by Katherine Applegate

Red, an oak tree on which people leave their wishes, is threatened to be cut down after more than 200 years.

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    • "Oh, the things I wanted to say to those two! I wanted to tell them that friendship doesn't have to be hard. That sometimes we let the world make it hard."Oh, my heart. This book is beautiful. I knew the instant I started reading it that I had to teach it. It's so powerful.Red, a local oak tree, is the narrator of this tale. He is a Wishtree where people tie wishes, and his new neighbor, Samar, ha made a wish for a friend. She's new to town and Muslim and people are not treating her family well.Through flashbacks that artfully parallel the era to the Irish and Italian immigration, more than a century before, we hear a tale of acceptance, bravery and loyalty told through the eyes of the community's longest and most loving resident....the tree.
    • A must read for everyone! Community, loyalty, friendship. My favorite of the year!
    • This is a wonderful read tying together both a unique perspective on nature and a serious discussion of inclusion vs bigotry. It is well paced despite including stories about the animals who live in and around the old tree and the children who neighbors sharing the tree. My 7 y/o wanted to go to bed at night so we could read the next chapter (or 2 or 3 as he begged for just a little more). I will be giving a copy to the school library for sure.
    • Nice little story. Perfect for today's social climate.
    • my grandson likes this book