by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The story of a love triangle is told from several points of view.

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    • The writing by the authors was very good, excellent, in fact. Unfortunately, that is the only positive thing I can say about this book.The book starts off very slow. The chapters alternate between what appears to be Richard's ex-wife and his new bride to be. One chapter is in the first person and the next in the third person. The first seven chapters are just back and forth and very little is happening. No plot and no character development. This portion of the book was difficult to endure.Then the authors used a cheap gimmick to fool the reader. It turns out at about the half-way point in the book that both women are the same person. Instead of one being the future bride to be, it is the dumped wife before she married Richard, not Richard's future wife. The authors even used different names so as to confuse the reader. When the charade is revealed, the reader feels lied to and deceived.The end is really no twist or surprise as some reviewers claim. I saw it coming miles away. Why else have the subplot of the affair with her professor years ago? What other purpose would that part of the story serve?I also disliked that the narrator was unreliable. At times she was upset her husband dumped her for a younger woman. And then later on, she claimed she orchestrated his falling in love with his secretary so that he would divorce her. OK, which is it? She seemed bi-polar to me.Overall, I was disappointed with the story. It was too predictable and as a reader, I felt cheated by the cheap device the authors used to trick the reader. I would have preferred the authors told the story directly. It could have been much better.
    • Amazing story. I was so engrossed I read it in a day and was sad when it ended. Lots of twists and surprises. Two thumbs way up. A thriller that isn’t dark or scary, absolutely fantastic.
    • A married couple makes their home in Westchester N.Y. He is a Hedge Fund Manager and neat freak. She, a dutiful wife, who loves her job which her husband detests, unable to understand why she still choose to work. The need to control and manipulate a person under the guise of marriage will always lead to a bump in the marital road. At the seven year itch mark, the marriage crumbles and the couple divorce.Can’t reveal more than the above, don’t want to spoil it for other readers.Through mostly narrative pages filled with lots of tension, I navigated this story that is presented in three parts.The first part read slow and frustrating for me as I muddled through patches of fog that seemed to be filled with jealousy or maybe paranoia with the main character.The synopsis pretty much warns the reader not to “assume” anything. Well I’m glad I “assumed” because what was revealed at the end of part one was the only thing that made sense and my assumption was correct, making it easier to move on to part 2 and 3.Part 2&3 made excellent reading with lots of surprising twists and a shocking revelation that I didn’t see coming…or assumed lol!Bottom line, if you’re looking for a stunning thrill, you’ll want to read this one!!A recommended Read.Locksie.
    • 3.5 StarsUsually after I finish a book, I write my review immediately while everything is still fresh in my head. This one, I had to stew about overnight while I decided how I wanted to rate it. I won't go into the premise of the book since this novel has been out for quite awhile now and there are plenty of other reviews that do.The Wife Between Us is advertised as having twists that you won't see coming. For me, this was partially true. There is a major twist around the midway point of the book that I did see coming, however, I didn't know how the book was going to end until the final page. I thought the ending was unexpected, good, but also confusing. I must admit, I had to go back and read the epilogue a second time to "get it".For the most part, I think this book was pretty well done. Rarely does a novel keep me guessing until the end, so it earns bonus points for me just for that. I did find my mind wandering at some points and I thought it was perhaps a tad too long and repetitive. This has been a popular book for quite a long time, however, I'm glad I found it out sale. It's certainly worth a read, but not at full price.
    • I loved this one! I've been looking for a page turner with lots of twists that would keep my interest, and this book was exactly what I was looking for. I thought the author did a great job of combining a fluid writing style and intriguing characters with a plot that held my interest until the very last page. I wouldn't characterize this as a thriller, but definitely was exciting, unpredictable, and hard to put down.