by Robert Greene

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  • The laws of human nature is a great book to me because Robert Greene puts into words things I’ve always felt but fa…
  • @RobertGreene @JordanHarbinger on the edge of my seat !!! Reading/Listening to your latest book!!! The laws of huma…
  • “Think like a king to be treated like one.” @RobertGreene talks to @LewisHowes about his new book, why how you inte…
  • Excerpt from Robert Greene’s new book, The Laws of Human Nature, focusing on Michael Eisner's time at Disney + the…
  • Harness the laws of human nature to your own benefit. Get the book: #lawsofhumannature #48lawsofpower #robertgreene
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    • Used it I was born with a cognitive disability
    • This book is written in the reverse of his past works. Instead of getting historical examples and then interpretation you get long literal explanations of these various laws of human nature followed by a historical example.The change in format is not for the better nor is the execution. The real problem is that Greene goes on too long in his explanations of each law. It becomes boring at times. The discussion on narcissists borders on obsession. This book is closer to Mastery than it is his other works.There's still much to like of course. I think his explanations of the laws are correct and useful. Just too much. The historical examples are excellent of course but there are too few of them.If you are a Greene fan I think you'll see this one is different and just not up to the excellence of past works. Still enjoyable and worth the purchase. Just not overwhelmingly great.
    • If your looking forward to this book being as good as The 48 Laws of Power, your going to be highly disappointed!
    • Two good things that happened to me this year, the birth of my first child and Robert's new book.Thank you Robert.
    • 1st day - Huh I guess everybody craves attention2nd day - Oh my god I have been repressing my essentially anger nature for years.This book rapidly alerted me to the parts of myself that I have been trying to hide from myself for years.In addition to that this book will give you a bunch of information on how to understand and interact with other people.