by James Clear

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    • James Clear’s book is brilliant. I was riveted from the get go. He draws you right in, interweaving his personal story with his insight about forming habits. Despite the fact that I have been following his blog for a year now, I did not know his personal story. And so when I first started reading I was hooked. I could not put the book down. In fact tears rolled down my cheeks. But that’s just the beginning, because he’s been through so much it paves the way for us, the reader, to be able to really get his message and apply it to our lives. I highly recommend this book.
    • Loved the book, so much great info and very practical applications. Super support from author! This book will change your life.
    • Simply: GREAT, go read for yourself -- you want to know all this stuff.
    • Could not put it down!!
    • I have been reading James's blog for a while. So when this book came out, I purchased it immediately on the release day with high anticipation, hoping to learn new things. I have read quite alot of mini habit, tiny habit, micro habit, small habit, atomic habit etc. kind of books. Unfortunately this book was quite dissappointing to me. Says nothing new. Nothing special. Just rehashed from all the other books on the market.Also, very same day book was marketed, quite a few 5 star reviews were written right away on Amazon. When did they buy.... read... and write the book review? I guess, this is marketing trick and it shook my trust in the high reviews.I purchased the book with the hope of finding an informative section for breaking the bad habits. But, unfortunately part of the material about this subject was not in the book. As he informed us readers, he kept the real info about breaking the bad habits as "bonus material" for people who ordered THREE OR MORE COPIES.İn my opinion, this sales gimmick and his approach is not ethical. He should have given this "bonus" to ALL buyers.His free material on his website was more satisfying and informative than this highly publicised heavily marketed book. Also in the book, for any "bonus material" he offers, in order to receive them, he asks for my e-mail over and over again. Why? I already bought the book. Why do you request for my mail again and again? Whole thing is too commercial and high dosage of vanity for my taste.If you are new to the "small habits" idea, this book could be valuable to you just like any other tiny habit books on the market. No more no less. But, I feel I wasted my money for this book.