by JK Rowling

A wizard hones his conjuring skills in the service of fighting evil.

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  • @hqtrivia Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is my fav because it was the first book in the series to make me cry. #WizardingHQ
  • i walked into the kitchen with my harry potter book and my mum yeeted it out my hand and smacked down onto the hot… https://t.co/jjb3TYUbxF
  • I’m sure someone has highlighted this Harry Potter absurdity before but the Order of the Phoenix movie is 20 minute… https://t.co/1jBqdVEhNP
  • I have not touched a Rick Riordan book in my life bc once I was a young Harry Potter fan heartbroken by the end of… https://t.co/2dAJNbfgt7
  • tbt to last week when i asked for book recommendations and someone suggested the harry potter audiobooks
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    • These Illustrated edition’s are my first time ever reading the Harry Potter series, and I am so happy to be reading the series through these editions. The illustrations add so much magic, liveliness, intrigue, and fun to the story of Harry Potter. I absolutely love these editions and I can’t wait to turn each page to see the story progress as well as see the beautiful illustrations. I can’t recommend these books enough especially if you have never read Harry Potter, this is the perfect way to start and truly be immersed in the world of Hogwarts and the magic that each page brings. J. K Rowling’s writing is so much fun to read and it truly keeps you captivated in the plot, settings and characters. The writing is also the kind that keeps you from not wanting to stop as the book is so well written and portrayed through words. This is quickly becoming one of my top two series I have ever read. 100% recommend getting the illustrated edition as you will fall in live from the first page.
    • The story itself is already a classic - it needs no reviewing. However, the artwork is new and it is AMAZING. I am not kidding when I tell you that I LOVE the illustrations.The Harry Potter movies are great, but they don't capture the magic of Harry Potter very well (the first 2 do a decent job, but they become more action movies after that). My second gripe with the movies is that after they came out, 99.9% of Harry Potter merchandise is based on the movies and the way things are portrayed in the movies. I get it. It makes sense. But I don't like it.The illustrations in these books are actually based on the descriptions from the books! It is so hard to find high-quality illustrations that are made based on the books and not the movies. I LOVE IT. These books do a really great job of capturing the feeling I had as a kid reading the books, before the movies! You will be surprised how different some of the characters look compared to the movies, but you'll love it! I honestly would like to purchase each of these illustrations as stand-alone prints and hang them up. Perhaps one day if I have the space and I'm not broke. I'm a teacher, so that's not likely to ever happen :)
    • Great price, but it is all 7 books combined into one volume and one table of contents; which makes navigating to different books and chapters a bit more difficult than if they were 7 distinct books.
    • Before I start this review, can we just take a second and rejoice in the amount of Harry Potter-related stuff we're getting this year? *Screams in excitement*Ok, Now, on to this review!I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets since I finished the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Some people might wonder why I'd buy another version of any of the Harry Potter books, but this is an absolute MUST HAVE if you even so much as LOVE Harry Potter and the wizarding world in general. Jim Kay has always brought JK Rowling's wizarding world to life, but these illustrated editions just take it to a whole new, exciting, and fantastic level.Part of the joy of reading (at least for me) has always been bringing the words on pages alive in my own imagination. This may seem counterintuitive to my raving review, but what if I told you that almost everything illustrated was at the very least close to what I had always imagined? It's probably part of the brilliance of JKR's vibrant descriptions, but it's still pretty cool when you see them.The illustrated edition of Chamber of Secrets is phenomenal in short. Inside the cover you see the Hogwarts Greenhouses, and it only gets better from there! I would like to say I could totally use LESS of the illustrations of the acromantuals! GROSS! Not only are they all over the contents pages, but there are WAY too many full page(s) photos of these gross spiders! PASS! My two favorites though are the illustrations of the phoenix and of Dobby!I could laude over the illustrations for a year, but I won't. What I love about this book (and for the whole collection of illustrated editions I hope!) is that this is the version I can see first introducing my (future) children to Harry Potter with. I put these on my bookshelves waiting for the day when I can show my kids the wonderful world that has filled my life with such fun and fantasy.The book DOES include the full text of Chamber of Secrets in case any of you were wondering, it just also includes some fantastic illustrations from Jim Kay!If you love Harry Potter, don't hesitate. Collect these editions! You and your family will love this for a long, long time!
    • The Chamber of Secrets is in my opinion the weakest of the Harry Potter books. Still, it is a great read compared to 90% of other books in general, and 99% of other children's fantasy novels. The art in these books are simply amazing. They add to the story subtly, rather than take the story over as the movies did. To me, this is vital, as part of the joy of the Harry Potter world is the evocation of your imagination. I am happy to give my kids a little push with art, as they clearly still create their own images of quidditch, Hagrid, and the often explosive and unexpected effects of Ron's broken wand.