by Val Emmich with Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

When one of Evan's letters to himself is accidentally found on a suicide victim, the victim's family assumes that he was a close friend.

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  • My professor oddly enough recommended the book with no indication she even seen the musical. I'm kinda curious if…
  • “If she sits next to me in this small booth, I may have to…”
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    • Was great to listen to the book after seeing the show; I wonder how it might change the show if you read the book first?
    • Well worth the struggle to obtain an ARC. So so beautiful and so so sad and so so real. It didn't seem possible that I could love a story more than I loved Ben Platt as Evan Hansen. But this did the job. The writing is lovely and sets the perfect tone for the anxiety and fear and flat-0ut terror Evan encounters during the seemingly mundane encounters of life. Big big props to these writers for doing the play justice. I'm impressed
    • This book was very hard to get interested in. I never could get hooked. I finally gave up after a few chapters.
    • Evan Hansen is a high school senior who suffers from severe social anxiety. There is nothing he wants more than to hole himself up in his bedroom, withdrawing from the world around him. Part of his therapy is to write letters to himself about why the coming day is going to be a great one. A collaboration of four men who did an excellent job of turning a Tony award winning Broadway musical into a novel. They’ve written about a very serious subject with deftness and sensitivity. I think it brilliantly portrays the enormous social pressure high schoolers face each and every day and how it is especially difficult for the ones who have trouble fitting in. I like the way the story is written to show how suicide effects everyone from the one committing the act to their family and classmates.In my opinion this book should be required reading for all high school students. Really, everyone could benefit from reading it because I feel it reminds us of the importance of kindness and compassion towards our fellow human beings.
    • I love the musical and the book is just as good