by Eva Chen

Juno steps into the shoes of women icons throughout history.

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  • We want to be Juno Valentine when we grow up—read all about @evachen212 children's book with the most magical shoes: https://t.co/QWgUoqWAtg
  • Icon @evachen212 was at The Wing SF on Friday to celebrate her new children’s book, “Juno Valentine and the Magical… https://t.co/jpvA0xqKUY
  • Step into someone else’s shoes at #BNStorytime this Saturday, 11/10 at 11 AM! We'll read @evachen212’s debut pictur… https://t.co/5iAwMRb5aE
  • Step into someone else’s shoes at #BNStorytime this Saturday, 11/10 at 11 AM! We’ll read @evachen212’s debut pictur… https://t.co/SFTUt2QQRl
  • Step into someone else’s shoes at #BNStorytime this Saturday, 11/10 at 11 AM! We'll read @evachen212’s debut pictur… https://t.co/KfadDpf7m7
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    • I adore this sweet story about shoes, role models, and being true to yourself. I absolutely love the neat collage-style illustrations. The paper is a beautiful heavier weight that so far has withstood my toddler wanting to turn each page himself.Honestly, I bought this book for myself (age 35), but my toddler really enjoys it too. He likes pointing at all the different shoes and finding the dog on every page.The story is super cute and fun to read aloud. It’s our new fav at story time.
    • I love this book and the powerful message it sends young women . I bought it for my soon-to-be-born niece and I can’t wait to read it to her
    • This book has some of the things I want to share with our next generation: minority representation, feminism and fashion. I purchased 3 copies as gifts for friends with kids.
    • I’m a 21 year old with no kids and I am in love with this book! I have been carrying it around with me in my backpack on campus and making my friends read it. It is so precious and the content of the book embodies the reason why I’ve been following Eva Chen for as long as I have even before Ren was born. She is a great mother, influencer, and person. As much as I could list how great of a person she is even without knowing her in real life, I’ll just keep this review focused on the book. This is a book that I highly recommend to any parents! It tells of a character who can be anybody she wants to be and this is special to me personally because my mom always told me this growing up. I was able to feel strength however as a 21 year old reading a children’s book. I can see Ren and Tao, Eva’s adorable kids, being able to read this book as they grow up and garnering strength from it.
    • Ok I did buy book because I follow the author Eva Chen on Instgram and because I love Derik Desiertos work . The book is truly delightful and love love the history , female impowerment and the fashion found in the book !! I will be buying more for gifts !’ And I’ve already pre-ordered their second book