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    • I couldn't wait to get this book yesterday, and I love it already. It is another top quality book with thick pages and binding and will last a lifetime. The images in this book are beautiful-- exactly how I like to decorate. She didn't release this book with pictures to make you envious like the ones on Pinterest, she released this book to show how even *you* can design simple, yet elegant, spaces. I love the concept. White walls? No problem. Add a few pieces and voila, you have a designed space. There are several hundred pictures, and of course, a lot of dialogue from Joanna herself to walk you through every step in the process. I love it, and will definitely be purchasing more copies to give as gifts for this holiday season.
    • Ms. Gaines has a distinctive aesthetic and many of her designs are beautiful. As a portfolio of her work, this book is just fine.I guess I was looking for more specific insight as to how she designs...how does she stage open shelving? How does she determine the best proportions in a room? There are hints here and there but overall, I don’t think the book lived up to its premise.
    • Please do not pay attention to any of the negative reviews. This is a very impressive design book. It is very thorough and obvious that Joanna and her team put a lot of time and thought into its production. It is high quality from start to finish! We are right in the middle of building our home and I can’t wait to dive into this book. Thank you for creating it!
    •  Great Design book! Heavy and well made with beautiful pictures and in great detail. Glad I bought it so many ideas. Currently building our home and excited to incorporate this book in our dream home.
    • I am a total fan girl of Joanna, but this book left for more to be desired. Of course the spaces were beautiful but the book was more of a picture book / sample of Joanna's work than a guide. Yes there were a few pointers for each of the rooms, things to consider, but definitely far less than I expected from my experience with other style books. I would wait for this book to be available at your local library, instead of buying it.