by Katherine Applegate

Red, an oak tree on which people leave their wishes, is threatened to be cut down after more than 200 years.

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    • This story is told from the perspective of a tree. There's inherent wisdom and patience that comes from being a tree, and now, we get to hang out with one for a few hundred pages. Our tree houses many neighborhood animals, all diverse yet similar. The neighborhood that our friend calls home is also very diverse and we get to watch what happens when a tree helps two kiddos become friends despite their different backgrounds. This story is for younger readers, and yes a tree that talks is make believe, but it's about real life. Get a copy, read it and then share it with your friends.Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:"Hollows offer protection from the elements. A secure spot to sleep and to stash your belongings. They're a safe place. Hollows are proof that something bad can become something good with enough time and care and hope" p. 5"... Sometimes things happen that aren't so good. When they occur, I've learned that there's not much you can do except stand tall and reach deep." P. 35"Real life, like a good garden, is messy." p. 209This book is going to be very popular. It was published in September of this year and has already topped some major book lists. It's beautiful. Not just pretty to look at, which it is, but so sweet. I hugged the book when I finished, which isn't something I never do, but it's reserved for a special category of book.
    • Beautiful story with a very important message. I think it would be appropriate as a read aloud in grades 3+ and independently in 4+.
    • Love, love, love this book.
    • Purchased at the suggestion of my school librarian, my 13 year old loves this book and even bought one for her friend as a birthday gift.
    • Perhaps a student said it best when she said, “I’ll never look at a tree the same way again.” This lovely book is a heartwarming read about learning from our past and accepting those who are different from us. Katherine Applegate weaves humor and information on animals and trees into this unforgettable tale told by an oak tree named Red.