by David Sheff

A father struggles with his son's meth addiction.

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  • Beautiful Boy is the most amazing book/ movie. So many tears 😭
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    • I'd recommend reading this one first, then the son's "side of the story" ("Tweak" by Nic Sheff). If you are going thru the nightmare of another's addiction, these two books will be very helpful. I also recommend David Sheff's "Clean" to dig deeper into the disease of addiction (alcohol, drugs) and what is happening (or not happening) and what needs to happen, in America, to see some progress towards helping those in need.
    • This is a remarkably well-written story. It is also offers helpful advice--not so much for those who are wondering how to protect their children from drugs, but more for those who are struggling with loving a family member struggling with an addiction.The story is absolutely riveting and heartbreaking. Like many other readers, I couldn't put it down. Even though it doesn't offer a great deal of advice about what parents can do to prevent their kids from using drugs, it makes all parents aware of the need to prepare themselves for whatever may come. It emphasizes the importance of having a plan to help your kids avoid the dangers of drugs, and, in the event the a child makes choices that harm them, having a plan to take care of yourself and the rest of your family.Therefore, whether you want a great story or some practical advice, Beautiful Boy has both. Highly recommended.
    • My mother was a severe alcoholic my entire life, so I was interested right off the bat and someone had recommended this book. I can appreciate the heart wrenching, exhausting pain that goes along with a family member having addiction problems. But in all honesty, this book fell flat, just being critical of the actual writing and the way the story is told. The endless descriptions, by the mid 200's of the book, he's describing the color of the grass in his backyard and what kind of flowers that were being planted in some scenes. Nic's story and how his family deals with it, is very interesting and kept me looped in the entire time. But I feel like at times, there are thse 10-15 page bursts worth of over descriptive stream of consciousness style writing that made me frustrated as a I read it (get to the point type of stuff). I would say pick it up if you're in need in some of some connection to those of us who have dealt with addiction or have family members that do. I wasn't the biggest fan of how the book read.
    • Beautiful Boy has been on my to read list for years now, though it took until this title appeared on Kindle Daily Deals for me to actual purchase and read it.I cannot begin to tell you how intense this book was at times. Many times I found myself wanting to put my iPhone aside until my adrenaline level returned to normal-yet being totally unable to tear myself away. I read this at the laundry mat, while on vacation, and on the subsequent drive home from said vacation (despite getting car sick while reading in the car). I may have even skipped out on some precious sleep time before shifts at work…that’s how riveting I found David Sheff’s story.Even after I completed the book, I could not stop thinking about David and Nic. It seemed as though their lives were heading into a positive direction-but that is never a guarantee when drug addiction is involved. I was a little relieved to see, just a few short weeks later, and article penned by a still clean Nic Sheff turn up in my Instapaper queue…but I still think it’s going to be a long while before I stop thinking about the father and son I invested so much time, energy and emotion for.
    • This was an amazing, touching book told from the other side of addiction - a side not heard very often - the side of a parent watching their child slowly spiral out of control due to addiction.As a recovering addict myself, (13 yrs., 11 mos., 11 days), as well as a parent, it was really hard for me to read at times but I'm SO glad I did.This is an amazingly touching book that is at times funny, emotional, heart wrenching, and hopeful. I would recommend this to book to everyone but especially to those struggling with either side of addiction.