by Katherine Applegate

Red, an oak tree on which people leave their wishes, is threatened to be cut down after more than 200 years.

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    • This seemingly simple story has an astoundingly important message for any reader... find what you need within its pages, and become someone’s hollow.
    • Students really enjoyed listening to it read aloud. Lots of cliff hangers.
    • Spoiler alert: This book has a happy ending. But, that didn't stop me from crying almost the whole way through. Educational---nature and a lot of nature terminology is introduced in a fun and alive way--and telling a story that is as contemporary today as it would have been 100-200 or more years ago. This is by far the best children's book I have ever had the delight of reading, rereading and soon to be purchasing for all the children in my life. The long life of Red, a red oak tree, of course....and a story of how he was almost destroyed by racism and hate and how those sentiments were reversed by the love that saved his life. Thank you Katherine Applegate.
    • Once again, an excellent ready by Katherine Applegate!
    • Payed a lot of extra money to get it shipped before my trip and didn't work. They keep my extra money and I traveled without the book.