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  • ICYMI 📣 The #BarefootContessa is HERE February 5th! Make sure you're in the room with @InaGarten as she celebrates…
  • Just made @inagarten tomato & eggplant soup from her latest book cook like a pro. Can't wait for dinner tonight! 🍅🍆
  • In her newest book, @InaGarten reveals the most challenging dish she's ever made:
  • In new book, celebrity chef Ina Garten shares how to Cook Like a Pro #food #healthyeating
  • JUST ANNOUNCED 📣 @InaGarten , host of the #BarefootContessa, joins us February 5th for some Q&A, an inside look at…
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    • I have all of Ina Garten cookbooks and I love her recipes, but this was a big disappointment I actually am going to return
    • I am returning this book, the recipes are not the usual quality that Ina has provided over the years; and I have all but one of her other books. Maybe she has been fooling me? Also I read an interview in the Huff Post where she gives her political view. I am sorry, but it seems so inappropriate to involve politics with food and what she would serve certain politicians. Just like Starbucks, and Penzey’s Spices, those businesses have crossed the line with me and have lost a loyal customer in the process.
    • I'm baffled at all the negative reviews to this cookbook. There are certainly recipes in this book that I will probably not make, although I don't have many cookbooks where I want to cook all of the recipes included. Some, are a bit uninspiring (I'm looking at you heirloom tomato salad) or overly simple (roasted broccoli) or bizarre (So much eggplant in this book and what is it with people and cauliflower?). However, where Ina always shines is her main entree dishes. This weekend, our family chose to make the Chicken Marbella and it was out of this world delicious. This French-inspired dish, originally published in the 1980s was something I had never seen or tried before. With a little history lesson from Ina and some "pro tips" the dish was easy to make for my family as it would be for an elegant dinner party. We paired it with a roasted butternut squash rice salad that I will munch on all week. Chicken Thighs with creamy mustard sauce, Red wine braised short ribs, Lamb and chickpea curry, are other main dishes that I will be making for my family soon. I always feel like Ina struggles with side dishes, but there are some I would make or are a good refresher to use in different ways. And, her salads are always amazing (can't wait to make the Charlie Bird Farro Salad).Perhaps the theme of "Cook Like A Pro" is throwing off people. The tips are, mildly helpful, if at all. Most of cookbooks have shared a common theme to the recipes and I will admit, the last couple are probably the least successful. But, I still think she is putting out some good content of new, inherently "Barefoot Contessa" recipes and flavors. I appreciate her wide range of styles (Italian, French, Greek, Indian) made in simple ways. And you can imagine this is the way she cooks at home and these are recipes from the pros that she enjoys making as a home cook. That's all she ever purports to be...not a professional chef but a self-taught home cook and entertainer. I think she satisfies that goal with this book and there are several recipes I will be making. (Not every recipe in the book, but who does that anyway?)
    • Have been cooking with Ina since the beginning -Her clear easy to follow recipes are a joy!
    • I've made three recipes from this book within the first week of having it, and they have all been delicious. The book is almost worthy of "coffee table" status just for the amazing photos. I do agree that some the recipes are very similar to others from previous "Barefoot Contessa" books. However, the directions are clear, the recipes are not difficult to make, and the end results are very satisfying. I don't have the budget for 3 pound filet of beef or lobster regularly, so it will be a while before I get around to trying some of the more "upscale" recipes, but I look forward to trying them for a special occassion.