by Robin DiAngelo

Historical and cultural analyses on what causes defensive moves by white people and how this inhibits cross-racial dialogue.

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  • Book recommendations cont.: 2. White Fragility, by RobinDiAngelo: Written by a white woman, it talks about how rac… https://t.co/if171Y2Acu
  • @Kuraname_ @CFraase @jaiden_mcadoo @MatthewACherry Certainly; “White Fragility” also wonderfully articulated how ma… https://t.co/5FKGpRBE8b
  • @UM_stevenel just read white fragility for a class, that’s why it’s floating around (probably dumped it out of my b… https://t.co/iP7euAIjao
  • @blake_meservy @CFraase @jaiden_mcadoo @MatthewACherry Again, Diangelo’s “White Fragility” offers a very detailed &… https://t.co/qQsUPTE9U9
  • @notcapnamerica Invoking the civil rights protests of the 60s to deflect is fail from Robin DiAngleo's book/test ab… https://t.co/GgPiAv1PQV
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    • Very informative book, The author has really delved to the heart of the matter, a beginning.
    • This hits us between the eyes and is clear what the problems really are. If we are sincerely wishing to be unoffensive and inclusive, why not read this to be educated about what racism actually is? Excellent book from a scholarly and experienced author.
    • If you're white, this book is most likely going to be a hard read for you. If you consider yourself "colorblind," or not a racist, this book is the litmus test to challenge your convictions. We have decades to go as a nation to reach true equality, if we ever even can. (I think we can, but it is still going to take a nearly superhuman effort to overcome the mountain of obstacles we have placed on our own path as white people.)
    • This is an important book that all white Americans should read. It’s an important contribution to the topic of race and what it means to for us and our future. This is especially important for Liberal Americans who are against racism.
    • White Fragility is a powerful and eye-opening read. She offers excellent examples and scenarios that support and extend meaning to the points she makes. I’m reading this slowly because so many ideas are thought-provoking. I will reread the book to refine my understanding of the ideas/concepts that are presented. I recommend a highlighter. My copy is a sea of yellow.