by Rachel Hollis

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  • “Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Best-Seller With A Dark Message
  • listening to @msrachelhollis read her book “girl, wash your face” as an audiobook was the best decision ever. inspi…
  • Shoutout for the book: Girl, Wash Your Face... if you have not read it... it is a must! #NCSChat
  • Girl, Wash Your Face is the book for me
  • Ugh. If nothing else this attitude toward the struggling addict parents of the children she fostered did it. It ex…
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    • Don't be duped into buying this unless you want a book based on televangelism of prosperity faith and christian principles.
    • If you need this book to make you feel better about yourself, get therapy.
    • I have had to change my review after seeing so many 'quotes' of Ms.Hollis all over social media. These are not her quotes--she takes them well established life coaches and claims them as her own. I don't mind she uses other quotes--John Maxwell and Hal Elrod do BUT they ALWAYS give credit to the author. Ms.Hollis NEVER does this. She plagiarizes, and I do wish she at least took one college course to learn that is a no no.And then there is her attitude. One chapter that still bothers me is her reaction to when the body of her brother who just killed himself is lowered into the ground. Not sadness, but 'I am going to make MONEY and never let this happen to me'--sorry Ms.Hollis but depression has no income bracket. Later in the book, she spends close to an entire chapter talk about how much she wants a thousand dollar purse--it's 'her dream'--now that's a bad thing but that is what drove her to work hard....she did manage to marry a Disney CEO but let's play along with that she 'earned' this money. There is A LOT of materialism in this book--again, not a bad thing but it is he driving force.Finally, she reminds us again and again about her Christianity--again not a bad thing but I am fairly certain Christ said we are to take up our crosses and follow Him--Ms.Hollis believes we go where we want to go and do what we want regardless of what anyone, including your husband and children think. I find this very dangerous and I pray she is not this self-centered in her actual life.
    • This book was advertised as a breakdown of lies told to women. Instead, it was the self-involved ramblings of a blogger talking about how she has overcome all of her insecurities.
    • This book was very meh. She has some good stories, and some “How was that relevant?” ones. I found that the times I did like it were soon followed with, Brené Brown said it better.