by Robin DiAngelo

Historical and cultural analyses on what causes defensive moves by white people and how this inhibits cross-racial dialogue.

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    • This is a very strong and very necessary book which I recommend highly. DiAngelo begins by establishing that the underlying social mechanism is the power that whites hold over people of color, which places racism squarely in the hands of the larger society. By doing so, she ameliorates the tendency towards individual blame and guilt which may be destructive to the process. She also underlines that race is a myth, that it exists only to support the current power structure of supremacy and that it automatically privileges whites over others, eliminating the possibility that 'merit' will be used as the true indicator of reasons for success.She then illustrates the way in which 'white' is held up as normative, emphasizing the relativity (and therefore the falsehood) of the concept of 'white.' She also reemphasizes the fact that wealthy whites, who as a group hold most of society's power, allow the 'blame' for racial problems to fall on the backs of poor whites. She illustrates the way in which wealthy white racism distracts from admission to racism.Importantly, she emphasizes that white racial socialization creates a form of irrational behavior; that is, attempts to maintain this power also segue into an arena which is functionally severed from reality.She shows how white fragility leads to a refusal to engage in the real work of anti-racism and even to passive-aggressive bullying in the form of "Becky" tears.Lastly, Ms. DiAngelo asks white people to solve racism--because it is a problem held by a group of people with social power-- with anti-racist work rather than rely on people of color to do the work.Ms. DiAngelo is also humble throughout, even offering some of her own experiences as evidence of her own work and growth, which should make this book all the more palatable.
    • White Fragility by Dr. Robin DiAngelo is one of the most necessary and informative books I've read that explains the behavior of whites when faced with any race-based issue. The bubble that whites have created, views themselves as the standard; a standard that was/is a false construct. DiAngelo calls out this privilege and behavior, mandating whites do better by showing individual and collective humanity.
    • Having grown up in the southern US in the 1960's, I've associated -- until recently anyway -- the term "racism" with what I've called "Bull Connor" racism: overt, aggressive and violent. This book has helped me come to terms with my own racism, and more importantly provided tools to not only recognize such racism but to deal with it in a constructive manner. I only wish I could get my brother to read it.
    • Enjoyed this book thoroughly. I recommend this book to all it’s a must read.
    • This is a powerful book that unearths honesty with integrity. It was packaged and delivered on time!