by Eva Chen

Juno steps into the shoes of women icons throughout history.

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  • Step into someone else’s shoes at #BNStorytime this Saturday, 11/10 at 11 AM! We'll read @evachen212’s debut pictur… https://t.co/5iAwMRb5aE
  • Step into someone else’s shoes at #BNStorytime this Saturday, 11/10 at 11 AM! We'll read @evachen212’s debut pictur… https://t.co/NKyLj9qRif
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    • This is a wonderful book with a wonderful story. It is simple enough for younger kids but can be discussion provoking for older children.
    • Purchased this for my Neice. She and her mom absolutely loved it and I quote, "We just read it, so badass!" Can't wait to visit and read it with her!
    • So well done and is definitely a tone and story we need more of in the world. I bought it for my 2 year old niece but also for my friends in their 20s/30s to decorate their shelves because it’s a sweet message and super chic!
    • Hi, the story is sweet but the illustrations are baffling. I'm hoping I saw a misprint today during Story Time at the Barnes & Nobel in Glendale, Wisconsin. Among the heroines are Oprah, Serena Williams, and Misty Copeland. These three amazing women of color do not have color in the book. They are shaded the same as the Caucasian heroines. There is a two-page spread on Misty Copeland where she is depicted in many different dance poses and some of them are different shade of light brown, but the majority are white. Strange! I can't imagine a book that celebrates sheroes who have reached the pinnacles of success in their field would shrug and say, "My skin color? Oh, no, that wasn't a big obstacle at all." I just don't get it. If the choice to illustrate these woman in a way that literally defaces them is a way-too-complicated social commentary on race, it's poorly done.
    • I’ve loved Eva Chen since she was an editor at Lucky Magazine and when I heard she wrote a children’s book, I couldn’t wait to read it. I don’t have kids but I bought Juno Valentine for my 4 and 8 year old nephews and felt so proud to explain who each of these amazing women throughout history were and are. This book is amazing for all kids!