by Katherine Applegate

Red, an oak tree on which people leave their wishes, is threatened to be cut down after more than 200 years.

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    • Such a simply put story. From the viewpoint of an ancient wise oak tree. The message, for all ages and ages to come. For real.
    • Katherine Applegate has an incredible talent for giving a voice to animals, and now plants, that have important stories to share. Red will give you hope and remind you how important it is to speak up for something you care deeply about. The illustrations by Charles Santoso work seamlessly with the text. Everyone should have a copy of this beautiful book.
    • My 9 year old read it and told me (and I noticed it too) that the beginning was a little slow for him, but then he got hooked into the story and read it as fast as he could.
    • I loved the message in this book. In these times of division and hatred, Applegate has written a story of the importance of stories, history, inclusion, and humanity. I will definitely be reading this book to my class and asking our librarian to buy it for our school.
    • I still like to read aloud to my kiddos even though thy are fine to read this alone. I enjoy the books too! So, this is gonna be a good one! So far so good! I’ll update when we finish. It’s our bedtime reading so will take a couple nights to complete. However, also a great read for 2-3rd grade and up! It has short chapters and very pretty artwork.