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  • Good article - what I have been saying to the women who want this for their next book club book - “Girl, Wash Your…
  • Good insight, especially into how this message is insensitive to the marginalized and women of color who are trappe…
  • “There are dark implications in making everything a matter of personal responsibility.” Important critique of a meg…
  • @MarkRPellegrino Gotta say, this does just sound like someone trying way to hard to criticize success.
  • I am HERE for the spicy takes in @lkoturner 's explainer on Rachel Hollis.
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    • Every woman alive is racing to grab their personal copy of the book Girl Wash Your Face. I read this back when it first came out, and I had pretty high expectations based on all the marketing hoopla. I honestly didn’t know who the author was prior to ordering the book. I watched a few videos of her before reading it and found it difficult to connect with her, but I read the book anyway.I believe this was partially marketed as a “Christian” book, but it’s pretty far from it. She definitely downplays the religious element, and I was left feeling like her view of God is terrifyingly self-serving. She is definitely her own biggest fan and does not have a humble bone in her body.I’m honestly really surprised to see how many women are raving about this book. I know there are quite a few that aren’t, but still. The book is one looooonggg not-so-humble brag...Incredibly superficial, shallow at best. This is not earth-shattering, introspective writing that will change your life. It’s common sense regurgitated accompanied by so many contradictions. Page upon page of her repeatedly tooting her own horn and every so often throwing God a bone. So bizarre. I had to force myself to finish it only because I spent money on it. Should’ve borrowed from the library!The power of marketing is real, people. It’s the only reason this book has sold so many copies. This is the literary version of the social experiment where people enter an elevator with other people facing the wrong way - new people coming on start facing the wrong way, too. Everyone else is doing it, right?If you haven’t read this book yet, just don’t. Spend your time reading a biography by a successful person or some Brene Brown or Anne Lamott...Lysa Terkeurst or Ann Voskamp.If you do choose to read this or have read it, I would encourage you to really dive in, dissect it and form your own opinion. Not what that “influencer” on IG thinks about it, what YOU think about it. It’s ok to call it like it is, self-help sprinkled with vague Christian fluff.We live in such a weird time...with social media and marketing constantly influencing our purchases and loyalties and opinions. I could go on, but I’ll leave it there!
    • I read a lot, but get the majority of books from the library, and this one wasn’t available. After a couple months of it continuing to pop up on social media and book club lists, plus the crazy high reviews, I gave in and ordered it...what a mistake. I bought it about three weeks ago, and keep putting it down (I’ve read six other books since). It’s full of rambling stories and common sense “advice,” and though we’re the same age, moms, etc, I don’t find her relatable at all. I hadn’t heard of her before getting this book, but am assuming all the positive reviews are from her followers.
    • I was rooting for this book. I was. And I made myself finish it.I kept hoping, thinking… maybe I’ll find a sliver. A nugget of goodness. Some wise little something in here that will enlighten my soul. But nope. One chapter after the next ticked me off even more.I feel sorry for Rachel. The reason myself and so many people I know buy books like this are to be inspired. To read someone else’s experiences who then relate their life to bigger picture a-ha moments.You’re not going to find that in the pages of Girl Wash Your Face.You’re going to find a whole bunch of “I…I…I….I….me…me…I….I did this… It was so hard… but I made it and my company is so great….… and I ate a box of cookies (like every woman in America) and then I ran a marathon…. I am so great…”. AGHHHH. YES. You are. Congratulations. Now please give me my $10 and my 4+ hours back. I spent quality beach time hearing this over and over and OVER again in my head.Self absorbed.Hypocritical.Humility... some a good thing. Some restraint, some humble outside eyes. Think about every audience. Know your audience.This book did accomplish one thing… it made me NOT want to sound like this in conversation. So thank you for that.I was so excited when it was finally over.
    • If you're a white, middle class, middle aged, Christian, woman who just needs a little cheering up this book might be for you. There's no mention in the book of how marrying a Disney CEO could help boost a 19 year into different circles than most American woman. Even the intense counseling she suggests is out of reach to most and quality childcare while you put in 60 hour weeks? Nearly impossible. She's worked hard and has some cheery suggestions but not a book I'd ever suggest to someone who was actually struggling.
    • I enjoyed Rachel’s humor and witty writing and the tales of her life she told. However sitting in my life on the cusp of 50 I felt that 1)most of these lies I have already finally debunked with age, experience, and most of all faith and 2) they no longer pertain to me because many referred to raising young children or being a young mom or again a younger woman. My wisdom to many of you ladies. Age is a wonderful security provider and faith in knowing who you are in Christ and how he loves and plans for your good helps to overcome so many of our insecurities and fears we have. I recommend if you’re in you’re 20’s or 30’s or still find you are fighting old voices in your head. There are definitely some good quotes I wrote down.