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  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube A "Dro…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] vía @YouTube
  • I've been implementing concepts from @jamesclear's "Atomic Habits" the last few weeks. It's already bringing about…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube \ A "Dr…
  • @JamesClear is one smart cookie when it comes to building good habits and breaking bad ones. @VIVA_Tuition highly r…
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    • Wow, What a great book!First I love that the author read the audio version help self. I always think you get more hearing it straight from the author and he has a great voice for it.Second, I really appreciate how practical the whole this is. It’s the perfect mix of how-to advice with scientific research and memorable stories.I’m already seeing results from his “Four simple steps to building better habits.” I can see why some habits I’ve tried to create in the past have failed and why some have succeeded. I also really like the bonus downloads he talks about in the book. The Cheat Sheet has been especially helpful.Third, I love that it’s appropriate and engaging for all ages. I’ve listened to a lot of it with my 11 year old and he’s already experimenting with creating new habits to help him focus on his homework. Of course, it’s because he wants to finish early and move on to video games! But I see how appealing of a reward that is for him, so it’s not all bad.
    • 2018 has been a strong year for great self-help books.Atomic Habits deserves to be at the top of that list.The book feels both short and long at the same time.While not terribly long in page length, the content is so rich in actionable advice that it feels like a longer book.There is not a ton of fluff here.The author has spent his entire adult life on this concept and has already written millions of words on the topic which has led to a clear, concise, and actionable book.His illustrations and graphics are even minimalist, which for some reason helped me feel less overwhelmed by the task of changing my habits.I don't often take the time to write out reviews like this, but James Clear earned this one.It's a damn good book.
    • I bought the Audible copy and realized that if I apply the principles, it would work. I have already started in small habits to help me with flossing and pre-emptive dressing for work. It has been helpful. I bought 10 hardbacks for 9 of my friends and one for me. I have read Mr. Clear's blog for about a year and even though many of the things are similar, the organization of the book has made it easier for me to digest than the blog.I was not told to write a five-star review. I genuinely believe this book will help people needing to develop habits.
    • Great Book! Love all the research, stories and practical application. I have and would recommend to friends.
    • I have been following James Clear through his blogs and newsletters and have found his advice on habits very useful. This book by James is a very simple and practical assessment of the effects of habits and how to build new good habits and get rid of old bad ones. There is a lot of important information provided through the use of anecdotes and the science of habits but James has managed to keep the writing simple and easy to follow. I see myself revisiting this book as a reference during the course of forming and reassessing new habits. Thanks James!