by Lisa Jewell

Ten years after her daughter disappears, a woman tries to get her life in order but remains haunted by unanswered questions. Read by Helen Duff. 10 hours, 11 minutes unabridged.

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  • ...and now a Goodreads finalist! Then She Was Gone by @lisajewelluk , the best book I've read all year. Make it happen, people, get voting!
  • @MidwestRepubli1 @thehill I think she is trying to generate some attention so someone buys her book. I used to thi…
  • Book review of Then She Was Gone by @lisajewelluk on my blog! #bookreview #bookblog
  • Best moment today was when @_miriam_OM was looking for tickets for luke and send me an "there none aviable" and i w…
  • With The book 'Then she was gone' you can tell sort of what happened early but what makes it suspensful is seeing y…
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    • First book by Lisa Jewell. I gobbled it up in a day. I loved the characters, the story, the emotions. I will be eagerly reading through the rest of her books!
    • Tried this based on a recommendation and was glad I did. The story was played out in an interesting fashion and was very readable. Lisa has a nice style of writing and I’m going to begin tackling more of her work.
    • Let me say first off, that the book is well written, well crafted, and just plain good. I bumped up against the ads for it on The New Yorker website, then on Amazon, and as always, am looking for a good, well written suspense/thriller/mystery type read. ( I don't think there are enough of them being spun out!) The hook had me, What The **** Happened to Ellie? The writing lures you in.......the whole family saga thing, dysfunction, loss, grief, etc. What I really want to say is, like my headline, caution. This is a very, very disturbing book. The central characters emerge slowly and if you are like me, I'm reading along wanting to find out wtf happened to Ellie? And unlike many readers, I don't try to figger out what happened, who dunnit...... what you find out about Ellie and the other characters in the book is scary stuff. So, what I'm saying is, if you are a sensitive soul who is is averse to childhood abuse/torture and highly damaged manipulative people, I'd suggest not reading this.I gave it 5 stars for the craft of writing, it is well written, and the writing supports the the plot and story, in spite of what i've said re: caveat emptor.
    • This is a great book, I have a love for psychological thrillers but this book is somehow different than your usual thrillers, it is suspenseful and keeps you guessing yes but it also is sort of heart breaking and there is great insight into the characters. It is told from multiple perspectives which I love, and I read it in three days.
    • The twists and turns, character development and mystery are killer! I got hooked on Lisa Jewell because of this book.