by David Sheff

A father struggles with his son's meth addiction.

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  • @david_sheff I just finished your book. Addiction has a strong hold on my family and your insightful words were jus…
  • @IubarMollis The library was a place of solitude for the eldest Kinkle boy, finding solace amongst the worn pages o…
  • can’t believe i that i couldn’t find anyone talking abt this book!! its got nb people in it i think and its got a i…
  • The move Beautiful Boy shows that Nic started on his path to meth addiction with pot use. They also show that dad D…
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    • I read this book for two reasons. One I am a recovering alcoholic and secondly I have friends who are dealing with children with addictions. These parents come to me asking for advice. Among my friends, I am the go to guy for answers on addiction. I never really feel like the answers I give are the absolute right answer. I help when I give answers based in my experience and time in AA. But praying for my friends sons seems to be the most important action I can take. The answers on what to do are tough to come by. I thanks David for sharing his life with me along with nick, Karen, Vicki and the kids. I was helped by your story. I will be praying for all of you.
    • This is a remarkably well-written story. It is also offers helpful advice--not so much for those who are wondering how to protect their children from drugs, but more for those who are struggling with loving a family member struggling with an addiction.The story is absolutely riveting and heartbreaking. Like many other readers, I couldn't put it down. Even though it doesn't offer a great deal of advice about what parents can do to prevent their kids from using drugs, it makes all parents aware of the need to prepare themselves for whatever may come. It emphasizes the importance of having a plan to help your kids avoid the dangers of drugs, and, in the event the a child makes choices that harm them, having a plan to take care of yourself and the rest of your family.Therefore, whether you want a great story or some practical advice, Beautiful Boy has both. Highly recommended.
    • This book was so much better than I expected it to be. I abused drugs back in the day - before meth hit the streets, thank God - so I was both familiar with the self destruction of an addict, and the wide area of damaged family and friends addiction leaves in it's wake, Sheff's ability to tell the story so very well, made it an interesting read, high with drama and emotions without "dramatizing" or sensationalizing it. I related to much of it, and also learned a lot about meth and the meth addict. The best book I've ever read dealing with addiction, I highly recommend it for everyone...whether you've experienced addiction yourself, with your family or friends, want to become better educated on what addiction is like from every aspect, or are just looking for an excellent page turner of a read.
    • This book is critical reading for family with an addict. Very touching and very potent. Thank you. Cant wait for the movie and using boxes of tissue to get through it probably if the book was any indication.
    • I appreciated the author's honesty as well as his research and in depth look at addictionThe book was recommended to me by a friend whose son is an rehab. I have a healthy 12 year old, but I found this book helpful to understand what, potentially, children may go through and how parents must deal with the situationI recommend this book for all parents and concerned citizens, even if addiction is not in your immediate family.It is so rampant that I feel it is important to understandThank you, Mr Sheff, for sharing your experiences