by David Sheff

A father struggles with his son's meth addiction.

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  • Beautiful Boy is a really good movie (and book), but if you have perfectionist tendencies, it may push some buttons.
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    • I learned a lot from reading this book. I have a teenager and a college age child and was curious what might be some warning signs that I might not notice... and this book definitely opened my eyes and gave me a good understanding of the drug (meth) and how a "normal" kid could find themselves caught up in this horrible drug. Because of the book I've had good discussions with my kids. Bottom line is DON'T GET NEAR THE STUFF! Additionally, I'm really glad that the authors' son, Nic, wrote a book as well. Very helpful reading both and I am appreciative for the Sheff family for being so honest and sharing their experience/journey.
    • I bought is book a few years ago and loved it, somehow I misplaced it and my husband read the writer's son book called "tweaked" And he wanted to read this one so I ordered it. You know I will find the other one now that I received this one lol
    • My mother was a severe alcoholic my entire life, so I was interested right off the bat and someone had recommended this book. I can appreciate the heart wrenching, exhausting pain that goes along with a family member having addiction problems. But in all honesty, this book fell flat, just being critical of the actual writing and the way the story is told. The endless descriptions, by the mid 200's of the book, he's describing the color of the grass in his backyard and what kind of flowers that were being planted in some scenes. Nic's story and how his family deals with it, is very interesting and kept me looped in the entire time. But I feel like at times, there are thse 10-15 page bursts worth of over descriptive stream of consciousness style writing that made me frustrated as a I read it (get to the point type of stuff). I would say pick it up if you're in need in some of some connection to those of us who have dealt with addiction or have family members that do. I wasn't the biggest fan of how the book read.
    • A definite must read if you've read Tweak! Read Tweak first and then this book right after. Very interesting when read together as you get the addict's perspective as well as the dad's perspective during the same life events. Hard to put down and a must read for parents or loved ones of addicts.
    • This book is a must read/listen. I love it and honestly it is very informative as well as tear jerking. I love it. It's honest and that's important. It tells a story that I think a lot of people don't really understand about drug abuse.