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  • “Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Best-Seller With A Dark Message--buzzfeed
  • @JerusalemGreer @lkoturner @BuzzFeedNews For real. My book is basically the anti-girl wash your face. It’s basicall…
  • “Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Bestseller With A Dark Message "She takes that brand of…
  • GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE (2018) by Rachel Hollis is an inspirational self-help book that mainly targets Christian women…
  • "are white, middle-class women the people who most need a champion telling them to prioritize themselves above all…
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    • I have had to change my review after seeing so many 'quotes' of Ms.Hollis all over social media. These are not her quotes--she takes them well established life coaches and claims them as her own. I don't mind she uses other quotes--John Maxwell and Hal Elrod do BUT they ALWAYS give credit to the author. Ms.Hollis NEVER does this. She plagiarizes, and I do wish she at least took one college course to learn that is a no no.And then there is her attitude. One chapter that still bothers me is her reaction to when the body of her brother who just killed himself is lowered into the ground. Not sadness, but 'I am going to make MONEY and never let this happen to me'--sorry Ms.Hollis but depression has no income bracket. Later in the book, she spends close to an entire chapter talk about how much she wants a thousand dollar purse--it's 'her dream'--now that's a bad thing but that is what drove her to work hard....she did manage to marry a Disney CEO but let's play along with that she 'earned' this money. There is A LOT of materialism in this book--again, not a bad thing but it is he driving force.Finally, she reminds us again and again about her Christianity--again not a bad thing but I am fairly certain Christ said we are to take up our crosses and follow Him--Ms.Hollis believes we go where we want to go and do what we want regardless of what anyone, including your husband and children think. I find this very dangerous and I pray she is not this self-centered in her actual life.
    • Got this and honestly was not sure what to expect. These days bloggers do an awesome job of creating shiny marketing for what ends up being an empty book. Even Christian writer/bloggers are guilty of this. Emily Ley, I am lookin at you gf. But this book surprised me on all counts. Rachel will be your new virtual bff. Biting off hard topics and then passing them over to you with a twist of lemon and super cute jean jacket. I may not agree with her on some topics but you don’t have to either to get what she is selling here. My 8 yr old daughter and I have read some of this book together (calm tf down people-only the parts that I would read outloud to my Nana or my friend’s toddler). Some parts are not kid friendly. But I love that she and I can read a book like this and share time chatting big heart stuff. This book is opening my heart to being brave again, being okay with myself and being okay with you. Read this. Share it w your people. With your kids. It is good stuff. Love you Rach. You are killin it 💗
    • I got Catfished by this book. Based on the reviews and description, I was expecting it to be entertaing, well written, and motivational. It was not.The examples Rachel used In the book to make her points are terrible, rambling, and often off topic. Her life is #blessd beyond belief but she writes as if she has, and still is, overcoming extreme odds. She tries to be relatable, but just comes off as very out of touch.I would have loved to hear more about how she built her business or overcame tough family situations, but instead leaned about the time she made fun of a girl for having toe hair.My book club of 6 women, some single some married, ages 25-30 all hated this book.
    • In life you have a lot of cheerleaders telling you everything you do is Awesome!! We have very few coaches; providing critiques on how to do better and encouragement when it feels like the game will never end. Rachel Hollis is your coach. She’s not afraid to say I’ve been there and here’s how you can do it better than I did. This book is for you if you have been wondering if you’ve got life all wrong (you don’t) and it will help you get the courage to live the life you’ve dreamed about for all these years.
    • I wanted so badly to like this book. I follow a lot of "mommy bloggers" on social media (Tiffany Jenkins, Brooke Wilkerson, CA Miljavac, Bunmi Laditan, just to name a few). I also love a good motivational story about women finding themselves and following their dreams (ex: Jeanette Walls, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Queen Dolly Parton) I started seeing this book recommended in some of these online circles and assumed it would be right up my alley, even though I'd never heard of Rachel Hollis. I purchased the book on Audible because who has time to actually sit and read books, amIright? Within the first few chapters I was so disappointed.Rachel Briefly touched on her humble beginnings, and good for her that she made it out and set off to create a better life for herself in Los Angeles. Seriously, that's awesome. She preaches over, and over that YOU are responsible for fulfilling your own dreams and while she's correct, she seems to gloss over the fact that she comes from a place of serious privilege. Rachel Hollis doesn't HAVE to work. She married young to a wealthy entertainment executive. She's privileged enough to have a safety net to where if she follows her dreams and fails miserably she won't end up at a food pantry.Overall, she makes a few good points throughout the book, but it's mostly full of humble brags and ways to better yourself if you've got a fat wallet and a lifestyle with some risk appetite. She preaches throughout the book to stay off of Pinterest and embrace who you are, but if you actually visit her website, it's full of the exact stuff that makes a lot of moms feel like failures. Pictures of her jogging as a size 4 with a flat stomach after three kids and amazing hair, a wardrobe full of items that cost more than my mortgage payment, food and drinks that look like they should be on a magazine cover. The target audience for this book is definitely upper-middle class white women... or those who live beyond their means and pretend to be wealthy.Overall, for me, this book was just a miss.