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  • @realDonaldTrump I ordered the book Whose Boat is this Boat? from Amazon and it appeared at my house out of nowhere.
  • JFC @realDonaldTrump You still have the Senate kissing your ass. Why such a tantrum? Is it bc of @StephenAtHome new… https://t.co/wk9KHQNFXI
  • Whose Boat Is This Boat?: Comments That Don't Help In The Aftermath Of A Hurricane Availability: Ready to download… https://t.co/wvepeCBnE4
  • @emmyblotnick got your book today, Whose Boat is this Boat? I LOVE IT! The book shows a complete lack of underst… https://t.co/J6trcCXV78
  • Whose Boat is this Book?#WhoseBook @colbertlateshow https://t.co/idVcNzawAE
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    • I'm glad it was a donation because there is really not much to this tiny book. Colbert should have done better.
    • My grandson read this book and couldn't believe that someone *this* dumb ever got elected president! Smart kid!
    • You can spend hours looking at the pictures. One day you might figure out the words and realize that a president, elected through a flawed system and not the popular vote, actual said them... On the record.But figuring out those words and putting them into sentences will take an education. Good luck with that one.All in all it's a great ~10 page book that supports those the president doesn't.
    • For all of those who are complaining about length: Colbert read it on air -- I think the majority of us knew how short it was. And we were happy to pay for it. If YOU think it’s too short, just think of it as a donation with a FREE BOOK.
    • Hilariously stupid