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  • Joanna Gaines' Top 6 Decorating Tips of All Time https://t.co/57AeNKFpub https://t.co/u23Hn2dtTk
  • Joanna Gaines’ New Book 'Homebody' Reminds Us Why There’s No Place Like Home https://t.co/0FvC2MzPho https://t.co/6vvCKlPrDK
  • It’s cause minseok’s manager doesn’t book him for shit other than exo, a true homebody https://t.co/NVPti8mJag
  • Joanna Gaines' Top 6 Decorating Tips of All Time https://t.co/YVJeMxmuz4 https://t.co/oMPotYt3Dq
  • Me currently reading @joannagaines new #Homebody book 🙌🏻 https://t.co/E2IlM1DQxH
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    • I just bought this book and spent about an hour looking through it. This was just a precursor looking-through at the photos and the layout, as it will take a lot more time to read everything!The book is beautiful. It’s HUGE. It’s thoughtful and has lovely explanations about the meanings of home and comfort and family. The pages are thick, high quality paper. The photos are beautiful, and a lot of different decorationing styles represented. I like that it gives troubleshooting tips for problem areas. I’m very happy I bought this and am look forward to spending more time with it!
    • Quality product. Lots of good reading & learning.
    • Was a bit disappointed - love Joanna Gaines style and her renovations from Fixer Upper. Found the pictures to be flat, and the book a bit disappointing.
    • A beautiful book with lovely photographs, especially if you love modern farmhouse style.I love the sage, if not novel, design advice to tell your story within your home, filling it with things you love ("creating spaces you never want to leave"), rather than adhering to a certain style or guidelines; I didn't love that, even though there are some helpful tips and takeaways here and there, it isn't particularly helpful or insightful overall as a "guide," in my opinion.I love that most of the twenty-two "case study" homes, introduced at the beginning of the book, are a blend of the six foundational styles (farmhouse, modern, rustic, industrial, traditional, boho); I didn't love that the book is then organized room by room, so it isn't easy to follow which home is which or to really get a good feel for each home as a whole.Editing oversight, pp 116-117: the caption refers to the "bold floor tile" but the photo [attached] crops out the floor. (Did any other OCD-types catch this, among other typos?)
    • my wife loved the book. the only repercussion: my wallet didnt when she started buying all new stuff for our house