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  • Learn to Cook like a Pro at @ZoukTeaBar, book a place on their Punjabi Masterclass - 1st December!…
  • In new book, chef Ina Garten shares how to ‘Cook Like a Pro’
  • Cookbook Club alert!!! Join me tonight at the Williams Sonoma in Palm Beach Gardens as we celebrate Ina’s new book…
  • In new book, celebrity chef Ina Garten shares how to Cook Like a Pro #food #healthyeating
  • Just made @inagarten tomato & eggplant soup from her latest book cook like a pro. Can't wait for dinner tonight! 🍅🍆
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    • If this is your first ina cookbook you would love it.But for me I do have her old books.I love ina but she keeps repeating her old recipes with a few changes.I wouldn’t recommend it
    • She taught me how to cook, for heaven’s sake! I will say, however, that when taken as a whole, these recipes are a departure from what she’s written about in the past. Maybe that bothers people. Even so, there was a run on Creme Fraiche at my FL grocery today. The woman in dairy was puzzled, and I had to laugh. She said at least 5 people had asked for Creme Fraiche today. Thank you for tonight’s great dinner and tomorrow’s Dijon chicken dinner, Ina.
    • I flipped through this at the bookstore. Very uninspiring. Recipes nothing special. Ina cranks out too many books, always close to the holidays to boost sales. A real cookbook author and chef would take years to develop new dishes and test them before publishing them. Ina is not doing that. The recipes in this book are simplistic and the collection of recipes seems to lack cohesion.
    • Awful cookbook, resting on her laurels
    • I absolutely adore Ina Garten and I have every single one of her cookbooks. She is my favorite cook and pretty much every recipe I have ever cooked from her books has come out perfect. So I was super-excited to get this one too...unfortunately, as I eagerly looked through the cookbook, my excitement turned to disappointment... too many of the recipes are the same as in her other cookbooks. It just seems recycled somehow with the exception of a few the lamb with chickpeas, the autumn sangria (which looks wonderful but I'm not a big fan of Sangria) and chocolate loaf cake (but I already have an awesome Nigella Lawson recipe for that so...). I guess I expected to see different recipes- perhaps with a little bit of flair thrown in there somewhere. I still may decide to get this just because I have all of her other cookbooks but I'm not sure that I will. I actually have been into more healthy cooking lately and ultimately, I decided to get Joy Bauer's new book "Simple Food Remedies." It is really healthy and good for you, everything is simply put together and the ingredients are all easy to find. Again, I think Ina is terrific. I have cooked with her for years, I think she is an inspiration for all of us who love to cook but can't claim to be "chefs" and I will continue to use her amazing recipes...but this cookbook just misses the mark somehow. :(