by JK Rowling

A wizard hones his conjuring skills in the service of fighting evil.

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  • Me pretending I did read my book club book and didn’t just reread Harry Potter again at our meeting tomorrow. https://t.co/X9STL9iVnX
  • @reubing Absolute payoff. I don't think a Harry Potter book even got that kind if money and those are international best sellers.
  • The House Cup ritual at the end of every Harry Potter book remains the worst way to teach kids to be good students… https://t.co/DLWar2uVTi
  • #Harry #Potter (Book) #Trivia at The Woodstock #NYC Wednesday, 11/21 at 8pm. RSVP at; https://t.co/soeyKinbBB… https://t.co/yL6o3zb3OY
  • What book taught you to love reading? Mine’s an easy one. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
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    • Our book has a very confusing binding. There is chapter one mixed in with chapter 7. This was super confusing and a pain in the rear.
    • These new paperback Harry Potter editions are absolutely gorgeous! I have made it my goal to get every beautiful edition of Harry Potter out there and this is definitely one of them. To people who have never read Harry Potter... just do it! I mean come on... Wizards/Witches/Friendship/Love! There is nothing to dislike about these books, they are so magical and captivating no matter what age you are!
    • This second book in the famous Harry Potter series is just as riveting and captivating as the first, solidifying in my mind that Rowling is an absolutely amazing author.Truth be told, I actually have found that I don't usually like fantasy novels all that much, but the world that Rowling creates for Harry Potter actually makes me feel right at home, and I can easily connect with the characters. This might have something to do with the fact that I watched the movies first, so I have visuals and such imprinted in my brain, but even so, this fantastical world is easy to follow and become a part of, in my personal opinion. The story jumps right off the page, wrapping readers up in the awesomeness that is Hogwarts and beyond.One aspect I really love about this novel is its continuous detail. From the wizards to their families, potions, spells, and backstory, there is just so much detail that it blows my mind. Rowling is complete in her descriptions and creation of this world, and the fact that it exists right alongside the human world (which opens the doors for that giddy wishful thinking that maybe, just maybe, it all exists) brings a spark of wonder and jubilation to all.Dobby is an awesome addition in this novel, and I really liked the introduction of the House Elf. His abilities and class within the wizarding world is also a bit of a social commentary on our very own society and the way society has treated others, such as slavery, and even the way society treats people today.And of course, I love the ingenious way that Rowling found to bring Voldemort back into the picture. The idea of the journal was ingenious, and I am amazed how Rowling is able to bring everything together, from book one to two, and how she'll be able to keep this up in the next five books as well. Amazing.Another aspect that I adore about both novel and movie is that, I feel, the movie got it right, from the big to the small, the casting and characters were perfect, in my mind. Professor Lockhart was even more annoying in the book than in the movie, and I loved Rowling's portrayal of him. Potter is, as always, a wonderful role model, and this novel is an all-around feel good story with many happenings to keep it all interesting. From Dobby and his mischievous antics to a Quidditch match gone awry, from spiders trying to eat people to a snake with the same powers as Medusa, the novel kept me glued to the pages and in this for the long haul. Of course, the characters are even more defined in the novel than they are on the big screen, making it impossible for readers not to connect with them on some level; I loved every minute of this. Book still beats movie, but it's another close call.
    • The story itself is already a classic - it needs no reviewing. However, the artwork is new and it is AMAZING. I am not kidding when I tell you that I LOVE the illustrations.The Harry Potter movies are great, but they don't capture the magic of Harry Potter very well (the first 2 do a decent job, but they become more action movies after that). My second gripe with the movies is that after they came out, 99.9% of Harry Potter merchandise is based on the movies and the way things are portrayed in the movies. I get it. It makes sense. But I don't like it.The illustrations in these books are actually based on the descriptions from the books! It is so hard to find high-quality illustrations that are made based on the books and not the movies. I LOVE IT. These books do a really great job of capturing the feeling I had as a kid reading the books, before the movies! You will be surprised how different some of the characters look compared to the movies, but you'll love it! I honestly would like to purchase each of these illustrations as stand-alone prints and hang them up. Perhaps one day if I have the space and I'm not broke. I'm a teacher, so that's not likely to ever happen :)
    • I have the first illustrated deluxe book and wanted this one, but the price was close to $300 on Barnes and Noble. I saw this one, sold from a seller in the UK, which was about $120, including shipping, and hoped that it would be the same as the one sold at BN and bought it. I was completely delighted to see that it is the same as the one on BN at about half the price. It comes with the protective cardboard box, just like the first book did, and the slipcase. I suspect that this is the British version of the story, which is exactly the same as the US version except for certain words like Mum vs. Mom. I highly recommend this version if you want a beautiful and collectible book that you can pass down to your children.