by Rachel Hollis

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  • girl, read @lkoturner
  • This essay is everything I want from culture writing, specifically an analysis of how modern self-help is deeply ti…
  • This mindset is so dangerous. I've seen women I loved in abusive relationships telling themselves "I make the choic…
  • I’m only a little bit into the book “Girl, wash your face” and if you’re a girl and haven’t read it, I 20/10 recommend you do
  • Shot: (from @lkoturner's excellent essay:
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    • This book is rubbish. It claims to be Christian and then tells you that all of your life accomplishments are bc of you.Everything I am, everything I ever will be, everything I accomplish, is bc of my creator. Not bc of my own strength. In my weakness, I find His strength.I wish ppl would quit promoting this book.
    • I'm really sorry, but I do not see why this book is so highly rated. I realize I might be the only women in the world who feels this way, but it just did nothing for me. Sorry Rachel.
    • Absolutely awful. I can not believe it has so many good reviews. She is vapid and unrelatable. Goes on and on and on about nothing and things barely tie themselves together. She lost me when she spends an hour talking about her super emotionally abusive relationship and then reveals that the abuser is now her husband. Yes, I get that that worked out for you but so many people reading this book now are going to think it's okay to stay in a relationship like that. I was in an abusive relationship last summer and If I had read this book then, I would have 100% been encouraged to stay because a famous author is displaying how much it can work out. I was fragile and it was very hard to get out of, I was looking for any excuse to stay and this would have been exactly what I was looking for. If I do more or hold on longer, he'll change. I don't believe for one second that they have a healthy relationship or marriage now. Those feelings of inadequacy will linger forever, thats how abuse works. I wish so badly that she would have just left that part out. It was unnecessary and it's a destructive tale to tell a mass group of people. It was almost yet another example of her "attempting to relate" but failing miserably. Ugh I hate that 95% of people don't see this.
    • I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I couldn't get past the utter lack of Christianity. Sure, the author mentions Jesus a few times, and she calls herself a Christian a lot, but there isn't a lot of scripture-based ideas. In fact, it's really a "you have the power within you" type of book, which to me isn't what the Bible says.Basically, this is a common-sense advice book. It's Dr. Phil's no-nonsense style mixed with Lauren Conrad's relate-ability. The stories are entertaining and the advice is a good reminder sometimes, but at the end of the day it's just pithy and a "you do what's best for you, I'll do what's best for me, and we'll all get along fine."Furthermore, most of her stories make it sound like her life was falling apart, but it all came out perfectly. Few of her stories are actual struggles. Her now husband broke up with her, and they were back together 2 days later. She's a college drop-out because she was offered her dream job at 19 years old. She didn't get pregnant immediately -- it took 8 whole months of trying! Her event planning business wasn't as successful as she had hoped -- because her blog took off like wild fire. Granted, there are some stories that make your heart go out to her, but ultimately it came across as arrogant.At the end of the day, this book would be great for 16 year old girls who don't know what life is like.
    • I'll save you the money. Make a list of your goals. Do them. So wordy. Don't recommend.