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Over 100 kid-tested recipes from America's Test Kitchen.

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  • I grew up as a latchkey kid and my mom let me cook for myself as long as I cleaned up and didn’t burn the place down. Now as an adult I love to cook when many people I know can’t find their way around a kitchen. This latest offering from America’s Test Kitchen is a great way to start ‘em young with easy to master recipes so you can instill a love of cooking early in kids that will benefit them the rest of their lives.
  • My kids love to help cook. I like this cookbook, it has a lot of recipes that they would enjoy and so will the rest of the family. I enjoy letting them have some independence and learn to cook some things for themselves.
  • I'm so excited about this cookbook for kids. My 10 year old has already made a few recipes and they've turned out great! He's just learning to cook, but I can already see his confidence building. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is AMAZING, and even better, it only makes a dozen cookies - perfect quantity for kids. One of the dinner recipes we made as a family - it was a great bonding experience!
  • This is really an amazing book for those of us with kids. If your child already likes to cook, this book is a slam dunk. It has excellent recipes, easy to follow directions, really attractive photography. If your child has not yet shown an interest in spending time in the kitchen with you -- this book will whet their appetitive. (Pardon the Pun lol). It gives a how-to instructional for all someone should know to head toward the kitchen, and then the recipes are fun and easy to follow.
  • Perusing this cookbook that is a gift for my granddaughter made me excited to try these simple yet great recipes! Easy to use for beginner chef!