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  • Cookbook Club alert!!! Join me tonight at the Williams Sonoma in Palm Beach Gardens as we celebrate Ina’s new book…
  • Just made @inagarten tomato & eggplant soup from her latest book cook like a pro. Can't wait for dinner tonight! 🍅🍆
  • In new book, chef Ina Garten shares how to ‘Cook Like a Pro’
  • In new book, celebrity chef Ina Garten shares how to Cook Like a Pro
  • Learn to Cook like a Pro at @ZoukTeaBar, book a place on their Punjabi Masterclass - 1st December!…
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    • Ina's Cook Like a Pro cookbook just arrived. I'm reading the recipes but I've stopped reading to write this review. I am so pleased with all these recipes and they seem so simple to prepare. I'm 76 years of age, still like to entertain, own most of Ina's cookbooks, and I think this may be her best all round cookbook. Thanks Ina.
    • I enjoy all of Ina's cookbooks, and her recipes are tried and true. Her food is delicious and straightforward, and every dish I have made has been a huge hit. Once again, with Cook Like a Pro, our girl doesn't disappoint!
    • This is the 11th cookbook I have from Ina Garten. In this cookbook, Cook Like. Pro, Ina’s goal with this book is “to ensure that everything you cook looks and tastes like it was ‘homemade by professionals!’” Ina is not obsessed with perfection, her recipes have an easy sort of feeling. There are tips and suggestions to make the food the best.This cookbook came together after she was asked how do you cut cauliflower so it does not get all over the kitchen. A light bulb moment, aha, people want to know how to prepare food in the best manner. And, so, Ina shares with us how to cut cauliflower. She does a lot of things in her cooking with instinct, and she realized if we knew how to do things right, we would feel more confident about our cooking. Ina relates that she is still anxious about her cooking, she wants everything done the best she can.If you follow Ina’s blog or instagram, she has shared several recipes from this book. The right method to cut cauliflower is included. A tomato and avocado salad with her wonderful lemon vinaigrette. I use this vinaigrette on most of my salads. I particularly like it on her orzo with roasted vegetables, which is where I first found the recipe. And, then her fig and ricotta cake, I used peaches, since I did not have access to fresh figs. One of the best cakes I have tasted.Ina gives us her recommendations for good cooks to follow, one is Bobby Flay. She tells us he is intuitive, smart and his food is extraordinary. Ina is a fan of most cooks, and that is one place she was able to pick up her confidence in using her kitchen skills.This cookbook has it all, recipes you will want to try, beautiful photographs of the food, tips and advice for most recipes. Ina is a pro at translating what the pros do, one interviewer said. Ina is one of my favorite cookbook authors, and I watch her shows on Food Network.Recommended. prisrob 10-23-18
    • The full variety of recipes, full page photos!, And typical for Ina Garten the recipes are unique and sound delicious!I had read that this recipe book was not up to par with Ina’s previous books and the selected recipes were nothing special.Not true the recipes look fabulous. I bought this book snd I’m “Happy”C. Eitnier
    • I love everything about Ina Garten. If you're coming to dinner at my house or if I'm asked to bring something to a party, 99.9% of the time it going to be something from Ina's cookbooks. Unfortunately, when compared to the other books in her catalog, Cook Like a Pro ranks toward the bottom for me.First the good: The book is beautiful. The pictures are gorgeous and looking at them will make your mouth water. There are also several great new recipes. The Chicken Thighs with Creamy Mustard Sauce, Crispy Mustard Chicken & Frisee, Cauliflower Toast and Raspberry Baked Alaska were standouts to me. I was also thrilled to see that there are recipes for beef, vegetable and seafood stocks. I can't wait to try them.What didn't I like? Most of the recipes are just slight updates or little tweaks of Ina's older recipes. The Chocolate Chevron cake is the Chocolate Ganache cake from Barefoot Contessa Parties with the addition of a white frosting pattern on top. The Tuscan Bread and Tomato Salad is basically Ina's Panzanella without the peppers and onions. The Vanilla Brioche Bread Pudding is essentially the Breakfast Bread Pudding from How Easy is That?. I also thought the use of some ingredients was a little repetitive. There's multiple recipes with farro, homemade ricotta, and especially butternut squash.The most significant aspect of the book for me was when Ina said that the only brand of kosher salt she uses is Diamond Crystal. I've only ever found Morton's in our local grocery stores. I recently made the recipe for Chocolate and Pecan Scones from this new book but I actually had to throw them out because they were SO salty. The recipe said to use 4 teaspoons of kosher salt and Ina wrote that it sounded like a lot but it was very important for the flavor of the scones. I followed the directions, but the scones were inedible. At the end of the book, I noticed there was a chart in which Ina gives suggestions for substitutions to use if you can't find one of her recommended ingredients. She said if you can't find Diamond Crystal kosher salt you can use Morton's but only use HALF of the recommended amount. This actually explained a lot though. There are several of Ina's recipes in her other books that I found the saltiness to be overbearing, most notably her vinaigrettes, chicken salads, and some sauces. Moving forward, I'll know to only use half the recommended salt.As always, I can't wait to see what Ina does next. I'd love her to do something totally different. Maybe Barefoot Contessa Around the World or Barefoot Contessa in Italy or Asia? Or even a sequel to Barefoot in Paris? Another Barefoot Contessa Parties?