by Robin DiAngelo

Historical and cultural analyses on what causes defensive moves by white people and how this inhibits cross-racial dialogue.

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    • Dozens of experiences over the past couple of years have brought me to this VERY important work. Dr. DiAngelo has helped me understand my world, and brought clarity to why I view the world as I do. I approached this book expecting my love cup to be chipped, I was wrong, the love cup is in shards at my feet.It is clear Dr. DiAngelo has engaged in the conversation from many angles, as anytime my ego would seek to raise a rebuttal, her writing cut it off at the knees.As a middle-aged, able-bodied, straight, non-obese, white male, American systems are setup to ensure I have encountered the least amount of discrimination of anyone. This book has helped me better understand how these dymanics came to be. However, Dr. DiAngelo does NOT engage in the practice of white-shaming.Dr. DiAngelo is asking the hard questions to ensure I understand the truth about the world in which I live. The throat punches hurt, but I am looking for reality. I have been living in a pristine bubble for too long, oblivious to the lived experience of those that don't share my same characteristics.Highly recommend this book if you want to understand the American air you breathe and are ready for the reprocussions of having your eyes forced open. If your unwilling to change, pick another book on your wish list; happy reading.
    • White Fragility by Dr. Robin DiAngelo is one of the most necessary and informative books I've read that explains the behavior of whites when faced with any race-based issue. The bubble that whites have created, views themselves as the standard; a standard that was/is a false construct. DiAngelo calls out this privilege and behavior, mandating whites do better by showing individual and collective humanity.
    • We cannot escape race. It is everywhere. And in what we refer to as the "Western world," race tends to slant one way. "White" is considered the norm; anything else is the "other" and, therefore, inferior and oppressed. And it can be hard to discuss this, because white people tend to feel an innate guilt.Robin Diangelo's argument in WHITE FRAGILITY is that racism and white supremacy are a part of white culture--we can't escape this. But we can address it. We can stop running from it. To do otherwise is to perpetuate these very things that most of us condemn. This is a slim volume, but it packs a wallop. I come from a rural small town, but have considered myself progressive for some time. I've recognized that I'm not truly above racism--none of us are, ultimately, Diangelo argues--but this book still made me think, and not just about myself, but about my friends and family, who will look you in the eye and tell you they aren't racist, and then tell an off-color joke with offensive terminology. I believe, ultimately, the people who truly need to read this book won't; but it will help those of us who do read it perhaps change a few minds, if only our own. An important, almost necessary read, especially as we enter these dark times that lay before us.
    • This is a good explanation for why people have issues understanding and accepting the distinction between systemic versus personal racism in our society. It can be an uncomfortable read. But it would really help your neighbors and friends of other races if you do read it. Be a part of the solution.
    • This is the first book I've read on the subject and I'm glad I chose it. I understand the target reader's are whites but I, being Latino, wanted insight into why I have always struggled in my white male dominated field. Working harder at knowing more and being more productive than my white co-workers has never been enough to get recognition equal to their's, if I can put my 22 year career in a nutshell. I am also boisterous and outspoken but regularly get labeled as intimidating and aggressive. Boisterous and outspoken white coworkers don't get labeled intimidating and aggressive. Hell, actual intimidating and aggressive white coworkers don't get labeled intimidating and aggressive.This book explains so many things I have witnessed but had no words to explain. It has also helped me see where I also have been guilty of white fragility, even though I'm brown, if that's possible.