by Stephen Hawking

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  • I've read "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" by Stephen Hawking. An enlightening book into cosmology and his thou…
  • Time travel and speed of light is seems impossible with the modern technology. In the future, civilization may har…
  • This is a way to paper over the fact every assumption Hawking built his career on has turned out to be measured and…
  • This is the last book written by Stephen Hawking "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" in which he writes "There is…
  • Why not pick up a copy of the Stephen Hawking book 'Brief Answers To The Big Questions' from @Waterstones?
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    • Wonderful
    • Insight into the greatest mind since Einstein.
    • The only book I have ever sent back. From the name dropping intro by a the warmed over drivel that followed, I ha e never been more disappointed in a book. Leaves me feeling that at some point the celebrity branding became more important than the science. Save your an old episode of Star’s a better use of your time.
    • But please read carefully his arguments...that's the rational way to see if he has reasonable arguments. It's hard to hear something we don't want to hear. But that's where our knowledge and understanding about the world renew.
    • An important book