by Emily Winfield Martin

A celebration of future possibilities.

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  • @kristanhoffman We really love I Am Enough (which is a @BalzerandBray book!) and The Wonderful Things You Will Be.…
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    • I loved this book!! It is beautifully written and illustrated. The story is sweet and simple and easy to read. I also own this author's other books "Dream Animals" and "Day Dreamers" and I like this third book MORE than the first two. I think that this would be the perfect book to give as a gift for a baby shower or a first (or second/third) birthday gift. My son is 5 and he loved it. After reading it we talked about all of the things he wanted to be when he grows up. One awesome thing I noticed in this book is how gender neutral it is. There are both boys and girls depicted in the book, but it is a boy having the tea party, a boy using the sewing machine, a girl on the tree swing, and a girl as a superhero. I love how the author didn't stick to awful stereotypes of boys being super heroes and girls being princesses. This is one of the first children's books I've ever seen that shows the REALITY of little kids....that boys and girls do all sorts of similar things. You will NOT be disappointed with this book. Highly recommend!
    • Very sweet book with darling illustrations. My daughter requests this often, and we always talk about which of the characters we want to be in that moment. The ballerina in the pink skirt? The baby with the cute glasses? The child in the pencil outfit because he/she could write beautiful stories? I love reading this because it's the perfect amount of words for a bedtime book for my three year old and it stays fresh to us both even after repeated readings.
    • I bought this book when I was pregnant in anticipation & excitement for my first baby. I loved it & cried the first time I read it & I still have a hard time not getting emotional when reading it to my, now, nearly two year-old. My son loves books & reading & this one has been a favorite of his recently. He likes the illustrations & pointing out what he sees. And at the same time, he's getting a beautiful, powerful message of boundless aspirations, unconditional love, & being a positive force in the world. The only thing that would make it better was if it came in board-book form since he looks through it so much. But it's held up so far.
    • Great for all ages! My 3.5mo loves it when I read "The Wonderful Things You Will Be" to him! From cover to cover, this story is amazing and the artwork is beautiful! Highly recommended!
    • Purchased this book as a "card" for a baby shower gift from a group. The book can have many meanings and fit mostly any child. I found it perfect to give to a new baby. I'm sure it's parents will love to read this one to their new little one!