by Brandon Sanderson

A young girl wants to become a fighter pilot, but will her father's reputation stand in the way?

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  • @paigesquared Skyward! I’ve heard so many great things about that book! I was just given it and I’m so excited to read it!
  • Skyward, Brandon Sanderson (M, 20s, curly hair, faux fur-lined jacket, backpack at feet, no book jacket, R train)
  • Skyward was truly excellent. Felt good to read a new book from the day it came out! Perfect blend of my two favouri…
  • @Ameobea10 The other one was "skyward" by Sanderson. I trust this one more, Final Empire was a good book
  • "...pushes the electrifying series to a whole new level" 5/5 review for Skyward 8, out TODAY!
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    • Sanderson has done it again! Fun, exciting, plot twists, great characters and a feeling of hope. The sag starts - looking to fly to the states with Spin.
    • I haven’t been this engrossed in a book in ages! Thank you Mr. Sanderson for a great read and a new world to explore!!!
    • Absolutely great book it was hard to put down! If you enjoy science fiction and strong, realistic, and engaging character read this book!
    • This book is an incredible disappointment. Talk about completely unoriginal world, story, characters, everything. This book is Enders Game meets Divergent meets City of Ember. Not to mention the countless other works in this genre that this novel mirrors. I don’t mind using same storylines but this added nothing new. It was the same story but with different character names. At about one third of the way through I lost hope that this novel was going to add any original ideas and unfortunately it held true to the end. I’m burned out on Sanderson. Oathbringer was trash and now this one is too. I have loved almost everything Sanderson has written but his latest few have fell flat. Sanderson needs to add some diffferent perspectives to his team as they are allowing subpar work to be published. Sanderson is phenomenal at unique world building and having a fun twist - I felt like I read Skyward before and that was disappointing.
    • Really enjoyed this book. The twists and turns and the finish has set the scene for the next book. Look forward to reading the next one in the series.