by JK Rowling

A wizard hones his conjuring skills in the service of fighting evil.

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  • @WilliamBibbiani Harry Potter English Read Text Book Math/science Potions and Arithmancy There are correlations
  • I left my book (Harry potter) in the library and asked to go get it. She told me no then decided to give us free ti… https://t.co/qZJcLM8YGG
  • #HarryPotter (#Book) #Trivia at Taco Electrico on Monday, #November 26 at 8pm. RSVP at; https://t.co/GcfTCDeoAP… https://t.co/Bm8lTX4CFa
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  • We, in the book world, understand YA. Most don't. They only know Harry Potter... It's annoying.
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    • My son (8 years old) has been hesitant to read the Harry Potter series because the novels looked too intimidating. But after my sister got him the first book like this one, he dove right in and finished in a week. I got this one for him and he finished it just as quickly as the first! My only disappoint came when I realized the other books haven't been printed like this yet. Of course, now that he's been introduced to the series, he's fine with reading the third one "like a regular book." :)
    • I have to give Rowling credit: she really understands how to structure the books so you can't put them down. Just as you reach the end of a chapter (and, therefore, a logical breakpoint), she sucks you right into the next one.I re-read the series to compare the books to the movies. I think I like the books better than the movies, especially this one. She did an excellent job of tying up the loose ends. The movie had a lot of questionable subjects: like when Harry is using the Resurrection Stone, why weren't Tonks and Fred present, since Lupin was (answer: they weren't germain to telling the tale.)The only problem I have with the series is that the first book needs to have a stronger binding. Each time a new book came out, I went back and re-read all the books. So I've read Sorcerer's Stone over 10 times now, and the binding has split. The other books are still intact. I tend to treat my books very gently, so it isn't a matter of abuse, it's a matter of overuse. But they are very enjoyable.
    • I was ecstatic when I saw these in Barnes and Noble and bought one immediately at 40 bucks a pop (which would still be worth it), but once i saw it on Amazon at almost HALF the price, I returned mine back to Barnes and Noble and bought TWO on Amazon sui I could gift one to my Harry Potter loving cousin for Christmas and keep one for myself. I have been wanting to reread these for awhile since it's been so long and I tried awhile back and it was hard because I'm 31 now and the first books are pretty young reading. I think these new books are going to bring the reread to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! The art is literally phenomenal. It's beautiful and dark and adult. I'm looking forward to collecting all of these to pass on to my daughter who is 7 now. I think she'll be into these soon and can pass them down to her children because they are classic and hardcover so they should last. LOVE.
    • These illustrated editions of Harry Potter were done right! All of the original text is there and the artwork is beautiful. Every page has something, whether it's an illustration that takes up a full double page spread, a little drawing in the corner, a thematic border, or just a visually textured background. It may sound chaotic, like the visuals could be too much and break up the flow of reading but it is not; it enhances the story as you turn the pages and delight in the new visuals that each page brings. I imagine these would be a great way to bring children into the story, but they're so nice you may want to protect and collect these beauties. I can't wait for them to release the others.
    • The story itself is already a classic - it needs no reviewing. However, the artwork is new and it is AMAZING. I am not kidding when I tell you that I LOVE the illustrations.The Harry Potter movies are great, but they don't capture the magic of Harry Potter very well (the first 2 do a decent job, but they become more action movies after that). My second gripe with the movies is that after they came out, 99.9% of Harry Potter merchandise is based on the movies and the way things are portrayed in the movies. I get it. It makes sense. But I don't like it.The illustrations in these books are actually based on the descriptions from the books! It is so hard to find high-quality illustrations that are made based on the books and not the movies. I LOVE IT. These books do a really great job of capturing the feeling I had as a kid reading the books, before the movies! You will be surprised how different some of the characters look compared to the movies, but you'll love it! I honestly would like to purchase each of these illustrations as stand-alone prints and hang them up. Perhaps one day if I have the space and I'm not broke. I'm a teacher, so that's not likely to ever happen :)