by Jeff Kinney

The travails and challenges of adolescence.

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  • Jeff Kinney: ‘Let children read anything; I’ll never say no to a book’ https://t.co/KcHRjI4pxc
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    • Really good book you have to buy it no matter what the reviews it is an amazing book this is a MUST READ!!!
    • Son loves these books he said this one was amazing!!
    • Well, what can I say other than you can never go wrong with Diary of a Wimpy Kid!I have a high 2nd & 5th grader, they are both obsessed with this series and have 'em all. They re-read them all the time, so it's nice that these books appeal to all age groups!My kids have been anxiously awaiting the release of THE MELTDOWN! As in, literally counting down the days. My 7 and 10 year old were arguing over who got to read it first, so of course I had to break up the argument with good 'ol faithful Innie Minnie Minie Mo :)Well, my daughter won and here she is 2 hours later. She's been glued in this same position, only moving to turn the page. I asked her what it's about, so I can let all ya'll know and what do you know..."it's about snow, duhh."I pre-ordered this book to have it here on release day, but USPS lost my Amazon package. I ended up picking it up from Costco for 7.99 :)
    • i love the snow war part.and its realy not fair that the boys are waking on the sidewalk while girls walk on the road.
    • Good story