by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The story of a love triangle is told from several points of view.

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  • Former @officialEFCC Boss, @NuhuRibadu wrote a book 'MY STORY' which was published in 2010. This is what he said ab…
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    • I didn’t like the book at all. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen but it never did. A waste of money!!!!
    • Amazing story. I was so engrossed I read it in a day and was sad when it ended. Lots of twists and surprises. Two thumbs way up. A thriller that isn’t dark or scary, absolutely fantastic.
    • After all the hype I read about "The Wife Between Us"--the fact that it was already going to be made into a major motion picture (blah, blah, blah), I decided that I had to read it. Written in the aftermath of twisting psychological novels like "The Girl on the Train" and "Gone Girl" where the reader expects to be jarred abruptly from carefully drawn premises to realize that what has been crafted is just a sham--a character's skewed perspective, I figured the 'ah ha' moment in "Wife" would be well worth the reading hours.Well, I was wrong.As expected, Part One sets the story--abandoned wife still hungers for handsome accomplished hubby--and stalks husband's new love interest in an alternating first person and then third person narrative reflecting old wife, new girlfriend perspectives. When Part Two rolls around, the reader has already been prepared to accept a major twist which out of respect for future readers, I will not reveal here. I will only say that the change in pace is abrupt and unexpected but not in the thrilling manner we have come to expect from novels billeted as 'psychological' and 'jaw-dropping.' The anticipated 'ah-ha' moment was more like a dull 'oh'--not so disappointing as to stop me from listening on (I listened to the Audible presentation) but enough of a let down to warn me that the rest of the story wouldn't quite satisfy my craving.More turns and twists do occur, but again, the revelations are not all that exciting. In fact, once the villain is unmasked, the story peters out very quickly in terms of roller coaster thrills . . . and yet beyond that point two other secrets wait to be revealed. Yawn.The fact that this book is a bestseller tells me how important publicity is for without it, this book would never be discussed let alone be recommended by reading circles. The characters are two-dimensional--none are fully developed. The writing is precise rather than literary--I wasn't blown away by profound metaphors or masterful vocabulary. The passion described is indirect rather than visceral; the timeline, even after all the pieces have been uncovered and snapped together chronologically are blurry, skated over rather than detailed. The only part of this story that resonates with any emotion is Vanessa's relationship with her dog, Duke, and the solution to that mystery, rather than providing a sense of justice, is nebulous--left to dangle in the breeze when so many opportunities existed to make that one real connection sing with satisfying vengeance.After listening to 'Wife' for eleven hours, I'm moving out of the 'Girl'/'Wife' genre and graduating to 'Women.' Hopefully, what I find there will be more mature.
    • 3.5 StarsUsually after I finish a book, I write my review immediately while everything is still fresh in my head. This one, I had to stew about overnight while I decided how I wanted to rate it. I won't go into the premise of the book since this novel has been out for quite awhile now and there are plenty of other reviews that do.The Wife Between Us is advertised as having twists that you won't see coming. For me, this was partially true. There is a major twist around the midway point of the book that I did see coming, however, I didn't know how the book was going to end until the final page. I thought the ending was unexpected, good, but also confusing. I must admit, I had to go back and read the epilogue a second time to "get it".For the most part, I think this book was pretty well done. Rarely does a novel keep me guessing until the end, so it earns bonus points for me just for that. I did find my mind wandering at some points and I thought it was perhaps a tad too long and repetitive. This has been a popular book for quite a long time, however, I'm glad I found it out sale. It's certainly worth a read, but not at full price.
    • Great read. I'm an avid reader and I have read a great many books. This story had me in the first chapter. Felt light, although some of the subject matter was heavy. Can't give anything away, but this was well thought out and very well written. Loved it. I highly recommend it!