by David Sheff

A father struggles with his son's meth addiction.

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    • As a parent of a drug addict.....this book empowered me by the end. Pretty hard hearing such honesty, but lets face it - there just isn't an easy way to spell it all out.I'm now not in contact with my adult daughter who is screwed up on crack cocaine-meth and probably anything else. She has lost her children again and is about to loose her car and beautiful little house. All of this just for a fix that continues on and on and on......Drugs are simply evil! No other way to say it.Thank You David and Nic Sheff for putting it all down in print! Bless your entire family!!Buy this book-You will be sooooo glad you did!!
    • I loved this book. Just absolutely loved it. Everything David Sheff says, it's everything. This book is going to be so quoted and highlighted by me, I will never let it go. Thank you David Sheff for putting your words, your feelings and your story down in writing for the rest of us.
    • I learned a lot from reading this book. I have a teenager and a college age child and was curious what might be some warning signs that I might not notice... and this book definitely opened my eyes and gave me a good understanding of the drug (meth) and how a "normal" kid could find themselves caught up in this horrible drug. Because of the book I've had good discussions with my kids. Bottom line is DON'T GET NEAR THE STUFF! Additionally, I'm really glad that the authors' son, Nic, wrote a book as well. Very helpful reading both and I am appreciative for the Sheff family for being so honest and sharing their experience/journey.
    • I bought is book a few years ago and loved it, somehow I misplaced it and my husband read the writer's son book called "tweaked" And he wanted to read this one so I ordered it. You know I will find the other one now that I received this one lol
    • I absolutely NEEDED this book! I saw in David’s struggles with his addict son Nic too much of the insanity of my own struggles with my addict daughter. It’s amazing how reading “your story” from someone else’s perspective can REALLY help you to see things as they are. I appreciate the opportunity to learn painful lessons without always being the one who suffered through them. I highly recommend this book to all parents of addicts.