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  • I've been implementing concepts from @jamesclear's "Atomic Habits" the last few weeks. It's already bringing about…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube A "Dro…
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] vía @YouTube
  • BEST Book on Building New Habits - Atomic Habits Book Summary [Part 1] via @YouTube \ A "Dr…
  • @JamesClear is one smart cookie when it comes to building good habits and breaking bad ones. @VIVA_Tuition highly r…
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    • OMG, I've been waffling for years and James Clear and this audio book has got me figured out with this amazing book! I'm hooked, and needed to be! I've had so many starts and stops and could never figure out really what the problem was? I have so many goals that I've been able to reach, but many importants ones that have eluded me. NOW I KNOW WHY! In a very easy to read way, Clear has deliniated what has been my main struggle. Not having goals - have plenty of those! But no streamlined schedule, a process for achieving what needs to be achieved, vs. succumbing to waning willpower and fatigue! I want to say more, but just get the book - you'll love it for these and possibly more reasons too!
    • One of the most important books I've ever read. There are many, many important ideas in the book. The one I want to share in this review is the concept of building a habit system. Do not focus on your goal. Set the goal, then reverse-engineer the habits that you should take consistently to achieve the goal. Once the habit system is created, all you need to focus on is the day in front of you, the habit in front of you. All you have to focus on is execution. But before you even set the goal, you have to decide who you want to become. Once you know that, then everything else falls in place. Read the book. Implement it. Take things to a new level.
    • The book I gift to friends, families, and business colleagues. I was an early adapter to James Clear and his blog. Watching him grow as a writer and having him share in simple terms life changing tips and advise that was helpful has helped me over the years grow my business and myself. Thank you for “going the distance” and delivering a powerful book on habits.
    • Wow, What a great book!First I love that the author read the audio version help self. I always think you get more hearing it straight from the author and he has a great voice for it.Second, I really appreciate how practical the whole this is. It’s the perfect mix of how-to advice with scientific research and memorable stories.I’m already seeing results from his “Four simple steps to building better habits.” I can see why some habits I’ve tried to create in the past have failed and why some have succeeded. I also really like the bonus downloads he talks about in the book. The Cheat Sheet has been especially helpful.Third, I love that it’s appropriate and engaging for all ages. I’ve listened to a lot of it with my 11 year old and he’s already experimenting with creating new habits to help him focus on his homework. Of course, it’s because he wants to finish early and move on to video games! But I see how appealing of a reward that is for him, so it’s not all bad.
    • Right now, one of my personal intentions is to stop goofing around on the Internet before bedtime and instead, read quietly in bed. The author suggests making your bed in the morning and then placing a book right by your pillows - basically, "set up the space" in advance so that it's easier to engage in the positive habit that you want. So I did that! I included a photo along with this review.What I love about this book is that it's packed with helpful insights that apply to literally every person... and every area of life. There's something in this book for EVERYONE.You want to stop scrolling mindlessly on your phone and switch to a more meaningful routine? This book will help with that, too. You're a personal trainer and you want to figure out how to motivate your clients to keep showing up for their training sessions? You'll find great ideas in this book.I was really excited to receive an early/advance review copy of this book in the mail... but I already know I'll be purchasing at least 5+ more copies to give away as gifts to my friends and clients. So good.