by Robert Greene

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  • Excerpt from Robert Greene’s new book, The Laws of Human Nature, focusing on Michael Eisner's time at Disney + the…
  • Harness the laws of human nature to your own benefit. Get the book: #lawsofhumannature #48lawsofpower #robertgreene
  • @RobertGreene @JordanHarbinger on the edge of my seat !!! Reading/Listening to your latest book!!! The laws of huma…
  • The laws of human nature is a great book to me because Robert Greene puts into words things I’ve always felt but fa…
  • “Think like a king to be treated like one.” @RobertGreene talks to @LewisHowes about his new book, why how you inte…
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    • This in my opinion is Greene’s best book. This book ties all his previous work and providing them with proper context.This book is also deeply researched and powerfully written. Can’t wait to read it again
    • The book came just as described in a relatively short period of time as well.
    • I just got the book and ready to read it. Came right on time and will be in this book for the up coming weeks. Robert Greene is an amazing author.
    • So book is thicker than a Bible.....too much jargon...Greene also relied on scientific data as well...something henever really did in his other books...I like how 'got to the point' in his other books....not so much in this book...I'm still reading now...maybe my opinion might change
    • This is the best book he's written to date. If he ever writes better than this, I look forward to reading it.