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  • Joanna Gaines' Top 6 Decorating Tips of All Time https://t.co/v5qCnAvqpR
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    • I was surprised reading some of the reviews on this fabulous book. Some said they wanted more color in the photos etc. Did these reviewers ever watch the show? This book perfectly represents the show Fixer Upper. It contains lots of shots from their makeovers from the show. The photos in the book show us why Fixer Upper was the number ONE show on HGTV. Joanna's skill with neutrals is unmatched. That is MY preferred style of decorating and is obviously the preferred style of decorating for millions- thanks to the Gaines. If you love the show, you will love the book. My wish during the show's run, was to have photos of the house makeovers. I even would take photos with my phone of the reveals on tv, just to have photos handy for inspiration. No need to do that anymore. Again, the book is a PERFECT representation of the show. Kudos to the Gaines... another winner. I have only reviewed a few products on this site since I began using it many many years ago, but thought this book was worthy. Buy it if you are a fan of the show. You won't be disappointed.
    • I am a huge fan of Joanna and I know the content of this book will be fantastic. I’m giving only two stars because the binding and paper thickness make this book hard to open and enjoy, as it keeps wanting to shut like a trap, just like Magnolia Table. I had hoped the negative reviews about that binding would been taken into consideration for this one. I’ve spent the last 30 minutes seriously working on breaking this book in so it stays open. Once I recover from this endeavor, I hope to rewrite my review. Love you, Jo!
    • FANTASTIC book! Was not expecting the quality of the book to be so wonderful after reading the reviews HOWEVER I’m glad I bought the book despite the reviews! Great quality, great read, and wonderful insight to creating your own space! Highly recommend
    • Was a bit disappointed - love Joanna Gaines style and her renovations from Fixer Upper. Found the pictures to be flat, and the book a bit disappointing.
    • This book blows me away at how well made and put together it is! Home Body is well thought out and reveals how Joanna poured her love into it as the reader can feel it! It’s amazing how i thought it would be a book of beautiful pictures, but it’s so much more than that. Home Body allows the reader to see what their style is and not only identify style but more importantly tell their story within their home! It also gives things to consider and gives troubleshooting solutions! It is truly an investment that I’m so glad I have!