by Tana French

A skull discovered in a backyard exposes a family's past. Read by Paul Nugent. 22 hours, 7 minutes unabridged.

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  • @MarianKeyes I love the build up to a new Tana French book release almost as much as I love reading the book itself…
  • I am reading Tana French's latest, The Witch Elm, and thinking about how a review headline to the effect of "This b…
  • But I'm fucking loving Her Body and Other Parties so far, so hopefully it goes fast and I can do Alice Isn't Dead,…
  • I loved this book so much. Best book of 2018. 😍 The Witch Elm: A Novel
  • My copy of Tana French's new book is out for delivery. Please excuse me while I lock myself in my room and read. >>…
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    • This was a little different than I expected. Took a while for the murder mystery to unfold. But I couldn't put it down. I really like this author.
    • Excellent mystery, unexpected reveal, very unexpected consequences. Well written, a pleasure to read. Well developed characters. Worth your investment of purchase and time.
    • I really didn't like this. It was very slow and long. I only finished because I thought that the end would be surprising. It wasn't. This should have been a Do Not Finish book for me.
    • I almost bailed out of this book after the first 50 pages but I gave the author the benefit of the doubt because I have been a fan of her other books. This is very different and the story slowly develops and eventually the characters pursue logical actions and the books comes to a satisfying ending.
    • I have enjoyed Tana French’s other books, but this one was just a slog to get through. It was way too long, characters were very difficult to like and the story was just plain nutty. Save your money and your time, this book is worth neither, sorry to say.