by Brené Brown

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  • Brene Brown is my absolute favorite author. Click below to watch her interview on CBS This Morning to promote her… https://t.co/N54EFruzIM
  • Loving Brene Brown new book Dare to Lead sentiment...If you think empathy soft go ahead and try it and come back te… https://t.co/5BDsZHyofq
  • If you are a leader and aren’t reading ⁦@BreneBrown⁩’s book, “Dare to Lead”, you probably should be. Such quality,… https://t.co/PLvhyWlYgw
  • HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS? . Just finished listening to @brenebrown ’s latest book, Dare to Lead, and in the last 3… https://t.co/sNfHBV1XGM
  • .@BreneBrown’s new book “Dare to Lead” is pure magic. Listening to it is like a massage for the best part of my com… https://t.co/Gy6LnwxZ2T
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    • This book is terrific. The only thing I wish was different is that she told stories about leaders in organizations and how they exhibited or didn't exhibit the behaviors she discussed and what the effects were on their organizations.
    • Enlighten yourself so you can lighten yourself
    • This book cuts straight to the heart of the challenges of leading and being in relationship with people at work. Super practical, actionable and packed with new ways to think about taking risks, working in teams and creating stronger and braver work environments. Essential reading for anyone wanting to make what they do count.
    • I haven't finished this book yet, but it is SO good! Brene shares elements from Rising Strong and others but adds in her experiences working with military and C levels. As a leader in my career, this book resonates with me. And something about hearing our military personnel talk about courage never being seen without vulnerability really touched me. Highly suggest to anyone!
    • I borrowed Dare to Lead from the local library, as I do most books. Ten pages into this book, I realized I had to have my own copy. It's a book I will continue to refer to time and again.