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  • @tap_1_0 @OfficialJLD Perhaps @StephenAtHome could team up with @OfficialJLD for a follow-up book to Whose Boat is This Boat?
  • @iamhe02 @Steampunk53 @BillKristol 😂 Me, too! Children’s book writers can take and run with that, just like “Whose Boat is This Boat?”
  • @emmyblotnick got your book today, Whose Boat is this Boat? I LOVE IT! The book shows a complete lack of underst… https://t.co/J6trcCXV78
  • Whose Boat is this Book?#WhoseBook @colbertlateshow https://t.co/idVcNzawAE
  • Christmas is Near🌲 Have U gotten new book, "Whose Boat Is This Boat?" Hysterical fun, Easy reading! From… https://t.co/wrlc29X8Jr
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    • This book shows why it's important for leaders to have empathy. Empathy helps leaders understand what people are going through, and when people think their leaders understand their circumstances it gives them hope. This book shows what happens when someone lacks empathy, and can only talk about things.
    • Dumb.
    • This is the most profound piece of literature ever (in the history of mankind) that proposes, but does not answer for you, the most important philosophical questions of our time.
    • Money goes to charity and I get a silly, if short, book to give to my niece for Christmas because her dad loves Trump.
    • Love the premise, disliked the lack of content. I was expecting a book full trumpisms and wity commentary. Feel like a sucker for buying Colbert’s book, though at least I helped the publishing company and maybe the hurricane victims. Wonder how much of each sale actually goes to relief efforts.