by JK Rowling

A wizard hones his conjuring skills in the service of fighting evil.

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    • I didn't read Potter as a child, unfortunately Christians were making a fuss over it and it was banned. Now as an adult with an 11 year old daughter I delved in and having read the firs chapter of the first book , I declared I didn't get the fuss...I am now in my second read through of the books. I finished them in three weeks. We've watched the first three movies and I await my daughter finishing each box anxiously so we can watch the next!The books are so well written they transport you, nothing less. It's a great escape at the end of the day.As for all the Christian hullabaloo there's no real magic in the book. It's on par with bewitched or cartoons. I suppose if you're the type to ban Disney then these aren't for you, but for the rest of the population they're really harmless and silly.The later books are a bit darker but the first several are really kind of cartoon magic.This second book is better than the first as we are already introduced to all the characters. Character development and friendships deepen in the second book and you begin to become attached to the little magicians and start to realize why this series created such a rabid fandom.The books are adventurous and imaginative and have so much heart. The stories are packed with substance- very little to no filler in these books. They're a kids series, but it's the first time in a long time I have read a book and didn't feel like skimming a good bit. There's nothing you want to miss in these!It's great for a parent to read with their child, bc anytime you can bond over something especially as they get older it's a wonderful thing.And for those adults who didn't read as a kid, go ahead, you won't be bored. Yes they're kids books but they're written on a level everyone can enjoy. That's the real magic!
    • Our book has a very confusing binding. There is chapter one mixed in with chapter 7. This was super confusing and a pain in the rear.
    • I have the first illustrated deluxe book and wanted this one, but the price was close to $300 on Barnes and Noble. I saw this one, sold from a seller in the UK, which was about $120, including shipping, and hoped that it would be the same as the one sold at BN and bought it. I was completely delighted to see that it is the same as the one on BN at about half the price. It comes with the protective cardboard box, just like the first book did, and the slipcase. I suspect that this is the British version of the story, which is exactly the same as the US version except for certain words like Mum vs. Mom. I highly recommend this version if you want a beautiful and collectible book that you can pass down to your children.
    • ...which is what Harry Potter realized while on his quest to defeat the evil Lord Voldemort. The difference between him and the Dark Lord was that Voldemort feared death above all else, while Harry understood that death is a necessary part of life and therefore, nothing to fear.What else can we say about J.K. Rowling's famous septology? We've had mystery, a bit of romance, mythology, drama, folklore, comedy, and adventure, wrapped up in a wonderful package. The standout of this story (all well as the previous six books) is Rowling's eye for detail and imagery, as well as character development. She also understands psychology really well, being able to create distinct personality quirks for each character. The Potterverse isn't Harry's alone, it's everyone's from owls, centaurs, wizards and witches, house elves, and magic spells. One is no greater than the other. I also liked learning the pathology of each of her characters: their fears, desires, their motivations, and ideas.In this book, Harry and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger decide to carry out Albus Dumbledore's request of Harry to find the remaining Horcruxes in order to finally defeat Voldemort. Three 17-year old (barely qualified) wizards on a journey to destroy the most evil wizard of the age is not an easy undertaking, physically and emotionally. They begin their journey in a panicky escape, and sort of improvise the entire way (where would they be without Hermione, one of the most brilliant witches of their generation?) The journey wears heavily on them, but this is the true coming of age for the three. What they discover on this journey is probably the greatest education that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry could have never given them. They experience pain, loss, abandonment, freedom, sacrifice, and most importantly, the impact of love.If there's anything that I would criticize, it's Rowling's trite epilogue. Compared with her complex storytelling throughout the series, the epilogue was pretty childlike, a bit corny. In her defense, she wrote the epilogue very early in her creation of the entire Potterverse, and was determined to stick with it until the very end. For the orphaned and neglected Harry, who faced death again and again, I suppose that it's only fair that he gets a bit of saccharine. If anyone deserved a chance at a happy ending, it would be him. At least for us faithful readers, we know that his major ordeal wasn't all for naught.
    • IMPORTANT: For U.S. customers purchasing the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you will notice the text has NOT been converted to the "Americanized" version of the original U.S. releases. This difference isn't as prominent or noticeable as it was with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, but still something to keep in mind. Also, to answer a question that has come up quite a bit, this is the FULL BOOK and not an abridged or shortened version.The overall quality is fantastic. The colors are vibrant and the images are, in my opinion, even better than those in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1).The best features:1. Underneath the book jacket, the novel is bound in a sturdy orange hardback with green lettering on the spine.2. The paper is thick with an eggshell glossy finish.3. All chapter intros are illustrated.4. Some images take up full pages or multiple pages. Most illustrations share the page with text.5. Every inch of the book is illustrated or decorated in some fashion. There are NO white pages in the book. Even the pages without large illustrations have the paper printed and marked with ink blots or paper "stains". In Chamber of Secrets (compared to Sorcerer's Stone), some pages even have beautiful patterns over the entire page. One page has a spider-web pattern and is right next to a picture of Aragog. Quite brilliant overall.I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to read the series (again, or for the first time), especially if you plan to read this with someone younger. Based on the fact that the illustrations for this book were even better than in the first book, I'm now looking forward to the rest of the series even more. Prisoner of Azkaban is next and I'm heartbroken it'll be so long before I get to have it in my collection.