by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The story of a love triangle is told from several points of view.

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  • "Former @officialEFCC Boss, @NuhuRibadu wrote a book 'MY STORY' which was published in 2010. This is what he said a…
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    • 4.5/5 starsI thoroughly enjoyed reading The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. It was a thrilling trip from the very first page. I love books that mess with my mind, so to discover all of Vanessa’s secrets was highly satisfying. I also enjoyed the mind play with the characters in Part 1… Just when I thought that I had the characters figured out in my mind, the authors threw a curveball at me. I had kind of sensed similarities between Nellie and Vanessa, but I really thought that they were more coincidental than anything else. I picked up early on that Vanessa’s ex-husband Richard was not as perfect as he appeared to be and boy was I right on the money about him. His “rich man” persona really irritated me and I really didn’t appreciate how he manipulated Vanessa into thinking that she was crazy just because her deceased mother had struggled with a mental illness. That was very devious and deceitful and did not sit with me very well. I really didn’t like Vanessa’s “replacement” Emma at all. Not even when I found out who she really was at the end of Part 3. Her character was just that unlikable to me, but I did enjoy the twist at the end of the book when the authors informed the readers what Emma’s true identity was. But I thoroughly enjoyed Vanessa’s scheme against Emma and Richard in order to “free herself”. That was wickedly good. If you are searching for an emotional, gripping, have you on the edge of your seat read, I suggest picking up a copy of this book. You won’t regret it.
    • If I could rate this book negative 10 stars, I would. Boring, confusing, and convoluted story line.It just drags, the authors felt compelled to provide minute details on every activity, place, object, and thought.The story made no sense, and kept lulling, you to sleep, while at the same time, leaving you waste of money. Do not waste your money. Borrow, this one from the library, if you need a cure for insomnia.
    • Amazing story. I was so engrossed I read it in a day and was sad when it ended. Lots of twists and surprises. Two thumbs way up. A thriller that isn’t dark or scary, absolutely fantastic.
    • 3.5 StarsUsually after I finish a book, I write my review immediately while everything is still fresh in my head. This one, I had to stew about overnight while I decided how I wanted to rate it. I won't go into the premise of the book since this novel has been out for quite awhile now and there are plenty of other reviews that do.The Wife Between Us is advertised as having twists that you won't see coming. For me, this was partially true. There is a major twist around the midway point of the book that I did see coming, however, I didn't know how the book was going to end until the final page. I thought the ending was unexpected, good, but also confusing. I must admit, I had to go back and read the epilogue a second time to "get it".For the most part, I think this book was pretty well done. Rarely does a novel keep me guessing until the end, so it earns bonus points for me just for that. I did find my mind wandering at some points and I thought it was perhaps a tad too long and repetitive. This has been a popular book for quite a long time, however, I'm glad I found it out sale. It's certainly worth a read, but not at full price.
    • Nellie is a young woman living on a shoestring budget in an upper east side apartment with her BFF Samantha. She is about to marry the man of her dreams. Richard is handsome, rich, and so...solicitous. Always wanting to protect her and meet her every need.There's Vanessa. She's seen better days. Her husband Richard left her for a younger woman, and Vanessa is having trouble accepting that. She went from living in a beautiful home and wearing designer clothes to working as a sales clerk and having to wait on the very women she once rubbed elbows with in high society. Vanessa is coping by drinking too much, and appears to be stalking her husband's new paramour.This is a first class psychological thriller. The prologue set the tone. I read it with a feeling of apprehension, knowing the writer was holding back some critical information that the reader wasn't privy to yet. What a well written book! The plot twists were mind-bending. I had to backup and re-read, or rethink, what I had just read. This is is one book I will enjoy rereading with a different understanding of what is really happening. A re-read will also allow me to put together the last piece or two of the puzzle that I'm not sure I fit correctly.I didn't have to struggle with how many stars to give this book. From beginning to end, FIVE STARS!