by Eva Chen

Juno steps into the shoes of women icons throughout history.

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    • I love this book! I bought this for my 4 y/o niece because I am A) a huge fan of Eva’s & B) a huge fan of shoes. I have to admit: I read this before giving it to my niece and might have to buy a second copy to keep for myself!
    • Juno Valentine is what Ms. Eva Chen calls "a fashion feminist fairytale" and it lives up, if not, exceeded my expectations. As someone who grew up on classic fairytales of Andersen and Grimms brothers, Juno Valentine gave me a refreshing statement that children books need to address today. Without spoiling too much information, the book basically encourages readers to "find their own shoes" and thrive in them, and that one should live their dreams to the fullest. I will be saving this book for my mom friends with kids, my own future kids, and maybe even grandkids (hoping this book will last long in the bookshelf). Thanks Eva!
    • We love this book! My kids like to point out all the shoes and objects. My daughter now loves trying on different shoes and using her imagination to be someone new! Thanks Juno Valentine!
    • Learned about this book because I am a huge fan on Eva. She is a supermom and overall inspiring. Got multiple books for my nieces and believe this to be an important read regardless of the gender of the child (I just happen to have nieces). A great story weaving in female role models and literally being put in their shoes. What I love most, is that while Juno is inspired by all of the amazing women, she still is her own person and her magical shoes prove that.
    • I follow Eva Chen on Instagram and she is smart, funny and very true to herself. I bought Juno Valentine for my niece, and she loves it! We already read it few times and she decided she wants to take it to school and have her teacher read the story to the entire class. It is a such cute story yet very empowering to little girls. I hope we will see more books from Eva.