by Brené Brown

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  • Saw awesome Brene Brown speak last night on the need for courage in leadership. Leaders of today lead from the hea… https://t.co/w0k8ZOG09E
  • GO READ A BOOK There are so many ways to beat boredom and stress-Triggers that can lead to substance use and abuse… https://t.co/dMQt0gdaqp
  • @HannahBlackwell @beautifulboymov I’m definitely going to read it. I better do so before seeing the movie. Thanks f… https://t.co/gt58E8MnNK
  • Chose our fave author’s Dare to Lead for our inaugural book club @MITSloan CDO 11/27. We can change the world if we… https://t.co/PiEtq5KDsx
  • .@BreneBrown’s new book “Dare to Lead” is pure magic. Listening to it is like a massage for the best part of my com… https://t.co/Gy6LnwxZ2T
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    • This book is terrific. The only thing I wish was different is that she told stories about leaders in organizations and how they exhibited or didn't exhibit the behaviors she discussed and what the effects were on their organizations.
    • We were excited about these books and ordered for an executive conference. We were disappointed with the quality - the picture speaks for itself.
    • What a civilized world this would be if everyone read and learned from her research. Good read!
    • I borrowed Dare to Lead from the local library, as I do most books. Ten pages into this book, I realized I had to have my own copy. It's a book I will continue to refer to time and again.
    • Enlighten yourself so you can lighten yourself