by Robert Greene

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  • Excerpt from Robert Greene’s new book, The Laws of Human Nature, focusing on Michael Eisner's time at Disney + the…
  • @RobertGreene @JordanHarbinger on the edge of my seat !!! Reading/Listening to your latest book!!! The laws of huma…
  • Harness the laws of human nature to your own benefit. Get the book: #lawsofhumannature #48lawsofpower #robertgreene
  • “Think like a king to be treated like one.” @RobertGreene talks to @LewisHowes about his new book, why how you inte…
  • The laws of human nature is a great book to me because Robert Greene puts into words things I’ve always felt but fa…
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    • Need to listen to this multiple times. There are lots of gems in this
    • Great Book. Love Robert Greene! Highly recommend all of his books. Very insightful and practical.
    • Two good things that happened to me this year, the birth of my first child and Robert's new book.Thank you Robert.
    • Dear Robert Greene: your book deserves better graphic design as other people already pointed out. Moving on content: thank you note for describing and summarizing years of social psychology studies on human behavior except Envy. Just this chapter deserves a milestone in history. Even the billionaire Munger noticed years ago (1995) that Envy had been notably absent as subject in psychology and sociology- I agree. I research about it and nothing comes out, well Joseph story in the Bible, but not academically. I wait and wait for this book and finally I got it. Thanks again Dear Robert.
    • It took me a week to read, but I'm finally done. I love this book, all of Greene's books are amazing and a must have for people who live an outlaw life.