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  • I got my copy of "Whose Boat is this Boat" from @amazon today. So sad it's ruined! Why would they pack a book in a… https://t.co/K8G3JSOJDi
  • Hey, @StephenAtHome and @colbertlateshow peeps—just got my copy of WHOSE BOAT IS THIS BOAT? Happy to be of help to… https://t.co/WgoUJbEwA7
  • #SupprtSunday "Whose Boat Is This Boat?" @colbertlateshow Proceeds from sales https://t.co/ugtCCn2oce donated to or… https://t.co/P5aKvVpYky
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Stephen Publishes REAL BOOK Whose Boat Is This Boat? https://t.co/Z6JmGenafz
  • @emmyblotnick got your book today, Whose Boat is this Boat? I LOVE IT! The book shows a complete lack of underst… https://t.co/J6trcCXV78
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    • This book shows why it's important for leaders to have empathy. Empathy helps leaders understand what people are going through, and when people think their leaders understand their circumstances it gives them hope. This book shows what happens when someone lacks empathy, and can only talk about things.
    • Short but the laugh and donation were definitely worth it! I'd love to see more donation options like this one.
    • Who's book is this book? It looks like a good book. Is it your book? Someone gets a book. This book is good because proceeds go to help hurricane victims. That makes this a good book. Is this your book? You're lucky. At least you got a book out of it.
    • I think it is funny and a great way to help. It exemplifies this man's stupidity.Thanks to Stephen Colbert.
    • I, like other people, thought this would be a compilation of stupid things Trump said during the joke called his visit to Florida. But if you've seen or read the news about this exchange, it's nothing new - just the boat comments & illustrations that are exactly the same as every other caricature of the guy - raccoon tan & swoopy hair. I'm sorry I bought it, but at least the money went to a good cause.