by David Sheff

A father struggles with his son's meth addiction.

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    • This book is critical reading for family with an addict. Very touching and very potent. Thank you. Cant wait for the movie and using boxes of tissue to get through it probably if the book was any indication.
    • Amazing book of the true story of a fathers struggle with his sons addiction. Is a perfect mix of medical, history, the fathers story, and wondering what you as the reader would do in the situation. Sucks you in right away!
    • Nearly every parents' nightmare brought to the pages. A father brave enough to tell the story of his meth addicted son and their painful journey through. He brings to life the questions of what to do best to help your child when they need you most. Not written as a self-help book or as a cure-all of what to do, just what his ordeal was and what he felt going through it. His heart is more than on his sleeve - he brings it out for us to see, battered as it got. A story of heart and hope. And love.
    • This book is a must for anybody dealing with a family member addicted to ANYTHING. It doesn't have to be crystal can be alcohol, heroin, pills, whatever. After reading this book, I feel like I lived through the entire process. David Sheff does a fantastic job of describing his son's life and the events that led up to his addiction. His book is so thorough that I don't have any questions about why his son was addicted. Sometimes you read a story about a person's sad life and you have so many questions like, "where did it go wrong?" David Sheff has probably over analyzed every aspect of why his son was addicted. Every time I thought, "maybe it was because of_________", the author addressed that question. He holds nothing back. He is polite, respectful, and very honest. He is a wonderful writer and the book flows easily. What a sad and tragic story. I am happy there is such a book out there for anybody suffering with a family member who is addicted. I enjoyed reading the experience from a man's point of view. Many men are "closed" emotionally and the author shares his deepest emotions and feelings. I am excited to read Nicolas's book as I'd like to hear both sides of the story. I would also like to read the biological mother's side of the story as well.
    • I read this book for two reasons. One I am a recovering alcoholic and secondly I have friends who are dealing with children with addictions. These parents come to me asking for advice. Among my friends, I am the go to guy for answers on addiction. I never really feel like the answers I give are the absolute right answer. I help when I give answers based in my experience and time in AA. But praying for my friends sons seems to be the most important action I can take. The answers on what to do are tough to come by. I thanks David for sharing his life with me along with nick, Karen, Vicki and the kids. I was helped by your story. I will be praying for all of you.