by David Sheff

A father struggles with his son's meth addiction.

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  • @syounes11 @highoffHAZEE wait does beautiful boy have anything to do with a young mans drug addiction from a father…
  • Would you rather read the book or see the movie first? Either way you win by seeing the movie at @aperturecinema an…
  • @MinaANDMaya Beautiful little precious..full of love and compassion...we should all take a leaf out of his…
  • Just like the book Beautiful Boy Was fucking amazing
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    • I read David's other book about addiction - this book explores the difficult relationship of a family to the addict themselves. I believe this is a good read for any family who has to deal with a struggling addict and many of the triggers or relapse and the struggles of rehabilitation that they all face. As with the other book, Clean, David is open and honest about all the struggles that they face, the ups and downs, the aggravations that occur, and the ignorance that the general American public has about drugs in general. I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to the family who has a loved one who struggles with the disease of addiction.
    • What a great book on how to understand the struggles and trials of living with a family member with a drug addiction. This father truly depicts the heartache and smiles that he lives with on a daily basis. This book made me and my family understand that we were not alone in this battle with a son that has an addiction problem.
    • My family doctor recommended this book to me, while treating me for anxiety and depression over my son's addiction problems. Painful reading at times, but helped me to recognize that our story is shared by many others. The events described only differ by geographical location... Theirs in California, while ours unfolded on an island paradise in Florida. Our family has endured the tragedies of addiction for over a dozen years now, and after repeated failed attempts with short-term rehabilitative programs, our 30 year old son is currently midway through a 6 month residential program... and may possibly decide to extend to a full year. Hitting bottom for our son was not the three near-death overdoses that required emergncy life saving procedures to keep him alive, nor the 30 day hospital stay that cost well over $100.000 to save his life from the deadly grip of Mersa, but was the double felony conviction for possesion of a controlled substance that included a 5 year prison sentence. Only the wisdom and compassion of a local court judge who himself had lost a daughter at the hands of addiction, has allowed our son one final chance at an attempt at recovery. Our family is only now beginning to sense some peace and calmness in our lives that we thought had been lost forever. We pray that "this time it will be different".
    • An honest portrait of addiction and how it affects family and friends. Sadly this is not a unique situation but reading the book educates the reader providing a better understanding of addiction.
    • Similar to Tweak (written by David's son, Nic) this story tells the true life account of David's life, struggles, and decisions from the time of raising his beautiful boy. David recalls the hardships, hurt, but most importantly, the love that was experienced during Nic's battle with methamphetamine. This book is a great, easy, and quick read. I couldn't set it down, I had to read it in one setting. Highly recommend!