by Val Emmich with Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

When one of Evan's letters to himself is accidentally found on a suicide victim, the victim's family assumes that he was a close friend.

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    • I feel horrible for writing this review but, I feel I need to warn fellow fans of the musical that this book isn’t what it’s hyped up to be. I should also preface this by saying I had bought this book for roughly $20 at barns and noble.In my opinion, this book isn’t worth the hassle it took to read and finish this book. The plot felt rushed and they tried to add things and fill in gaps that ended up making the book feel rushed. They added things that seem to go no where as well (the whole bit after the “break in a glove” scene). As well as the writers making Evan an extremely unlikeable character who treats most people around him horribly rather than the flawed, anxious person he was in the musical. The book made Evan out to be this horrible character who abandons those around him, feels no remorse for the feelings of others, expects the only person who even acknowledged his existence before Connor died to help him despite abandoning him for Zoe.The book just paints even as this horrible human being without reason to make him that way. The book overall just felt extremely rushed, more so with how they handled the epilogue and the interludes. The only redeeming qualities of this book were the inturliludes mostly cause it was actually new information. The book is also especially poorly written (the whole connors real friend plot).In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend you buy this book unless it gets an extreme price reduction, even then i’d Still he sceptical about buying it. Upon reading the whole thing it felt like they had a deadline and they weren’t done yet so they just rushed sent out a draft and called it done. It’s a shame cause, this book had potential, it really could’ve been something truly special and I really hoped it was. But in the end, this book wasn’t worth my time and it probably won’t be worth yours
    • Very well written
    • A very enthralling book. The author does a fantastic job captivating you and giving you the insight of what it feels like to be constantly straining against anxiety and depression, as well as being honest and true to yourself to find healing in life.
    • As a theater lover who lives on the West Coast I was saddened when I could not get to New York prior to Ben Platt leaving the show. While the touring company will be coming to the West Coast I didn't want to wait to know exactly what the storyline was all about. I have listened to the Original Cast Recording over and over again and while love the music it is hard to see the story line.After reading Dear Evan Hansen the novel. I finally get and understand the story. It is a well thought out and very well presented plot. Far more intricate than I had even imagined.There are a couple of places where the authors actually used the song lyrics to move the novel along. Most notably when Zoe is singing"I Will Sing No Requiem." I truly wish that all the song lyrics from all the songs were made a part of the novel. Songs are used in musicals to move the story along in a special way. It could work equally as well in the novel.
    • i originally saw and listened to the musical and had no clue this book existed but I'm so stoked to get more than the musical could fit in!!!!!