by The Staff of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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  • Struggling to find 'Whose Boat Is This Boat' in the store? Skip the line, and listen to it now! And, did you know t… https://t.co/GLM0tsqNFM
  • I really want to order your book, Whose Boat is this Boat on Amazon @StephenAtHome, but I really hate reading. When… https://t.co/j4xNZdu1AE
  • @StephenAtHome just received "Whose Boat Is This Boat?". The most simple and explanatory book of the idiot in the W… https://t.co/NS40YLnnCO
  • @tap_1_0 @OfficialJLD Perhaps @StephenAtHome could team up with @OfficialJLD for a follow-up book to Whose Boat is This Boat?
  • Whose Boat Is This Boat?: Comments That Don't Help in the Aftermath of a Hurricane by The Staff of the Late Show wi… https://t.co/cWLRJCoydI
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    • Love the premise, disliked the lack of content. I was expecting a book full trumpisms and wity commentary. Feel like a sucker for buying Colbert’s book, though at least I helped the publishing company and maybe the hurricane victims. Wonder how much of each sale actually goes to relief efforts.
    • great book, very funny and informative about whats going on.
    • Funny, enlightening. Lost 15 pounds. A quick read.Twelve more words are required before I can post my review. Ok, looks like I can post now.
    • Nice illustrations, valuable quotes.
    • There is plenty more material for a longer book. You could have a whole chapter on throwing paper towels. More effort next time please!