by James Clear

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  • @JamesClear is one smart cookie when it comes to building good habits and breaking bad ones. @VIVA_Tuition highly r…
  • I've been implementing concepts from @jamesclear's "Atomic Habits" the last few weeks. It's already bringing about…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube \ A "Dr…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube A "Dro…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] vía @YouTube
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    • Loved the book, so much great info and very practical applications. Super support from author! This book will change your life.
    • The book I gift to friends, families, and business colleagues. I was an early adapter to James Clear and his blog. Watching him grow as a writer and having him share in simple terms life changing tips and advise that was helpful has helped me over the years grow my business and myself. Thank you for “going the distance” and delivering a powerful book on habits.
    • I've been reading James Clear's work for a long time. In fact, I can remember his first two blogs, one for photography and the other was Passive Panda. Since that time his exploration of habits and how to modify them has easily equaled or surpassed the work of Charles Duhigg.I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve and build good habits or stifle and destroy bad ones. As I have the audio version, one of the reasons I give the book 4/5 is due to the speed at which he speaks, which is not bad and I admit to being spoilt by the professional narrators of two other audiobooks in, Deep Work and Rejectionproof. The other reason is the reliance on the work of social scientists, psychologists, etc. I realize that a number of books in the self-improvement space use scientific studies from the above-mentioned fields but the scandals concerning p-hacking and failure to replicate experiments make me wonder how valid the examples in this book and books like it really are.Having said all of that, I would not have stuck with James all these years if he did not provide information that was useful and more importantly, actionable. I look forward to reading whatever he writes next.
    • Listen, I am a family and lifestyle medicine physician who has been fascinated with improving lives by helping patients improve their lives which ultimately comes down to behavior change. I have devoured hundreds of books looking for a format to present to my patients about habit change and I finally found it! This book should be in the hands of every medical student and physician who cares about helping patients make better choices. Keep up the good work James, I am a super fan!
    • I love habits and the science surrounding them. This book is a practical "how-to" guide, a habit manual if you will. You can break bad habits and form good ones. The concepts in this book work and have the potential to change your life when properly applied. Very well written - superbly organized and easy to understand. Well worth the price of admission. Will be gifting this book to my children (1 gift of 3 complete as of this writing).