by Brené Brown

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  • About 30 pages in to @BreneBrown Dare to Lead and these 2 quotes stuck out the most so far. First one professionall… https://t.co/eXWZDl8K4K
  • Oh @BreneBrown you cause me to rumble with some of the hardest & most uncomfortable topics but I always find myself… https://t.co/1mEDX3e4HI
  • Loving Brene Brown new book Dare to Lead sentiment...If you think empathy soft go ahead and try it and come back te… https://t.co/5BDsZHyofq
  • I just finished Dare to Lead (@BreneBrown is a GENIUS who changes my life every moment I read her words!) I'm grate… https://t.co/1iajhaYrK2
  • I guess this turned into an #artistdate with Dr. @brenebrown's latest phenomenal book "Dare To Lead" and mouthwater… https://t.co/l7b8sHXL0C
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    • We were excited about these books and ordered for an executive conference. We were disappointed with the quality - the picture speaks for itself.
    • Brene has done it again
    • What a civilized world this would be if everyone read and learned from her research. Good read!
    • If you have read her other books, there is no need to read this one. It is more of the same but slanted to the business audience around leadership. One of the most useless leadership book I have ever read. I note the first quote is from Sheryl Sandberg--I would bet she never read the book, just gave a quote. The book is well written and some decent stories but no different than any other business book that is filled with stories of different leaders. I would say this book will be liked by her fans, others will find it a waste.
    • Brené Brown is always amazing, but if you’ve read her other works, this was doesn’t seem to present that much new.