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  • @colbertlateshow #whoseboat I asked my 4 year old son "Donald Trump is....? " he replied "whose boat is this boat?"… https://t.co/sFgN45ktj6
  • @StephenCobert I gave my grandkids “Whose Boat Is This Boat?” After reading it, my grandson said, “The book says th… https://t.co/y0uugyn0Ro
  • Whose Boat Is This Boat?: An Animated Holiday Classic https://t.co/uZgYe6Gn2R The Late Show's best-selling book rai… https://t.co/sXMkHNq4CI
  • Whose Boat Is This Boat?: Comments That Don't Help In The Aftermath Of A Hurricane Availability: Ready to download… https://t.co/wvepeCBnE4
  • @LateShowCBS please do the sequel whose boat is this boat book about a boat book? I know I'd buy it I'm sure many people will!
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    • I'm glad it was a donation because there is really not much to this tiny book. Colbert should have done better.
    • I thought the illustrations for this book were wonderful. They really nailed a children's book. Which is kind of horrifying :)At the front of the book, there's a page that asks "whose book is this book?" and there's a line to sign your name.It's for a good cause, and it's a great souvenir of our present national nightmare.
    • Wonderful book about an unconscionable person demonstrating what pure ignorance and lack of empathy truly is. Buy the book. Help those people recover.
    • Funny, enlightening. Lost 15 pounds. A quick read.Twelve more words are required before I can post my review. Ok, looks like I can post now.
    • This is the most profound piece of literature ever (in the history of mankind) that proposes, but does not answer for you, the most important philosophical questions of our time.