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  • ... by the way, bought the book, "Whose Boat is this Boat?" Best $20 ever spent! #MypininthevoodooDoll… https://t.co/aLs2eKgtUa
  • @ChuckWendig Maybe the ten rules could become a picture book, because JF's list is almost as great as Who's Boat is… https://t.co/gtKYpdJaiB
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Stephen Publishes REAL BOOK Whose Boat Is This Boat? https://t.co/pHBqr263Ic
  • Just got Our Glorious Leader's new book: _Whose Boat Is This Boat?_ All hail the Great Pumpkin. #WhoseBoat… https://t.co/epMGsNprug
  • Some of President Trump's comments after Hurricane Florence were made into a book by the staff of "The Late Show Wi… https://t.co/dO4HJIHRva
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    • Sums up the depth and breadth of Tump’s power of empathy and command of the English language.
    • Dumb.
    • Love the premise, disliked the lack of content. I was expecting a book full trumpisms and wity commentary. Feel like a sucker for buying Colbert’s book, though at least I helped the publishing company and maybe the hurricane victims. Wonder how much of each sale actually goes to relief efforts.
    • While I do NOT like Trump at all, I’m not sure he said all of those things. Colbert said it is a book to teach children why some things should not be said after a disaster such as the hurricane. I see no teaching about what is not appropriate to say in this book. While I’m glad the proceeds go to the victims, the book is a huge disappointment to me. The artwork says much more than the words do.
    • Thank you, Stephen Colbert and The Late Show for turning this barely human lump of soulless vomit's words into something to benefit victims of his mismanagement and lack of empathy.