by Joanna Gaines

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  • @SavannahGuthrie @joannagaines @chipgaines I definitely plan on purchasing her #homebody book when I head into work tomorrow. #target
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    • I am a total fan girl of Joanna, but this book left for more to be desired. Of course the spaces were beautiful but the book was more of a picture book / sample of Joanna's work than a guide. Yes there were a few pointers for each of the rooms, things to consider, but definitely far less than I expected from my experience with other style books. I would wait for this book to be available at your local library, instead of buying it.
    • A beautiful book with lovely photographs, especially if you love modern farmhouse style.I love the sage, if not novel, design advice to tell your story within your home, filling it with things you love ("creating spaces you never want to leave"), rather than adhering to a certain style or guidelines; I didn't love that, even though there are some helpful tips and takeaways here and there, it isn't particularly helpful or insightful overall as a "guide," in my opinion.I love that most of the twenty-two "case study" homes, introduced at the beginning of the book, are a blend of the six foundational styles (farmhouse, modern, rustic, industrial, traditional, boho); I didn't love that the book is then organized room by room, so it isn't easy to follow which home is which or to really get a good feel for each home as a whole.Editing oversight, pp 116-117: the caption refers to the "bold floor tile" but the photo [attached] crops out the floor. (Did any other OCD-types catch this, among other typos?)
    • I’m updating my review after a second pass through of this book. My expectation was that there would be more Fixer Upper type content to include before/after pics. This would be helpful to me personally in updating my own space. This book is not that, however, it does contain thoughtful advice and is beautiful on the coffee table.
    • I will be returning and reordering, hoping the next one is in better condition. The pages weren’t cut correctly and the pages are stuck together at the top. They rip when I try to turn the pages. Other than that, the book is thick and the photos are beautiful.
    • I loved this book! She talked about how to love the home you live in and how to make it reflect and serve those who love there. Our homes are less about being a show for people and more about reflecting the values and things we love. It inspired me to create spaces I love in my home now instead of waiting for that dream home someday. I totally LOVED this book!