by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Applying the principles of Navy SEALs leadership training to any organization. Read by the authors. 8 hours, 15 minutes unabridged.

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  • I'm taking away good lessons from @JockoWillink Extreme Ownership book despite not being an enthusiast of the glori… https://t.co/r6xpQbvxdb
  • @Nappyb0yy Have you read the book extreme ownership? It’s a fantastic read. Changed my life.
  • @jockowillink This. This is how you handle an issue, not point the finger, not excuses. Simple, clear statement of… https://t.co/6T3xgAy4iH
  • @lungsoftheocean It's a great book! Have you read any of these? Recommendations? What Got You Here Won't Get You T… https://t.co/TowpLvxAUp
  • Just finished the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win by @jockowillink & @LeifBabin strongly e… https://t.co/pmHLBJfNRI
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    • I met Jocko Willink about 4 years ago in San Diego. The company I was working for at He time had hired him to come out and speak at our large annual event. I was impressed not only by the leadership lessons he helped instill, but by the kind of man he is. Extremely kind and humble and really made people feel important. I had a chance to talk to him one on one and he took the time to look me in the eyes and listen intently which is a talent when you are pulled in so many directions. I am a huge fan of the Jocko Podcast and look forward to listening to every single one. Extreme Ownership was very well written (I ended up highlighting half the book!), with lessons taught by 2 people that I have the utmost respect for...Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. I am so grateful for them fighting for our freedom and for passing along the lessons they have learned. Life can be very stressful at times, but as Jocko likes to say "Relax, look around, and make a call." Decide to take the time to read this book, if you want to learn, want to get better, you absolutely will.
    • Absolutely amazing. This is not one of the pervasive and dangerous feel good, “you can do it” leadership book that offers tons of pep talks and no solutions. This is a field manual for success.The book is articulate, and give real life examples in both war timeand corporations as well as a full outline of each principle that reiterated the core fundamentals. This is a book for people ready to give up excuses and bad habits, control their world, and be the best possible leader they can be.This has become my “go to” manual for team leadership, project management, and continued success. Cheers!
    • I make an ongoing effort to always be learning.I just finished listening to this book on Audible (something I've taken to doing to eat up the miles on long drives). I wish I'd read (and embraced!) this when I was a young Lieutenant. And it would have helped me do a better job and be a better leader while I worked for various corporations and, later, when starting and running my own business.I think smart, ambitious folks -- or, frankly, anyone starting or developing their career, or working in any capacity with others -- would do well to put this on their (and their teammates') required reading list. Whether one is going to manage/lead (or just collaborate within) small teams, larger departments -- or even a family -- the lessons and principles espoused herein will strengthen their effort and help those with whom they work.This book pairs well with Mark Manson's book, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k," and the philosophy of #Stocism.
    • This book should be read by every senior in high school. They should also have a specific class just to learn these principles of integrity and success. I am so grateful that the CEO of the company I work for suggested this book to me. When I showed up to my office reading this book, the CEO looked and me with a huge smile on his face and said, "do you realize that I have suggested this book to so many of my family and friends and that you are the first person to actually read the book"? He then asked me to help him set up and organize a book club for our entire company. Yes, this book was so worth purchasing, reading and implementing into my life.
    • The best part about this book was the simplicity of the message. It is a book that everyone should read to become better at home and at work. I was able to reflect on many events in the past and wished I had taken extreme ownership in those situations. Even though the concepts start with examples from a military mission, they are applicable to life in general. That might be the only negative of the book is the military references. Personally, I loved the references since I was in Iraq twice in the Army. However, some may dismis this book because of them and then miss out on an opportunity to become better. The book is a fast read with a powerful message, a message that might be hard to accept at first for some. Take the few hours to read it...you will be glad you did.