by Brandon Sanderson

A young girl wants to become a fighter pilot, but will her father's reputation stand in the way?

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  • @Ameobea10 The other one was "skyward" by Sanderson. I trust this one more, Final Empire was a good book
  • Skyward was truly excellent. Felt good to read a new book from the day it came out! Perfect blend of my two favouri…
  • "...pushes the electrifying series to a whole new level" 5/5 review for Skyward 8, out TODAY!
  • Skyward, Brandon Sanderson (M, 20s, curly hair, faux fur-lined jacket, backpack at feet, no book jacket, R train)
  • @paigesquared Skyward! I’ve heard so many great things about that book! I was just given it and I’m so excited to read it!
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    • My family is full of Sanderson fans, we were fortunate enough to be able to attend Brandon Sanderson's Skyward launch party here in Utah. After waiting all night to get our new book personalized, my 14 year old son (who has read the Mistborn and Way of Kings series in addition to most of Sanderson's books) was so excited to read it that he took the book from me (I was going to read it first because I'm the Dad) and started reading it. The following three days he skipped playing Fortnite and hanging out with his friends in order to stay in and read Skyward. He started it on Wednesday and finished it late Friday night.His review is "That was AWESOME!".I finally got my hands on it on it Saturday morning and finished it Sunday night (I had already read several chapters online).My review is "That was Awesome!".This is a "Young Adult" book so I wasn't sure I would love it. But I enjoyed the Alcatraz series as well as the Reckoners so I hoped it would be along those lines. I was not disappointed! In fact, I laughed out loud several times, was emotional and shocked at some of the deaths that occurred and became invested in the characters - precisely what I have come to expect with Sanderson's work.This was a great read that will enthrall both children and adults. My disappointment is that we have to wait a year for the next one to come out. I just have to add this series to list list of Sanderson series that I'm anxiously waiting on the next installment.- Phil, Callsign: Burner
    • For a scifi book, it had a nice gentle feel to it, with well rounded characters and interesting developments and plot twist. I read it all in one day!
    • It's hard being the daughter of a coward.Spensa, a young girl living on an alien planet, wants to be a pilot like her father. An alien race known as the Krell have driven Spensa and her people to Detritus, a planet far from Earth. Three generations back, their spaceship crash-landed here while the incredible orbital debris keeps them pinned on the planet. As a child, her father was among the first to fight back.Only in the middle of a pivotal battle, he fled.Living with the stigma of his cowardice, Spensa wants to prove her own worth. She wants to be a pilot like him, but will her society let her? While they espouse equality and merit, will she every truly be allowed to fight to protect her people?Skyward is about a young woman struggling to get out from the shadow of her father. It's a story about pain and loss, hope and duty. It's a story about the resilience of the human spirit in the worst of circumstances, a tale of belief and faith. Is Spensa like her father? Will she be a coward, too?Or can she make her own destiny.This was a fast-paced and engrossing story. Sanderson has penned another excellent tale, this time in the science-fiction universe. It's not the hardest science, the technology is never explained, but it's well-written. It's full of great characters and powerful emotions.This is a must read for fans of Sanderson and good stories alike!
    • He does it again. Pulls you right into this new world. All I can say is read it and enjoy.
    • Didn't want to read this book even though i'm a huge Sanderson fan because its a YA. I looked up some pre-reviews and decided to try it out myself. Read it in 3 days, awesome book. A little bit of a slow read, great climax.4 total books are planned for this series and its 100% being shelved next to Stormlight.