by Joanna Gaines

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    • I just built a custom home from the ground up, and a lot of her tips and suggestions certainly mirror my interior designer’s main principles. This book really gives you the confidence to not only blend styles, but to show you it’s ok to bring only what you really love in, (no matter how long it takes to fill the home), and how to make keepsakes and memories really shine. She has given me some great insight on how to only use things we love to look at, as well as creating some really special spots for those whom live here. The only negative was she continually used the phrase “season of life” throughout the book and that got old real fast. Overall incredible book to revisit often. And a great present for Christmas as she gives sound, universal advice on home design and making your home unique to you. Highly recommend
    • Ms. Gaines has a distinctive aesthetic and many of her designs are beautiful. As a portfolio of her work, this book is just fine.I guess I was looking for more specific insight as to how she designs...how does she stage open shelving? How does she determine the best proportions in a room? There are hints here and there but overall, I don’t think the book lived up to its premise.
    • beautiful book inside and out!
    • I have browsed lots of design books and this one stands out! It is not just a gathering of pictures. It is a tool to help you identifying your own tastes and how to incorporate them into your home. Far exceeded my expectations! I have already bought more as gifts!
    • I will be returning and reordering, hoping the next one is in better condition. The pages weren’t cut correctly and the pages are stuck together at the top. They rip when I try to turn the pages. Other than that, the book is thick and the photos are beautiful.