by JK Rowling

A wizard hones his conjuring skills in the service of fighting evil.

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    • I have to give Rowling credit: she really understands how to structure the books so you can't put them down. Just as you reach the end of a chapter (and, therefore, a logical breakpoint), she sucks you right into the next one.I re-read the series to compare the books to the movies. I think I like the books better than the movies, especially this one. She did an excellent job of tying up the loose ends. The movie had a lot of questionable subjects: like when Harry is using the Resurrection Stone, why weren't Tonks and Fred present, since Lupin was (answer: they weren't germain to telling the tale.)The only problem I have with the series is that the first book needs to have a stronger binding. Each time a new book came out, I went back and re-read all the books. So I've read Sorcerer's Stone over 10 times now, and the binding has split. The other books are still intact. I tend to treat my books very gently, so it isn't a matter of abuse, it's a matter of overuse. But they are very enjoyable.
    • Great price, but it is all 7 books combined into one volume and one table of contents; which makes navigating to different books and chapters a bit more difficult than if they were 7 distinct books.
    • I ordered this book for my daughter and she couldn’t put it down but at page 573, it jumped to 620. I’ve missed the return window. Just make sure to check the pages as soon as you receive the book.
    • Just phenomenal! Of course, the story is the amazing series I started reading over a decade ago. But these illustrated versions are just beautiful! The artwork is incredible! There were a few scenes I wish would've been illustrated that weren't but, overall it exceeded my expectations just like the first.
    • My son (8 years old) has been hesitant to read the Harry Potter series because the novels looked too intimidating. But after my sister got him the first book like this one, he dove right in and finished in a week. I got this one for him and he finished it just as quickly as the first! My only disappoint came when I realized the other books haven't been printed like this yet. Of course, now that he's been introduced to the series, he's fine with reading the third one "like a regular book." :)