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Over 100 kid-tested recipes from America's Test Kitchen.

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  • Perfect cookbook for the young chef. My granddaughter, 9, has been cooking with her mom from the age of 2. However, she has not made anything from start to finish by herself. This cookbook was made by America’s Test Kitchens for the starter cook. There are 207 pages, of information, recipes and instructions from A to Z on how to choose recipes, find the ingredients, prepare for your cooking, and the actual experience.The first couple of chapters Getting Started In The Kitchen, prepares the cook for all she/he will need. Then on to the recipes:BreakfastsSnacks and BeveragesCooking For YouCooking For Family and FriendsSides That Make The MealDessertsEach recipe has a superb photograph taken by America’s Test Kitchen, that leads you through the entire process. Within each chapter, you decide what you would like to make, and there are some delicious looking foodstuffs.Then onto Conversions and EquivalentsHealthy EatingRecipe Stats- this provides nutritional info, calories, fats, sodium of each recipe.IndexThe Four Secrets Of Success In The Kitchen will be informative and fun for each child to read. I like to read my cookbooks like any book, and I shared that with my granddaughter. Always read the recipe first, so you have some idea the amount of time you will be spending, and to assure you have all the ingredients. This book will send the starter cook on a good road for cooking your own food.Recommended. prisrob 11-04-18
  • I like this cookbook - it shares recipes with enthusiasm about how the food is prepared and enjoyed. The pages have a lot of color and energy.I like that they encourage kids to explore out of the core recipe to add their own flare
  • This was delivered on Friday and I woke up to avocado toast prepared by my 10 year old on Sunday. She adores this cookbook and I am 100% here for my child cooking for me for a change! This book has boosted her confidence and encouraged her to try new things - Saturday night she made tofu and geeen beans! You will not be disappointed with this book.
  • My seven-year-old and I absolutely adore this cookbook! I really appreciate how the book calls out the difficulty level so that we immediately understand how much help she’ll need.The little one has become a lot more invested in making meals, and this book is encouraging her to try foods she’s always been wary of. It’s expanding her horizons, helping her learn about food, and overall increasing her confidence and independence. We love it!Oh, one last thing - make sure you try out the chocolate chip cookie recipe! Best one we’ve ever tried!
  • I bought this book for my 11 year old daughter who has taken more interest in baking over the last few months. This book is very descriptive and appropriate for new cooks. So far she has made us pancakes and the chocolate chip cookies and both recipies were very good! I am looking forward to what she makes next.