by Katherine Applegate

Red, an oak tree on which people leave their wishes, is threatened to be cut down after more than 200 years.

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    • We are reading this now as required reading for my rising 3rd grader. This book is not appropriate for younger readers. They vocabulary is very mature and i had to help my son with many of the words from a pronunciation and definition perspective, which was sometimes difficult to explain given his age. Words like 'dioecious', 'bedraggled' and 'crepusular' are not words I understand let a lone an 8 year old. The subject matter was a little beyond his 'worldliness' and I felt the message could have been conveyed a little more innocently to this young audience. I would say this book is much more appropriate for a 4-5th grade audience to 2-3rd.
    • Beautiful story with a very important message. I think it would be appropriate as a read aloud in grades 3+ and independently in 4+.
    • This is a wonderful book with a message for all ages. The beauty of love, the joy of friendship, and the importance of belonging has resonated in the past and will always be our future. It is a book that should be read by all.
    • This is a wonderful read tying together both a unique perspective on nature and a serious discussion of inclusion vs bigotry. It is well paced despite including stories about the animals who live in and around the old tree and the children who neighbors sharing the tree. My 7 y/o wanted to go to bed at night so we could read the next chapter (or 2 or 3 as he begged for just a little more). I will be giving a copy to the school library for sure.
    • Payed a lot of extra money to get it shipped before my trip and didn't work. They keep my extra money and I traveled without the book.