so heavily that I forgot anything I didn't like.OVERALLI LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!
    • I did come to like and sympathise with Eleanor and the other characters in the book; but I found it a bit of a fairy tale and I wasn't entirely convinced. The story of Eleanor's coming to grips with her traumatising past, and overcoming it, seemed a bit too pat and simplistic. It is well written, and I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy reading it, but it is not the type of book I would normally choose.
    • Good read/ great character, and you slowly begin to understand her. This could help someone who is slightly intolerant think about the assumptions that they make about others. It was enjoyable to read, even though you develop concern. The violence and sexual context is not gratuitous, just plainly described as having occurred, and it is definitely part of the story.
    • So this book sweeps you right into quirky but sad Eleanor's life and for me, I was glad of it. I loved the way the book has just the right amount of detail and let's Eleanor's ways reveal moments of humor, sadness, strength, and vulnerability. I laughed and cried and cherished the journey with her to the end.
    • What a beautifully written book about Miss Eleanor Oliphant There are lessons here about the people we walk by everyday who are suffering in some fashion. It's easy to pass them off like the voice in Eleanor's head would have her do. She surprises herself and us as well when she not only survives her childhood, but becomes a "just fine" adult. I was sad to say goodbye to her when the book ended and will definitely look for more from Gail Honeyman.