by Brandon Sanderson

A young girl wants to become a fighter pilot, but will her father's reputation stand in the way?

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  • Skyward was truly excellent. Felt good to read a new book from the day it came out! Perfect blend of my two favouri…
  • @Ameobea10 The other one was "skyward" by Sanderson. I trust this one more, Final Empire was a good book
  • @paigesquared Skyward! I’ve heard so many great things about that book! I was just given it and I’m so excited to read it!
  • "...pushes the electrifying series to a whole new level" 5/5 review for Skyward 8, out TODAY!
  • Skyward, Brandon Sanderson (M, 20s, curly hair, faux fur-lined jacket, backpack at feet, no book jacket, R train)
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    • As always - great world building and character development. Great action, humor, suspense and mystery. Now I have to wait a year for the sequel!
    • I powered through this epic book in 2 was almost too good to put down :) Spensa is one of my favorite characters from any unique, strong, full of spirit, but still learning, still growing.Skyward is like a combination of The Last Starfighter and Ender’s Game and Sanderson Secret Sauce, with twists and turns and emotional rollercoasters that barely give you time to breathe. I LOVE IT!!
    • Over the past ten years I have read, and reread all of Sanderson's available works. He is hands down my favorite author. When I started reading this I obviously had high expectations. However, I did not believe it would be on the level with Stormlight or Mistborn. I seriously could not put this book down. I read all 500+ pages in one afternoon without being able to do anything else. The flow, the story, the character development, everything was amazing. I'll try to write a more comprehensive review later, I just felt like I had to tell people to start reading this NOW!
    • I never knew what was coming, or if I did, I didn't know how it was going to happen. Wonderful read!
    • I've been wanting to read more books by Brandon Sanderson ever since I read the last few books in the Wheel of Time series so what better place to start than with Skyward, the first book in his new YA sci-fi series. I'm happy to say that this has now solidified my position as a fan and I'm looking forward to working my way through his huge backlist!Spensa grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot like the father who was a hero to her, even when he was killed in action after being branded a traitor all she wanted to do is follow in his footsteps and find a way to clear his name. Being the daughter of a coward has followed her everywhere, her family are looked down on and she is picked on constantly but she refuses to give up on her dream - no matter how many people try to stop her joining flight school and fighting to protect her people.You see Spensa's people have been at war with an alien race for hundreds of years and their situation is getting more and more desperate. They have been under attack ever since they crash landed on their planet and the Krell seem determined to destroy what is left of the human race. Nobody knows quite why the Krell keep attacking but it is getting harder and harder to fight them off as they loose ships and fighter pilots more and more frequently. Flight school is dangerous and only a tiny percentage of cadets even survive the course but Spensa is determined to be one of them and she will do whatever it takes to earn her chance to fly.Skyward was a fantastic start to this new series, the world building was brilliant and I loved the fight training missions and battles with the Krell, there were a lot of edge of your seat moments because things are so dangerous and Brandon Sanderson isn't afraid to sacrifice his characters so that heightens the sense of fear as you're reading. Spensa is such an interesting character, she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder thanks to the way she's always been treated and she puts on a layer of bravado to face the world so she can come across as a little aggressive and full of herself but underneath all of that she's scared and vulnerable and very, very easy to like. I loved getting to know her and the rest of the kids in the Skyward Flight, these characters were all very complex with their own motivations, fears and dreams and they all changed and grew throughout the story (well the ones who survived did anyway!).I have to give a shout out to M-Bot and Doomslug who were both fantastic additions to the story, M-Bot was hilarious and I loved the way he looked at the world while Doomslug was just super cute. I really enjoyed the way Brandon Sanderson slowly reveals information about events surrounding the death of Spensa's father, and all the questions he raised about the Krell and why they were so determined to fight humans. Some of those questions are answered by the end of the book but others are left open for future instalments, I'm definitely going to be first in the queue for the sequel when it's published.If you're looking for a book with daring aerial battles, fantastic characters, a talking spaceship, alien invasions and a character who just won't take no for an answer then you can't go wrong with Skyward!