by Robin DiAngelo

Historical and cultural analyses on what causes defensive moves by white people and how this inhibits cross-racial dialogue.

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  • Just finished White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. I can't recommend it enough. https://t.co/QzPBqdyXBX https://t.co/9ZrgNxrmMK
  • @TalbertSwan @GinaMineo65 @Betterw05759703 @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse Before she blocked me, I was about to recom… https://t.co/3xQY6epjHg
  • @ginglymostomae I am reading a book rn, "White Fragility" by Robin DiAngelo, which talks about this concept of "rac… https://t.co/IttyXX14qG
  • I finished White Fragility this evening. Great book. Strong recommendation. https://t.co/Mz9iSPWVc5
  • @ManInTheHoody This is on point with a book I’m reading now called White Fragility. Highly reccomend.
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    • This is an idiotic book about an idiotic subject. Everyone independently and subconsciously makes observations about thousands of things and race is just one of them. You don't have to dwell on your belly button or ponder its significance. Likewise you don't have to dissect ethnicity - ethnicity is like every other thing with variations - - - I get nauseous from ideas that do nothing but attempt to create illegitimate philosophical thoughts. I am white and happy. I have black friends and brown friends. We're all content with the status.
    • As a Black woman educator in this country, reading this book gives me hope that real change can be made in the area of educational equity.
    • This book was so very thought-provoking and helped me understand (as a person of color) how at times things regarding a racialized experience can get confused and distorted. This is a book written by a white woman for a white audience, but I found it to be helpful in my ability to bridge some gaps and speak about race in a way that helps white people more easily receive what I intend to say.
    • This is the first book I've read on the subject and I'm glad I chose it. I understand the target reader's are whites but I, being Latino, wanted insight into why I have always struggled in my white male dominated field. Working harder at knowing more and being more productive than my white co-workers has never been enough to get recognition equal to their's, if I can put my 22 year career in a nutshell. I am also boisterous and outspoken but regularly get labeled as intimidating and aggressive. Boisterous and outspoken white coworkers don't get labeled intimidating and aggressive. Hell, actual intimidating and aggressive white coworkers don't get labeled intimidating and aggressive.This book explains so many things I have witnessed but had no words to explain. It has also helped me see where I also have been guilty of white fragility, even though I'm brown, if that's possible.
    • Very insightful. A lot to take in.