by Stephen Hawking

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  • Time travel and speed of light is seems impossible with the modern technology. In the future, civilization may har…
  • This is the last book written by Stephen Hawking "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" in which he writes "There is…
  • I've read "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" by Stephen Hawking. An enlightening book into cosmology and his thou…
  • This is a way to paper over the fact every assumption Hawking built his career on has turned out to be measured and…
  • Why not pick up a copy of the Stephen Hawking book 'Brief Answers To The Big Questions' from @Waterstones?
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    • Since Hawking was a physicist, cosmologist, it seems to me that he did not keep up with the DNA (Codes/Book of Life) Explorations & Discussions in Biology in recent years. Just search in Youtube about the subjects to learn more, several Atheist Scientists had concluded that there was "Intelligent Design" behind biological lives! His idea about "there is no God" is questionable!
    • But please read carefully his arguments...that's the rational way to see if he has reasonable arguments. It's hard to hear something we don't want to hear. But that's where our knowledge and understanding about the world renew.
    • Truly an inspirational human being
    • An important book
    • Stephen Hawking’s final book was released this week. I’ve read his other works so I was quick to grab this one. In this work, released posthumously, Hawking gives his answers to the big questions we ponder most. Most controversial is his answer to the existence of God. I approached this book fully aware of his position, so Hawking’s denial of a creator was not surprising. What was surprising, though, was how elegant his argument was, yet unconvincing to me. Stephen Hawking approaches the existence of God scientifically. It’s his position the laws of physics do not need a god for the universe to exist. The argument is compelling. Many would agree with him. The problem is science cannot answer this question. Science is an excellent tool and resource for measuring and studying all that exists in our physical world. By studying our surroundings we can understand what happens now, in the far past, and in the distant future. Science cannot give an answer beyond what is physical. The response by many people of faith will be to rebut Hawking’s answer by using science, and I think that’s a mistake. In the way science is needed to understand the physical world, faith is necessary to understand God. Fortunately He has revealed Himself to us.In the physical world we are like characters in a book. As characters we can learn a great deal about the book. We can know the setting, other characters, and the plot. What we cannot know is the author. God is the author of the book of our physical world. We would never know about Him had He not revealed Himself to us initially through the inspiration of scripture and ultimately by entering the story through Jesus Christ.I highly recommend ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions.’ As you read it, be fascinated by the wealth of knowledge this man held. Do not shy away from it just b/c you disagree with the author. If your experience is like mine, you’ll grow in your fascination of this physical world, and by extension it’s ultimate Author.