by Robert Greene

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  • Excerpt from Robert Greene’s new book, The Laws of Human Nature, focusing on Michael Eisner's time at Disney + the…
  • The laws of human nature is a great book to me because Robert Greene puts into words things I’ve always felt but fa…
  • @RobertGreene @JordanHarbinger on the edge of my seat !!! Reading/Listening to your latest book!!! The laws of huma…
  • Harness the laws of human nature to your own benefit. Get the book: #lawsofhumannature #48lawsofpower #robertgreene
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    • Dear Robert Greene: your book deserves better graphic design as other people already pointed out. Moving on content: thank you note for describing and summarizing years of social psychology studies on human behavior except Envy. Just this chapter deserves a milestone in history. Even the billionaire Munger noticed years ago (1995) that Envy had been notably absent as subject in psychology and sociology- I agree. I research about it and nothing comes out, well Joseph story in the Bible, but not academically. I wait and wait for this book and finally I got it. Thanks again Dear Robert.
    • The 48 laws was my first intro then the 33 laws of war. This book was the one i found most useful and relatable. It allowed me to be reflective about myself and others. This is his best work fantastic
    • I'll probably write a longer review later but it's going to take a while because of everything I have to say about how great this book is. But for now I will just say that this book will help you soooo much. closest thing to cheat codes for life, this book has been a godsend. Robert thank you so much
    • It’s a didactic manual for a better self and a better society. It also hits right on the nail with our political climate as people stop questioning and throw themselves into an assumed truth spurred from a narcissistic personality. I just finished the second chapter only but so far so great!
    • Taking notes everyday, studying people's behavior all day. Its funny everytime I read a chapter, I practice a piece of what I learned in some interaction.