by David Sheff

A father struggles with his son's meth addiction.

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    • Recommended by a dear friend going through addiction with her child, I now recommend it highly. Wether you are experiencing this dreadful situation or not, wether you have children or not, it is a must read. Super informative and beautifully written. I couldn't put it down.
    • Well, I'm addicted to methamphetamine. I've been in recovery for one year, 3 months, and 11 days. When I was released from jail one year ago, I decided to read Tweak. An old friend of mine read it while he was in juvie, that's how I first heard about it. Tweak was relatable to me, and so was We All Fall Down. Nic Sheff is an amazing person, he had overcome a lot. He inspires me.So when I found out that his father also wrote a book about his son's addiction, I just had to have it. Let me tell you, Beautiful Boy tore me apart. I've only experienced life from the point of view of someone on meth. I thought I was being considerate, I always checked in with my family on a weekly basis. I was home at least twice a week. I worked full time, but still liked to go crazy with my friends. After reading this book (okay, while reading it) I cried and apologized to my parents, my grandparents, and my uncle for all the hell I had put them through. I honestly had no clue that I was hurting people so badly.If you're an addict, if you have a child that is an addict, even if you're neither, READ THIS BOOK.
    • As a mother who has experienced the sadness, anger and frustration of having an addicted child, this book rang remarkably true. David Sheff has done an masterful job describing the conflicting feelings that addiction of a loved one brings up. As I was reading this book, there were times that I didn't want to know what was going to happen next yet I couldn't stop reading the book - so eager was I to see how the story ends. I will admit that I was hoping, for an ending that would maintain or restore my own sense of hopefulness. And, of course, although the book ends, the story does not. Thank you, David, for sharing your story.
    • This book is critical reading for family with an addict. Very touching and very potent. Thank you. Cant wait for the movie and using boxes of tissue to get through it probably if the book was any indication.
    • Amazing book of the true story of a fathers struggle with his sons addiction. Is a perfect mix of medical, history, the fathers story, and wondering what you as the reader would do in the situation. Sucks you in right away!