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Over 100 kid-tested recipes from America's Test Kitchen.

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  • I will start off saying that I am a HUGE ATK fan and I have almost all of their books. There is not a better way to learn to cook. Now they have taken that same knowledge and pit it in a format for children. The layout is. Right and engaging. The recipe selection is broad and appealing. The photography is great and really shows texhnique. I cant think of a better book to get your child cooking!
  • I bought this book for my 11 year old daughter who has taken more interest in baking over the last few months. This book is very descriptive and appropriate for new cooks. So far she has made us pancakes and the chocolate chip cookies and both recipies were very good! I am looking forward to what she makes next.
  • I'm so excited about this cookbook for kids. My 10 year old has already made a few recipes and they've turned out great! He's just learning to cook, but I can already see his confidence building. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is AMAZING, and even better, it only makes a dozen cookies - perfect quantity for kids. One of the dinner recipes we made as a family - it was a great bonding experience!
  • I like this cookbook - it shares recipes with enthusiasm about how the food is prepared and enjoyed. The pages have a lot of color and energy.I like that they encourage kids to explore out of the core recipe to add their own flare
  • This is really an amazing book for those of us with kids. If your child already likes to cook, this book is a slam dunk. It has excellent recipes, easy to follow directions, really attractive photography. If your child has not yet shown an interest in spending time in the kitchen with you -- this book will whet their appetitive. (Pardon the Pun lol). It gives a how-to instructional for all someone should know to head toward the kitchen, and then the recipes are fun and easy to follow.