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  • Who doesn't love Joanna Gaines https://t.co/1Ve5xZ4qXW 616-541-4887 https://t.co/SJjgfP7Cuu https://t.co/9dmDzTxmgm
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  • Joanna Gaines' Top 6 Decorating Tips of All Time https://t.co/Rmpv8tiGJo https://t.co/NNVsKbgAMZ
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    • I have browsed lots of design books and this one stands out! It is not just a gathering of pictures. It is a tool to help you identifying your own tastes and how to incorporate them into your home. Far exceeded my expectations! I have already bought more as gifts!
    • This book is made to last; meaning, the binding and spine are tight and sturdy. This means that you cannot open this book carelessly: you must open the book and ‘break it in’ with purpose and care, so that the binding and leaves last a lifetime.To do this:1. Stand the book vertically, with the spine on a flat surface2. Open both the front cover and back cover, so that they lie flat3. Alternately open a few pages from the front and back, gently pressing along the seam, working your way towards the middle4. Work the book in this way a few times, so that the spine expands and opens up. You’ll find it much easier to read after this.On another note: this book’s purpose is to TEACH you how to Identify styles and motifs that you enjoy, and is a companion on your journey to figure out what YOU enjoy-it’s an exercise in critical thinking. Yes, the photos are mostly neutral, and you may think that the photos do not have enough color. However, you should not take this as a disappointment for the book. In fact, a congratulations is in order- you succeeded in what the goal of the book was- to teach you to indentify what YOU like and dislike. This isn’t a ‘pick and choose’ catalogue- it’s a textbook. And it’s a fantastic textbook
    • This book looks amazing arrived in perfect condition!
    • I was surprised reading some of the reviews on this fabulous book. Some said they wanted more color in the photos etc. Did these reviewers ever watch the show? This book perfectly represents the show Fixer Upper. It contains lots of shots from their makeovers from the show. The photos in the book show us why Fixer Upper was the number ONE show on HGTV. Joanna's skill with neutrals is unmatched. That is MY preferred style of decorating and is obviously the preferred style of decorating for millions- thanks to the Gaines. If you love the show, you will love the book. My wish during the show's run, was to have photos of the house makeovers. I even would take photos with my phone of the reveals on tv, just to have photos handy for inspiration. No need to do that anymore. Again, the book is a PERFECT representation of the show. Kudos to the Gaines... another winner. I have only reviewed a few products on this site since I began using it many many years ago, but thought this book was worthy. Buy it if you are a fan of the show. You won't be disappointed.
    • This is a beautiful book that is filled with valuable information. I am very happy with my purchase!