by Brené Brown

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  • Loving Brene Brown new book Dare to Lead sentiment...If you think empathy soft go ahead and try it and come back te… https://t.co/5BDsZHyofq
  • @HannahBlackwell @beautifulboymov I’m definitely going to read it. I better do so before seeing the movie. Thanks f… https://t.co/gt58E8MnNK
  • I think I just helped sell three more copies of @BreneBrown new book Dare to Lead in the elevator. She gives a lot to talk about.
  • Best new book! Dare to lead. ⁦@BreneBrown⁩ wise words. I want to buy this book for everyone I know. https://t.co/ETukIs2cdG
  • Part 2 of my takeaway series on @BreneBrown's newest book Dare to Lead. #Comparison creates fear. This book is r… https://t.co/5bDlZbLRqZ
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    • Brene has done it again
    • I borrowed Dare to Lead from the local library, as I do most books. Ten pages into this book, I realized I had to have my own copy. It's a book I will continue to refer to time and again.
    • What is the matter with people that, every two or three years, yet another author takes a collection of the latest buzzwords and bogus theories, cooks them up into a whole book, or worse, several books, and then launches them into a series of lectures, "workshops," "certifications," ad nauseum?People either don't get the clue that it's just this year's version of "Who Moved My Cheese?" or figure it's an improved version thereof.I know. One shouldn't argue with fools. But isn't it awfully tiresome how much time and money gets wasted onverbal cotton candy like this?
    • This book has a lot of great information that has the possibility of changing the work place into an environment everyone can learn and grow.
    • This book cuts straight to the heart of the challenges of leading and being in relationship with people at work. Super practical, actionable and packed with new ways to think about taking risks, working in teams and creating stronger and braver work environments. Essential reading for anyone wanting to make what they do count.