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  • In her newest book, @InaGarten reveals the most challenging dish she's ever made:
  • In new book, celebrity chef Ina Garten shares how to Cook Like a Pro #food #healthyeating
  • In new book, celebrity chef Ina Garten shares how to Cook Like a Pro
  • ICYMI 📣 The #BarefootContessa is HERE February 5th! Make sure you're in the room with @InaGarten as she celebrates…
  • Learn to Cook like a Pro at @ZoukTeaBar, book a place on their Punjabi Masterclass - 1st December!…
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    • I also feel like the recipes are uninspired and kind of dull. I was looking through, wondering what to make for dinner tonight and looked at the spinach and zucchini gratin dish. There was a nice looking picture of the finished dish. However, the photo was in a small individual pan but the recipe instructed you to put it in a large baking dish. There were croutons baked into the dish but they weren’t listed in the ingredient list. It’s kind of annoying. I expected more from this cookbook. I will say that Ina looks very pretty on the cover.
    • She taught me how to cook, for heaven’s sake! I will say, however, that when taken as a whole, these recipes are a departure from what she’s written about in the past. Maybe that bothers people. Even so, there was a run on Creme Fraiche at my FL grocery today. The woman in dairy was puzzled, and I had to laugh. She said at least 5 people had asked for Creme Fraiche today. Thank you for tonight’s great dinner and tomorrow’s Dijon chicken dinner, Ina.
    • her attitude
    • I have all of Ina Garten cookbooks and I love her recipes, but this was a big disappointment I actually am going to return
    • Ina is always a first class act on cooking. Recipes always are no fail winners for family, company or just a nice meal alone. Couldn’t wait to get her new book so I could try the new recipes. I have her complete collection.