by Rachel Hollis

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  • Must-read @BuzzFeed piece by @lkoturner and yet one more example of why I believe "lifestyle influencers" are doing…
  • Book idea: a secular, non prosperity gospel version of Girl, Wash Your Face called Girl, Take Your Valtrex
  • Has anyone read the “Girl, Wash Your Face” book? Is it worth the buy?
  • “Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Best-Seller With A Dark Message
  • Everyone who told me to read Girl, wash your face, owes me $10 this book ain’t it
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    • If you're a white, middle class, middle aged, Christian, woman who just needs a little cheering up this book might be for you. There's no mention in the book of how marrying a Disney CEO could help boost a 19 year into different circles than most American woman. Even the intense counseling she suggests is out of reach to most and quality childcare while you put in 60 hour weeks? Nearly impossible. She's worked hard and has some cheery suggestions but not a book I'd ever suggest to someone who was actually struggling.
    • I found the author genuine, likeable, and pleasant. The overall message is great: only you can change your life. That is important and meaningful. If self-help or spiritual reading in the self-help genre is new to you, this book may be exactly what you want. She also covers many different topics and offers personal transparency, which makes it relatable to many different readers. Ultimately, I was expecting more I suppose. It wasn't incredibly deep and it was not life altering for me. However it was a quick and motivating read that I am sure I will recommend to some people down the road.
    • My Facebook feed was bursting with woman reading this book and when I heard it was. Christian Writer I had to buy. Worst purchase ever! First chapter or 2 I liked. Other than her saying she was a Christian a few times and she was a preacher's daughter it is in no way a christian book. Her chapters were ramblings and contradictory. Felt like she was literally throwing things in just to get a word count she needed!
    • I thought this was supposed to be a self help book. Or at least a how to overcome adversity book. It was neither.I had never heard of the author but amazon recommended it to me and I had an audible credit so I decided to get it.I did not finish it, but I made it about 3/4 of the way through.Maybe it’s a generational thing. I am 50 years old. On the other hand, I have read a vast spectrum of books from many authors of different ages, and I have never had a problem. I could not identify with this girl at all.Is this the result of everyone getting participation trophies while growing up? I am all for admitting when I am wrong or I don’t understand, but if I would guess the majority of the people in this country would love to have the problems that this girl thinks she has. And unfortunately, I had no idea this was going to be a Christian thing. I should have researched that. I’m just mentioning it as a warning to anyone else out there who doesn’t think praying necessarily solves anything.Thank goodness Audible allows you to return a book, because that is what I did.
    • Great little book with some terrific reminders and truths in it! Honestly really spoke to me in some ways! But Rachel Hollis writes with a slightly arrogant tone - as if everybody knows who she is (I had never heard of her) and as if everyone knows all about the California life (for example: her reference to the PCH). I laughed the other day when a friend told me she was thinking of using the book for a "Bible study..???" Umm....No - this is not a Bible study book ladies - it's a motivational, self-help book - and minus some minor irritations, it was worth the read. She's blatantly honest - and I respect that!