by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger

Major General Jackson takes on the British in Louisiana.

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    • If more history were related in this manner there would be more histoy buffs around...The facts, personalities and locations related accurately in a fasinating, very readable way. Jackson was a great man, certainly flawed but aren't we all? Judging people in history thru a 21st century lens is not always fair!!! Thanks for the read Bryan...
    • I enjoyed learning about this era in American history. I didn't realize the union was so weak after the American Revolution that we nearly lost our country back to the British. I finally understand the War of 1812. It was fun to learn how our national anthem fit into this story. I also learned what a wonderful man Andrew Jackson was - a true hero! I really appreciate how the New Orleans women's prayer vigil during the Battle of New Orleans is given credit for the miraculous victory. What a great American story!
    • I really enjoyed this book. It acquainted me with what was really happening in our country during this early period in U.S. history.It shows that Andrew Jackson was a lot more than the boisterous country bumpkin of his general reputation. The detailed progressoutlined of the battle of New Orleans is riveting. This book has sparked me into getting the 3 volume history of Andrew Jackson by Remini. I need to know a lot more about this man who probably, as pointed out in the book, saved the U.S. and allowed it to become the large continent covering country it is today.
    • I have read Brian before, and his style is more oriented to high school 9th grade students. That is not my preferred style.Having said that this particular offering was interesting for the facts it offered. I was unfamiliar with the overall history of the New Orleans Battle and the story alone made this an interesting piece. For new historians who are just expanding their world, I would recommend this.As for those who are upset by some perceived glorification of President Jackson, I thought Kilmeade's style actually watered it down a little bit. Left or right, Jackson was an interesting and intense character, and if you have very hard feelings about Jackson, you should be for warned that you will need a few grains of salt.
    • Once again the authors delve more deeply into the history of our country than our teachers and textbooks ever did. From Washington's spies, of which I only some existed. To the Tripoli pirates, where I only knew that Jefferson sent the Navy and which the USMC sing so proudly about. Now the Battle of New Orleans, which is without a doubt, a much more important moment in our history than I had ever known it to be before.Thank you gentlemen. Please keep the books coming.