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  • Learn to Cook like a Pro at @ZoukTeaBar, book a place on their Punjabi Masterclass - 1st December!…
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  • Just made @inagarten tomato & eggplant soup from her latest book cook like a pro. Can't wait for dinner tonight! 🍅🍆
  • ICYMI 📣 The #BarefootContessa is HERE February 5th! Make sure you're in the room with @InaGarten as she celebrates…
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    • This is the 11th cookbook I have from Ina Garten. In this cookbook, Cook Like. Pro, Ina’s goal with this book is “to ensure that everything you cook looks and tastes like it was ‘homemade by professionals!’” Ina is not obsessed with perfection, her recipes have an easy sort of feeling. There are tips and suggestions to make the food the best.This cookbook came together after she was asked how do you cut cauliflower so it does not get all over the kitchen. A light bulb moment, aha, people want to know how to prepare food in the best manner. And, so, Ina shares with us how to cut cauliflower. She does a lot of things in her cooking with instinct, and she realized if we knew how to do things right, we would feel more confident about our cooking. Ina relates that she is still anxious about her cooking, she wants everything done the best she can.If you follow Ina’s blog or instagram, she has shared several recipes from this book. The right method to cut cauliflower is included. A tomato and avocado salad with her wonderful lemon vinaigrette. I use this vinaigrette on most of my salads. I particularly like it on her orzo with roasted vegetables, which is where I first found the recipe. And, then her fig and ricotta cake, I used peaches, since I did not have access to fresh figs. One of the best cakes I have tasted.Ina gives us her recommendations for good cooks to follow, one is Bobby Flay. She tells us he is intuitive, smart and his food is extraordinary. Ina is a fan of most cooks, and that is one place she was able to pick up her confidence in using her kitchen skills.This cookbook has it all, recipes you will want to try, beautiful photographs of the food, tips and advice for most recipes. Ina is a pro at translating what the pros do, one interviewer said. Ina is one of my favorite cookbook authors, and I watch her shows on Food Network.Recommended. prisrob 10-23-18
    • I flipped through this at the bookstore. Very uninspiring. Recipes nothing special. Ina cranks out too many books, always close to the holidays to boost sales. A real cookbook author and chef would take years to develop new dishes and test them before publishing them. Ina is not doing that. The recipes in this book are simplistic and the collection of recipes seems to lack cohesion.
    • Unlike Ina. I’ve followed her for years and would not make the majority of these recipes. A disappointment.
    • Ina's Cook Like a Pro cookbook just arrived. I'm reading the recipes but I've stopped reading to write this review. I am so pleased with all these recipes and they seem so simple to prepare. I'm 76 years of age, still like to entertain, own most of Ina's cookbooks, and I think this may be her best all round cookbook. Thanks Ina.
    • Very dissatisfied with this recent cookbook, not any recipes that I would want to make, I own all her other books and love them, this one was a push, I would not buy, and I will return