by Brandon Sanderson

A young girl wants to become a fighter pilot, but will her father's reputation stand in the way?

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  • Skyward, Brandon Sanderson (M, 20s, curly hair, faux fur-lined jacket, backpack at feet, no book jacket, R train)
  • "...pushes the electrifying series to a whole new level" 5/5 review for Skyward 8, out TODAY!
  • Skyward was truly excellent. Felt good to read a new book from the day it came out! Perfect blend of my two favouri…
  • @paigesquared Skyward! I’ve heard so many great things about that book! I was just given it and I’m so excited to read it!
  • @Ameobea10 The other one was "skyward" by Sanderson. I trust this one more, Final Empire was a good book
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    • A compelling and distinctive story about overcoming ourselves, our family legacy and discovering who we really are. Well written and engaging.
    • What are you doing reading this review when you could be reading Skyward? C'mon, let's get those priorities straight!.....But seriously, buy it now. You should have bought it a week ago. You remember crying yourself to sleep that other night? Well it wouldn't have happened if you'd been reading the interpeid adventures of Spensa the space barbarian, would it?
    • Didn't want to read this book even though i'm a huge Sanderson fan because its a YA. I looked up some pre-reviews and decided to try it out myself. Read it in 3 days, awesome book. A little bit of a slow read, great climax.4 total books are planned for this series and its 100% being shelved next to Stormlight.
    • It's Brandon Sanderson! What more is there to say!!Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾
    • Fantastic book that takes many of our favorite sci-fi tropes with Brandon's unique twists and flair.From alien races, AI, FTL, space battles, trading magic for science was an absolute blast. Can't wait for more books to come in this series.