by Stephen Hawking

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  • This is the last book written by Stephen Hawking "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" in which he writes "There is…
  • Time travel and speed of light is seems impossible with the modern technology. In the future, civilization may har…
  • Why not pick up a copy of the Stephen Hawking book 'Brief Answers To The Big Questions' from @Waterstones?
  • I've read "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" by Stephen Hawking. An enlightening book into cosmology and his thou…
  • This is a way to paper over the fact every assumption Hawking built his career on has turned out to be measured and…
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    • As a teenager with good grades in maths and science at school, "a brief history of time" seriously rocked my brain and made me fall in love with physics in the late 80s. Currently I hold a master's degree in physics and I am now in my mid 40s. I am thankful to Prof Hawkings for once again creating this masterpiece where he has summarized his life long research into a book so easy to understand and appreciate.Set your mind free and travel through the grand cosmic time and space as Prof Hawkings reveals answers to puzzles and paradoxes set to us by our universe. Does he have THE ANSWER? Maybe not but you can't go wrong getting some insights into the mind of one of the greatest pioneer in physics of our lifetime.
    • Truly an inspirational human being
    • Insight into the greatest mind since Einstein.
    • Beautiful book revealing the thoughts of a great mind. It is written in a way that makes it understandable to the layman without thorough background in physics. Of course, it does not give definitive answers on the questions treated, which was certainly not the purpose of the book, but it enriches your understanding of the world and you read it with a great pleasure.
    • The book came out today and it was a must have for me. I will cherish his final thoughts and bring hope to others for a better tomorrow.