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  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube \ A "Dr…
  • I've been implementing concepts from @jamesclear's "Atomic Habits" the last few weeks. It's already bringing about…
  • @JamesClear is one smart cookie when it comes to building good habits and breaking bad ones. @VIVA_Tuition highly r…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] vía @YouTube
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube A "Dro…
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    • Excellent book loaded with “real world” tips that you can apply immediately. Easy to read, easy to grasp the concepts, and relatively simple to apply. Get started on a new better path, but this book.
    • Having listened to the audio version of Atomic Habits, I must say that James Clear is now a master of understanding habit formation and change. Atomic Habits is destined to be the bible for all who want to understand this important life skill. Clear writes clearly (pun intended) and has a lot to say. Unlike many books in the self-improvement domain, Atomic Habits is worth the a full commitment to study the entire book and put it into practice. It's an impressive piece of work.
    • I was quite disappointed in this book given the reviews. It could be summed up in a couple of pages. There is no plan for making improvements in your life, just a few obvious observations about habits that are repeated over and over. Not worth the time or money.
    • Wow, What a great book!First I love that the author read the audio version help self. I always think you get more hearing it straight from the author and he has a great voice for it.Second, I really appreciate how practical the whole this is. It’s the perfect mix of how-to advice with scientific research and memorable stories.I’m already seeing results from his “Four simple steps to building better habits.” I can see why some habits I’ve tried to create in the past have failed and why some have succeeded. I also really like the bonus downloads he talks about in the book. The Cheat Sheet has been especially helpful.Third, I love that it’s appropriate and engaging for all ages. I’ve listened to a lot of it with my 11 year old and he’s already experimenting with creating new habits to help him focus on his homework. Of course, it’s because he wants to finish early and move on to video games! But I see how appealing of a reward that is for him, so it’s not all bad.
    • I purchased an audible copy of this book first. Then found myself taking so many notes I had a stack of 3x5 cards and thought it would be more productive to buy a hard copy to highlight. Every chapter is packed with actionable plans. I have purchased 2 more for gifts. I do wish the habits journal was availbe now while all information is still fresh. But I do have a stack of notes to refer to!